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The Biography of valmoric

"Valmoric "Kal'Thur" Shadowmoon, Alien Race, Unknown. This is all the information the federation Medium Clearance Authorization can come up with. However the true story of this Alien is in my personal files." -Captain John Vega

Valmoric is a of a particular race of beings that ruled the Cosmos before the first homospaiens first step foot on Earth. Prothneticas Damos, The Latin Phrase for the Race called Prothnetic, The Precursors of the Galaxy the ones to Create Genetic manipulation and first create the Species we know today. During the height of human Progress (Dark Ages) The Prothnetic's returned to they're Genetic wonder, only to cause destruction. the Prothetics who thought themselves as gods oversaw they're own genetics and spread across a place Called Europe a horrid infection that the humans would later call the Black Plague. Appalled by this action the high Magi ( Ruling Leaders of the race) ordered the Empire they had built for ages to retreat to the Outer edges of the Galaxy and to they're home planet Darkon. 702 Years after that Guilt humans have transcended they're home planet of Earth and Joined a Federation of Races. On the planet Darkon Valmoric's Father "Xe'Thos" is ordered by the High Magi to take his first born son to investigate this new High Transcendence of the human Species they thought destroyed. Xe'Thos angered at the High Council tried to think of a way for him not to send his son he so beloved to the other side of the Galaxy. However he couldn't be like his Brother Vemock who had been imprisoned for disobeying Magi orders. So reluctantly he agreed to the Magi's orders and sent him to a Human by the name John Vega. john who had spent his entire life in Star-fleet always wanted a son, however since his career he was unable to find a Woman and such fell into a depression. When John had been awoken to the sound of crying he was Happy to see a baby boy at his cabin door, Not asking questions he took this Alien boy and Raised him. When Valmoric was of age he joined the Academy and started his Training. On one of Valmoric's Training exercises where he was tasked of patrolling a sector of Fleet space. Valmoric found a unmarked Derlect Space vessel that had extensive damage done to it. Curious valmoric steered away from his assigned course to investigate the Unknown Ship. beaming down to the ship the only entact room besides the Cockpit was a small laboratory with unknown technology strewn about. and in the middle of the room lay a small vile of black liquid. Valmoric edged closer to look more, But was suddenly hit by an unknown force and smashed his face on the vile. When valmoric awoke he found a Gash on his right Eye and his reflection looked like that of a Demon took his Veins and turned them black. When his stepdad found out he tried to get him help, However no Federation Doctor could Cure his "Infection" which had been identified as Dark Matter Running through his Veins. Now a few Years later Graduated from the Academy and Captain of his own ship Valmoric Helps the federation and Meanwhile Searches for what this Infection is. Little dose he know what truly has taken his body.
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