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What happened? And where is Jo and Dani
Tuesday 10th June 2014

My room

My bed appeared at about tea-time while we were training we think, cuz when we got back and checked it was there. And it was. Well last night was fun. We went to bed and at first it was really awkward and then we started kissing and he asked me to be his girlfriend, yay!!! Omg I love him so much. Although we might have went a little bit past kissing. (Maybe a lot past kissing) lets just say it’s a good job demons cant get pregnant without drinking each other’s blood. Hahaha

Anyway, this morning we may have also walked in on Medusa and David kissing in bed. That was awkward.

The bird is quite happy flying about but I am missing my brothers and sisters, I wonder how they are anyway and where they are. I was dropped off first but the lift had already started to smell of sleeping drugs. (I have better smell, greater demon remember. The others are just a bit stronger than normal demons) I’m guessing they were drugged. Wonder why though? Ah well il see them sataday anyway so yay. Oh we got training. Byeeee

Katt xxxxxx

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Floor 61

THIS IS NO RIGHT. Today we were all told to get into the lift. So we did because we had to. Then suddenly a yellowy gas started to appear and the minute you breathed in our lungs started burning and we couldn’t breathe and everything went black. We woke up in a sort of court yard thing which was quite pretty, but then the ’head’ walked in. “so you all survived” he said “you have been chosen to be part of an experiment to see whether Hell’s and Heavens can stay together. You’re not in the same building as everyone el… wait I’ll tell you more in a minute” and some creature to each of us and dragged us into a tent. In the tent he told me to lie on my stomach on a table thing when I did, he tabbed me right between the wings but didn’t take the knife back out, and told me to leave. When we all got out, the head carried on “As you all have wings it was easier and they have already healed, that was to just ensure you won’t tell anyone. You can all go back now.” And with that we all blacked out. I woke up, unable to move with Edward on Top of me in my bed, also just waking up. The same happened with Dani and Malo. Ugh cannot wait until I can see the others on Saturday


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