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her life as it could have happened.
Early life - Born into wealth and a position of power with-in the Terran Empire I was pushed by my Father to be ruthless, strong, and unforgiving. By the age of 12 I was being forced to do horrible things in the hopes my father could break me of all compassion. By 16 I couldn't take it anymore and snapped, I killed my father with his own weapon. Little did I know that was exactly what the Empire wanted. Soon after they arrived and brought be to one of their training facilities. It was there i unlocked my potential as a Psionic, it was there I killed for them, it was there the Empire got exactly what they knew i was all along.

Late teens - By the age of 18 I was one of their favorite choices for any dirty work they wanted done. I was their perfect tool. Cold, ruthless, remorseless. I had kill to many people to count for the sole purpose of doing what I was told. It wasn't until a few years later that i began to wake up and understand what I had become. The very monster I killed my father to stop.

20's-Present - I abandoned the Empire to try and correct my wrong doings. But those ways are burned into my soul and it's a struggle everyday to stay true to my new ways. It hasn't been easy, and there have been more than a few mess ups along my way, but before I die they will pay for their actions, and then I will do what is necessary to make up for my deeds. One way or another.........
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