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Black history report on Jackie Robinson


Sa'Niya Dover

Dear Journal,

         When I look back to the past I almost see my future.My people was raped,sodomized and even more lynched.Which leads me to my point of my inspiration Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson.He was the first black person in the National Baseball League.He had a temper on him.That didn't stop him for doing the one thing he loved playing baseball.

         Dear Journal,                                                                      2/11/14

         last time I wrote it was about Jackie Robinson so lets continue with that.Jackie was born on January 31, 1919.He played with 399 white people he as the only black person.He inspired many young black boys who didn't have faith in their race.He inspires me because I like setting examples for people.

Dear Journal,                                                                      2/12/14

         Jackie played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.Before I knew of a Jackie Robinson I had a low self esteem.I felt different.Then I realized different can be good.Different is good because Jackie stood out because he was black and now I stand out because I'm original.

         Dear Journal,                                                            2/13/14

         He played the positions of First baseman, Infielder, Second baseman, Running back, Shortstop.When we play baseball in P.E. I always play shortstop.I try to play like Jackie.I believe because I'm a female people think I'm suppose to be girly,but reality is they are not as determined as me.I tease the pitcher so that they drop the ball and I can run a home run. When.When I saw the movie "42" I said to myself when can I get a and opportunity like that.

         Dear Journal,2/14/14

                   Today I thought I would just give some facts on my inspiration.He died on October 24, 1972.He was 53 when he died.He was married to his wife Rachel Robinson for 26 years.They had three children together.Jackie has been dead for 95 years now.His number for his baseball team was 42.He was born in Cairo, GA,but he died in Stamford, CT.He went to college at UCLA.In the movie based on Jackie's life "42" Chadwick Bosema played as Jackie Robinson.

         Dear Journal,                                                                      2/15/14

         Today I'm am comparing myself to Jackie.Jackie is a leader.He does not set an example he is the example.example. I'm an example for people in my class better yet my family.My younger cousin told me one day I'm am her role model.I said "Why is that ?"She said "you stand up up for what you believe in and you don't let anyone tell you, you cant do anything and if they do you prove them wrong."I almost cried when she told me that.

Dear Journal,                                                                                2/16/14

         I realized that just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm different from everyone.It just means I need to do better than everybody.I need to do better because my people didn't fight for freedom just so that our generation today can waste it.If it wasn't for a person like Jackie Robinson do you think people would treat us the way they do now? People today don't realize what they have until they learn about their past.Our past is brutal.Was it worth the wait for freedom,yes.We wouldn't be able to live the life we live today.

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