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Crazy Love

Baby you know you've got me crazy

But all you care about is ecstasy

I am addicted to the drug called love

It hurt when you saw me and you snubbed

I hate when you are out of my sight

I can't stop thinking about you in the night

I am lost in your love and acting like a psychopath

Your love has filled with insanity and wrath

My career, life everything I see getting sabotage

But guess I am an addict and your my smokin hash

All I have for you is love baby and no rage

I am fiery beast locked in your cage

Without you I am not me

It's like I am the lock and your my key

I begged for love down on my knee

Your everything to me don't you see??

I could still see the ring in your hand

Remember we cuddled lying on the sand

I know I am bad but I can love you best

Without you I am just like rest

I don't know how long I can endure

Perhaps you seem to be my only cure

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