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by bbug
Rated: 13+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #1995055
Willa finds out a part of Blaze's plan.She and Crystal are tense with Zach.
Tears were running down my cheek. Pain was shooting through my side. My hands itch from the rope that bound them behind me. Crystal was laying beside me. She had fallen asleep an hour after we were shoved in the trunk car. I jump as Crystal mutters something too jumbled for me to understand. The car went over a bump making me bounce.My side feel like it's on fire and the gag on my mouth muffles scream after scream.'' Shut up,'' Blaze's harsh voice calls from the front of the car,'' or I'll kick you again.'' I make a whimpering sound at the thought of being kicked again. I hear Blaze smirk,he must have heard me.'' Don't worry,'' his voice became closer to how a normal 17 year old boy should sound, but too gentle as if he was talking to a crying child.'' I am not taking you to Phoenix just yet, but we are going some where that should be familiar.'' My mind was to foggy to think of what he means, so I turn myself where I lay on my stomach. I ignore the discomfort. The sound of rain starts, slowly covering the window that was positioned above me on the car. The sound of rain pounding got loud and fast. It was making me feel safe despite that I was tied up and in the back of some random car Blaze stole.I heard the screech of a windshield wiper coming from the front and Blaze curse something. Suddenly I felt the car swerve to the right and it stop abruptly. I winced as I slid and hit Crystal. She moans and lifts her head,but then falls back asleep. I hear another curse from Blaze as he swings his door open and the sound of rain becomes louder. The door slams shut and a few seconds later it opens again. This time he closes the door with such force that I can feel the vibrations. The car starts up and the sound of the windshield wipers is now smooth and in a steady rhythm. Soon the rain lulls me into a restless sleep.

I open my eyes to find I am really in a familiar place. I a, laying on a couch, it is brown and had old brown pillows positioned neatly on top of it. I stand and turn in a slow circle taking in everything from the white plastered walls to the creaky wood floor. This is a dream, I thought, he wouldn't have brought me here. To my old home, the place where I was raised. My orphanage. I smile, my whole heart seemed to brighten. I don't care if it's a dream. I turn again and a sharp pain starts on my side. I look down and raise the edge of my shirt. A dark blue and purple bruise spreads in a wide patch. This can't be a dream, if it hurts this bad. I start to walk around. Trying my hardest to do it despite the searing pain that feels like electric shocks through my body. I make my way to a table in an kitchen connected to the living room with a huge archway. I run my hand over the smooth wood and laugh. I walk to the sink on the opposite side of the room. I turn the water on and a trickle comes out. I let it cover my hand like a watery glove. I cup my hands together and fill them up with water. I hold it to my mouth and take a sip. It burned my throat at first, then I felt it fill my empty stomach. It wasn't pleasant, it actually made me feel sick for a second. My mouth feels more dry than it did at first. The feeling made me want to gulp water until I couldn't hold a drop more.

Suddenly a scream peirced the air making me drop the water in my hands. I started to run towards the source, ignoring the sting of my side.A wave of fear makes me shutter as I stop before a hallway. I turn down the hallway and Blaze stood in front of an open door." When you learn to cooperate then you can come out!'' he screamed into the open door then slams it shut. I couldn't see into the door,but I now had no second guess that it is Crystal . He snapped his attention to me. He had an angry glare as he walked my way me. I stepped backwards until I crashed into the couch. He had a belt in one hand, he must have been hitting Crystal.

" What did you do to Crystal?'' I demand as I tried to look confident.

'' Something I hope to advoid with you, if you do what I say.'' he uncurled his empty hand which had been crunched into a fist and flexed it out. He got closer where he was stepping on my feet. I gulped and took short fast breaths. He leaned down, his face close to mine. He placed a hand on the bruise on my side causing me to cry out.'' First, how do you feel about revealing your power to the whole area?''

Some time later I lay on my better side, trying to avoid turning at all cost with Crystal holding my head still on her knee as she sat up trying varying ways to lean against the wall . She stroked my hair and tried to relax me into sleep. Blood soaked my arm and back. Crystal opened the button up shirt I was wearing and peeled it off revealing a bright pink tank-top that made the red spots pop against it. I screamed as she pulled it off my wounded skin. I lifted a trembling arm and used the end of the back of my fingers to and accidentally hit one of the welts from the belt on my cheek. I felt light, like my body was air, but yet I was still sinking. I was light-headed. I looked at my hand. The blood staining my skin was memorizing. I couldn't look away until my hand was too tired to hover in the air.Welts from the belt were imprinted on me nearly everywhere and I was beaten up worse than Cystal had been. I let out another shaky sob.'' It's okay,Willa, it's okay. Just sleep.'' She said and leaned against the wall,but cried out and sat up a little too straight for comfort. I was trying to hard not to black out from the blinding pain to say anything even though I wished I could do something to help her feel better.

Finally I choked out,'' Why would he want us to do that?'' my words were broken and in several different squeaky tones like a child after a throwing a fit. I tasted blood from my cut lip mix with salty tears. Crystal wiped a tear-soaked piece of hair away from my eye. I didn't break any bones, but I was as close as to a broken rib as one can get.

She wipes tears off her hand as she says,'' I don't know,Willa, I don't know.'' Besides being beaten and feeling like I am going to fall apart, my stomach was twisting in knots. I hadn't even had anything to drink in the past 2 days. I needed something to drink more than I need to eat. I move a hand to the spot where my crescent necklace should be. Blaze had ripped it off my neck earlier.'' Please sleep. I don't want you to try to be strong. Right now, it is okay to be weak. You didn't have to stand in his way and try to protect me, you know. I can take a hit.It's just me. I won't tell if your weak for a moment. Sometimes, people need to be.'' She said soothingly.

I nodded and took a big breath in and it hurt so bad.I closed my eyes as tight as I could, gritting my teeth and trying to block out the misery. I hoped deep down that when I opened them I would be still at school and the teacher would slam the ruler on my desk snapping me awake. The other kids would laugh and I'd be in detention for a week, but I would just laugh along with them and appoligize. I would be happy. I would be fine. A loud sound startled me and I thought for a mili-second that I was truly back at school, but when I opened my eyes I was in the same room on the same ground with the same pain coursing through me. Crystal had leaned back onto the wall awkwardly. She stroked my hair again and I slept as soon as I closed my eyes and tried to evade the nightmares of Zach that mixed into the new ones of Blaze as he pulled the belt back, ready to strike and a his shoe coming at me over and over straight to my side and other parts of my body.

I awoke from the pain going through me. It was too dark to see anything and and I could tell the window in the now bare room was boarded up. Crystal was still there,but now I was laying on her foot and she was twisted were she was laying on the floor,but still was supporting me head. I was still on my side. I took a deep breath and an explosion racked through my body. I held back from screaming, but tears flowed freely. I heard the sound of the floor board creaking and tensed up. Even that small motion sent agony through me.I slowly sat up at half the speed of a snail. The throbbing inside me started to hurt worse. I could imagine my body nearly all purple and blue. I reached for my necklace, forgetting Blaze had took it. I panicked, I never went without it. Suddenly, my stomach growled making me clutch it. I never thought starving would hurt this much. I tried to stand but my tormented legs wouldn't allow it and I crashed back down before I could even make it to my knees. I let out a wailing scream. Crystal jumped up,startled. She crawled over to me, eyes still heavy with sleep. She helped me back into a sitting position.

" Willa, you may very well have a broken bone.'' I shake my head and groan.

" I don't'' I say roughly through grit teeth.

" We need to get you to a doctor.'' I shook my head again." Willa, look at yourself. I can't let you suffer this much and we're both hungry and thirsty. A person can only go without water or food for so long.'' I could tell she started to cry.'' I think we have to.'' I was trying keep myself sitting up. My back pressing against the wall felt like fire was eating away at it. I tried to keep shaking my head, but it was pounding to hard to concentrate. I didn't know if I was shaking my head or if it was just the world spinning. I was as light as a feather. My body felt like air when I tried to move.

'' Y-you'll be banished.'' I forced out. I didn't want to lose my new family yet. I knew Crystal was right,though... I couldn't take another hit and I didn't want her to.

" As long as we're together, then we can make it.'' I think nodded. She stood and picked me up. I felt her guide my hand around her shoulder and we hobbled around to the door. She knocked a few times and stepped to the side. When no one came she called Blaze's name. Her throat was raw,but it was better than my own. Eventually I heard steps on the creaky wood. The door flew open,crashing against the wall.

" Ready to give in?'' He smirked.

" Yes.'' Crystal said unfazed by Blaze's look.'' Just take care of Willa, she needs a doctor. Please.'' She whispered something to Blaze, a look of concern on her face.

Blaze smiled wickedly.'' I thought you might say that.'' He reaches out and grabs my wrist. He jerks me away from Crystal and I fall straight into the wall in the hallway .I had to struggle for consciousness. Tears flowed worse than ever. Crystal jumped towards me, but Blaze slammed the door before she could reach me. He turned and grabbed my arm digging his nails into a wound. He picked me up and dragged me to the living room as I tried to stand properly. He shoved me down on the couch. He looked at me and told me something that made no sense to my jumbled mind.

I winced and fought to move. He growled and I gave him what I think is a confused look. He stalked down the hallway and returned with another guy following him. I could bet I have seen him before, but I had no clue where. I had started to breathe roughly and I felt like my body would just collapse. The guy had dark skin and hair. His brown eyes complimented his smile and his teeth seemed bright white against his skin. He gave me a smile and came towards me. Black spots started to crowd my vision and the guy had started to look more like an blur of brown. He frowned and looked concerned. He started to walk faster towards me then broke intp a run. My body felt numb, I wanted it to stay numb so I couldn't feel pain.The world disappeared from sight. I didn't want it to come back.

I screamed before I even opened my eyes. I felt someone squeeze my hand and a light voice call.'' Sorry. Had to clean the wounds. I am surprised you didn't wake up earlier. Oh, Willa, I thought you were dead. Don't ever scare me like that again..'' I slowly tried to open my eyes, but they felt crusty and refused to open.

'' Get some water and rinse her eyes.'' I heard the boyish voice call. The room was hot. I was sweating.I heard a crinkle of plastic. Soon someone was wiping my eye with cloth and pouring water on it. I blinked a few times and I could see. Crystal was standing in front of me and a brown colored hand caught my vision. I tried to jerk away, but Crystal stopped me.'' Calm down. Your making it harder to bandage you up.'' It was then I felt the soft cloth being wrapped around my left arm. I couldn't see my arm because I was face down on my stomach and my head turned to the right. I felt the cloth tight against my skin. Soon the guy stopped wrapping and I heard the snip of scissors on the gauze wrap. " Alrighty then, do you think your game for sitting up, we still need to finish looking at your side.'' I didn't even nodd before I felt an arm wrap around each of my shoulders. One was burning hot and the other was cool. I was pulled to my feet slowly. I couldn't stand, my right leg wouldn't take all the weight so I was sat back down on the table were I was laying moments before.

I looked up at Crystal who was smiling at me. She looked a lot better. She had wrappings around her right shoulder and she had a pair of shorts on that was cut higher on one side reviling another wrapped spot. Bruises and bandages littered her body and she had no blood apparent on her clothes.'' Crystal.'' I barely made a squeak. I tried again and again. Crystal gave me a strange look as she saw my lips moving. I saw the bottle of water still in her hands and reached for it. She gave it to me and I tipped it straight up. I jugged and jugged until it was empty. I begged for more and I jugged the second one down fast." Food?'' I squawked. Crystal smiled and fixed me a sandwich. I hadn't even been thinking about pain, but every centimeter of me was throbbing and I had more bruises than I had first thought. I swallowed down the sandwich like I was starving (which I actually was). They other guy started to cut the pants on my legs up to my knees so he could see if the needed to be bandaged. I wanted to stand and I tried as hard as I could. They held me down and told me not to stand because I was so weak.I slouched and cried out. My side still hurt badly. The guy frowned.

" I'm afraid there's not to much I can do about your side. I helped your back.'' He was gentle and soft as his lifted the side of a shirt that I just now realized wasn't the same one I was in earlier.

I thought for a moment then cried out as loud as I could (which was still rather soft and very cracked),'' Did you change me!?''

He looked confused then laughed,'' Ha, just your shirt. I didn't see anything personal and besides, I was just holding you so Crystal could do it.'' I laughed shortly then winced.'' You need to drink lots of water and get some more food in that bony stomach. How are people like you so naturaly thin?''

" Look at yourself.'' I tried to say higher than a horse whisper,gesturing to his abs.

" Yeah, but I had to work hard for these.'' I smiled and Crystal smiled. Crystal replied that we had a lot of work and training to tget this way,too. I told them I wanted on the couch so Crystal tried to stand me up. My feet hit the ground and it didn't collapse beneath me. I took a step, but started to fall so they each grabbed a shoulder and helped me to the couch. I felt like baby learning to walk.

I drank some more water and scarfed down yet another sandwich. I felt better than I had in the past two days. Then Blaze entered through a door, soaked with rain and looking very pissed off. He raised a fist and stepped toward me. I put my hands up defensively. He smirked and slipped his hand into .'' Don't think for a second that I will be any nicer. Phoenix wants you both alive and in fighting condition. She has something very special planned for you two. We are going to her in 3 days time and tomorrow I will tell you all how I plan to reveal your power. I wonder how angry the F.A. is going to be at his favorite goddesses rebelling. I am only letting y'all out of that room because you decided to cooperate and not fight.'' He snapped is attention to the other person in the room.'' Jacob, watch them. If they misbehave, then teach them to listen.'' He stepped back out the door that he left wide open,trailing pools of water after him.

Jacob walked towards the door and waited a bit in silence then turned to the both of us.'' Crystal, you know Zach?''

Crystal and I both froze then she nodded her head,''yes.'' No, I cry in my head, don't mention him.

" I suppose only Willa knows he was here the other day?'' he lifted an eyebrow. Crystal turns and opens her mouth to either snap at me or use that deadly-soft voice she has when she's upset.'' He knew she wouldn't tell you and we relied on that. We were going to get you both out, but we didn't realize,'' he shoots a glance at my wrist and I hold it up.''Yeah,that.''

" Why didn't you tell me,Willa?'' Yep, the deady soft voice, she was upset. I swear her voice wobbled when she asked again,''Why?''

" I knew how you felt about him. You would have tried to kill him-''

" Yeah because he tried to kill us! Willa, he is a menace, a monster, worse than Blaze. You know how bad he is.''

My mind flashed back in time. A door opened and a figure was silhouetted against the light. The shadow carried something with him. A silver knife. I begged weakly for a fast death as the knife was swung back. Crystal snapps her fingers taking me back to the present.'' He didn't kill me!'' The words fly out of my mouth.'' He could have right then and there! He didn't kill me.'' I stand and stumble towards the wall. I use it to guide me towards the last room in the hallway. I open the door revealing old brown steps. I heard Crystal calling my name.

I step into the area in front of the stair. Big enough for a coat rack and a place to put shoes. I turn and locked the door. I slouch down onto the steps, trying with all my might to get myself up. I finally drag myself up and start going up the steps to yet another door at the top. It open and step inside. I smile I hadn't been in here in a while. It was a room shaped like a hexagon. Along the back walls there were 3 windows stretching those 3 walls. Two beds sat with only a nightstand stacked with books between them. It was still full of junk and random papers.. There was a large dresser on one side and a desk on the other also stacked with my books. I stepped in the room and felt the soft fuzz of a rug on my feet. I crawled up onto the more plain of the beds: a soft white pillow with a purple sheet on bottom and a purple sheet for a cover. I fling open a window and the rain sprinkles my face in mist. The window had a screen so I didn't have to worry about the rain soaking the room. I took deep breaths of the fresh summer air. It smelled... green and fresh. Honeysuckles gave it a sweet fragrance mixing with the running water of a creek I could see through spots were trees were not blocking. How I wanted to just sit there in the rain. My element, water. I could sit there for hours bending the water were it didn't soak my face or a book in my hands as I read. I have done it before. Especially since It rains a lot here in the spring and early Summer. I would have been out of school in a week if this didn't happen. I was tired the rain was making me calm. I felt my self just relax. I closed the window and slipped under the sheet on my bed. The silky sheet was cool and it felt good on my skin. My head stopped thumping for a moment. I was in a perfect position so my side didn't hurt as much. My mind was clear. I thought nothing as I let the pitter-patter of rain lull me to sleep.
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