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by eyeQ
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1995171
Read all new story about a royal family and their sufferings caused by the cursed blood.
The Cursed Blood

At the late night when darkness surrounded everywhere, dogs were continuously barking and moon was hiding behind the angry clouds. A hooded figure appeared from nowhere and started walking towards the city of Wessleton. The hood made its way to the castle and stopped by the gates looking at them. Walls of the castle were tall and strong, making it impossible to go any further for him when suddenly he dropped his hood and started shrieking, only to change into something else, something dark and terrifying. His face turned black and gothic, a pair of dark and frightening wings came out of his body and his nails become his blades.

He flew inside the castle and in a blink of eye he went directly to the king's chamber. The guards inside the loyal hall saw the frightening creature and went to face it, but he broke their skull and tore them apart. After a little searching inside the chamber, he found the loyal bedroom and went inside. Both the king and the queen were awake but not ready to face this dark winged person. The queen was pregnant and the king wasn't a skilled warrior. Defeating the king, he went after the queen and grabbed her but before he could leave with her, a sword tore his chest and it was another guard. However, he dropped the queen out of his horrid hands, took the sword out of him and slayed the guard with his own weapon. Slaughtering the defeated king, he again took the queen and opened his dark and scary wings and flew away. He flew very far that no one could track him at that night.

The loyal family of Wessleton was gone now. The dark winged creature had murdered the king and had taken the queen and the heir of their throne, which was still unknown if the heir was going to be a prince or a princess. Guards of the royal family and some other warriors were looking for the queen, they searched for them everywhere but no one could find even a clue. Not knowing what to do, they called some witches from other towns and kingdoms to discover their queen's location and the witches came. All of the witches gathered together and performed the tracking spell, at the end they were able to find the dark winged beast's hideout.

The price for finding the lost queen was ten thousand gold coins, thus every guard and warriors of the castle were eager to find her, but at the other hand they were more afraid of the creature. So all of them gathered and decided to kill this beast once and for all by staying together and side by side. It took them two days and nights to track the beast's lair. Following the witches discovered way, they found a path which was leading inside of a mountain. Half of them stood at the entrance of the mountain path, while another half went inside to find the queen.

They started searching the queen in every corner inside of the mountain and after a while, a group of soldiers found her. The queen was alive and her baby was also fine and safe, but she was still unconscious. While leaving the mountain hole, they found another body too. It was the lifeless body of a person with a pair of black and smooth wings, it didn't look like the beast, it was a human's body.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1995171