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I never met a tough guy
    I like to watch WWE fights. .. It's not really wrestling.. It's street fighting.
    What the Evolution guys don't seem to get is, there's always someone tougher.
    Batista , of Evolution is an ultimate warrior. He understands street justice.
    It isn't about being right. It just about winning, no matter what it takes.
    Many wrestling fans forget this important fact. Poor Brian he met a wrestler
    bigger and more vicious~Cain. That is the nature of the arena.

    Might does not necessarily make right. .. I think WWE should allow audience
    participation... That would be entertainment ~ maximus circus.+
    Why not introduce some lions or tigers? The animal rights folks
    would probably shut it down.  McMahon's daughter should slip into a
    wrestling jump suit and oil up ... Jimmy can I spank Stephanie?
    I think Paul would like to watch..

    Oh yes, Mr. Wy-at .. I think your tickling the Dragon's tail. That might sting.
    I have to spell check these names. Any who, rent a copy of Night of the Demon
    Mr. Wy-at.. or Why at(?) Demons do not like to be toyed with, I think you'll figure
    that out.. You've the whole world on your back.. :)
    What is the name of that Marine you keep fighting? Xena? Nope. That's the warrior

    I'll send you an incubus Mr. Wy-at. She'll give you the whole world.
    "Consider the river of darkness and all the inhabitants there in." the blind poet said.
    I get a kick out of gladiatorial sermons .. So does the horned devil.
    Take care.


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