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Rated: E · Script/Play · Other · #1994528
A love story at the end of the world.

Female One
Female Two


Day, late afternoon. Far future, no more people are left other than Female One and Two.

Cataclysm 3

(Field with green grass. Sunny, warm. The perfect day. Wind blows, birds sing.

Two females, both young, sit on the ground, both staring out from the stage. They have a look

of seriousness on their faces. They both sit contemplating the future.)

One. What to do without her.

Two. You still grieve, don’t you love me?

One. Without her I die, hah! I shall love her, and you forever!

Two. You can’t love us both, only one. I don’t love her, she was a tiny nuisance! Not tall
enough to be important!

One. I loved her though. Loved her before you – now she is gone. And now I am left her with

Two. So your stuck then. Hmmph! I am happy, are you happy?

One. What rubbish!

Two. To be happy with me?

One. To be happy at all! (sighs) Such a nice day, will death find its way?
Two. It got lost hopefully. (Putting her arm around One) Please, lets just forget. Lets just…
leave! Lets just learn to love!

One. I forgot how to love. I hurt…my insides hurt. (sighs)

Two. Let me hold you. Let me heal you.

One. We are all that's left. No one else. Death didn’t get lost finding them.

Two. Maybe there are others? We can’t lose hope.

One. No, no. We would have seen them by now. All we have left is this field, and each other.
Hah! Such a nightmare! Why can’t I wake up?

Two. (Sobs, and takes her arm off One)

One. It is but a day before the last day now. Soon, even love won’t exist.

Two. My love to you will always exist.

One. My love to her keeps me alive.

Two. Can’t you just forget? I am here now, I touch you now!

One. In you I see her.

Two. Hmmph. Such an insult! When will it end? Tomorrow! That will be a good day.
Everything will end. Maybe when its all over you will love me.

One. I never meant to hold her up so high.

Two. Then bring her down.

One. (sighs) Shes beyond reach now.

Two. Why must you torture me?

One. Why must love torture me?

Two. Endless circles!

One. A kind of madness isn’t it? That’s life though.

Two. Ah for the better though! Just, please, hold me. Let me feel your embrace before the

end. Just one touch…

One. One touch?

Two. One touch.

One. Tiny touch?

Two. Tiny touch!

One. I cannot…why would I try to touch when I can’t.

Two. Just kill me now then.

One. I might kill myself too.

Two. Is this the end?

One. Obviously.

Two. Tragic.

One. Sad.

Two. Pitiful.

One. So…glad.

Two. To die?

One. No, to finally live.

Two. I wish to live.

One. Then die!

Two. You make me want too.

One. Hah!

Two. I think I shall go.

One. Really? Now you are going?

Two. Why not. I would rather face the end on my own.

One. Not even with me?

Two. Not even with you.

One. I can’t go on alone.

Two. Neither can I.

One. Then stay!

Two. Then love me?

One. I only love her.

Two. Then I go alone.

One. Such a happy sorrow.

Two. A euphoric pain.

(Silence, both sob quietly to themselves. They stare out into the distance for a minute, then
Female One looks at Female Two with disdain)

One. Go…leave now! Why are you still here?

Two. Why not! To prove my love to you!

One. There is no more love to be proven.

Two. A tiny bit in my heart..

One. Pah! What rubbish! No one has a heart now! Not even me! It is dead, just like everything
around us.

Two. (sobbing heavily) Hopeless. Hopeless!

One. Yes, indeed! Maybe I will hold your hand now.

(Both hold out hands and touch. Explosions and fire is heard around them. The stage goes
from bright
day to a gray/red hue.)

One. The end?

Two. The end..

One. I lov..

Two. You.

(Fire is heard, more loud thunder and explosions. They both lean in and hug as the stage
goes dark, and curtain closes.)


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