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Thoughts on technology and progress. A Senior Center Forum Entry

They say that you grow wise with age,
for me it's more "wiseass."
I've seen it all - the latest rage
though most I chose to pass.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy
the new technology
but virtual's just not the same
as "real" reality.

Last year I went to Las Vegas,
bid bachelorhood adieu
as recorded wedding bells played;
the aisle was a drive through!

I'm told the "fact filled" internet
has wisdom to dispense.
We used to get these kinds of facts
across a backyard fence.

Cellphones that love to multi-task
are now the latest thing
but I don't need to go in debt
for two cans with a string.

I saw a phone that's waterproof
in case you make a slip.
I think for the price they're asking
I can tighten up my grip.

My car's equipped with memory;
soon it will run my life.
It always wants to talk to me;
it's like a second wife!

My T.V. tells me what to see;
it recommends new shows
based on my viewing history.
It doesn't know I doze.

I think I'll start to buck the trend
though I love innovation.
I'm just against the latest fad ...
that's not built in our nation.

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An entry for the "SENIOR CENTER FORUM [ASR]
Prompt: Write a poem or story that includes the word wedding bells
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