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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #1996036
a man named Adam Arkayas has been given a challenge he sure wont pass up
three sacrifices (intro)

“does this wornique fellow, have a preference, to what the victims must end up as?”  I ask. facing towards the decrepit face. of who stated his name, as pestilence. who was still oozing, black blood from where he allowed her to communicate. he lets out a narcissistic sigh. lifting his chard arm, then pointing at my head. the air stopped, the snow stood still, even the trees, near the curve of a bow,  repelled to stay solid. the sounds  ceased to continue as he paused. only him and I were not affected by the time, imbalance. even birds, midflight have frozen in place, like paper mache hung to the wall as decor of a home.

“I will now bring you to your destination one, for person A. this person will be a overburdened, wage garnished, middle class, with envious rage for the one percent. as his place was here. yet he is a owner of a certain pub or tab saving, key holding. business. do you get what and where you're ending up in for your first  target.” he smirks with the same expression of blankness in the eyes of the damned force to wander in search for a suitable home and yet only finding madness around every corner. i  started  giving a nod with a blink of the eye he vanished.

I was at a street, called Helser Drive. where a bar sat, with the name of jasons pub. the owners name i knew so well. as that of a scrawny and sad man nearing to a breaking point, as did my wife. i remember, i was the first person that he showed his scars. told me never to tell a soul, i will hold those words to my grave. but does it really matter now if it matters anymore the worlds ending and he's my target for the day.

(segment 1)

his dream job wasn't to be a bar owner, he wanted to be a star athlete. but no one wanted a shy, depressed, and beaten child to be anything but a nobody. So he thought, why not take fathers bar as a redemption. As an effort and a way to say, I'm still loyal, to the end. With all to show for is the task, of that of taking on the family legacy. i approach  the doors that were loosely hinged, by rusted bolts nearly broken. With a broken handle that was the opener which required more strength. that even, jacob hasn't sustained. so he probably wasn't cut out, to be in the NKL. roughly translated National Killing League. those after burns and he may have been able to clean the corpses,  more than make them in any means.

so shall i enter, yes i shall.  i approach the worn out dented steel guarded door. this place is hell central where some people make an honest buck and others end up taking their business in killing and slaughtering everything that moves and have a cannibalistic  thanksgiving dinner moving on this form will be described in the family chapter or not i haven't decided but if so it would be when the kid and his family explain the sick twisted realm ahead of them. but this is jason's bar i again said approach the video camera with a gatling gun mounted to the ceiling installed by his father who died days later from a heart attack but from what the stories say he tasted like venison  so thats a plus  the camera rotated towards my position the gatling gun not far behind. a voice was dimly heard saying

“adam what the hell are you doing here. i thought you escaped this hell hole. in any case how did you get to the center of the game preserver. damn you shouldn't have returned.” this man well he was always one for work but also companionship. letting out soft sobering cries of fear of anyone close to him getting hurt.

“please let me in i would like to speak to you in private. theres an issue that I have to explain.  it’s somewhat about the markings...”

he interrupts angrily. “you! said you wouldn't tell anyone. but i'm interested come in and we’ll talk i had a feeling of deja vu when i saw you in the camera like theres something needed of me so come in leave your shoes near the entrance.” he grunts and presses the button that loosened the locks to his office or safe room. he does converse with the tenants but as technology advanced the way it has. robots were needed more than humans for working so they created cybernetic parts to replace unwanted parts of living beings. but anyway

I enter his privately built room that is nothing more than a crap shack with a spare computer on reserve claw marks were noticed on the walls as if he himself tried to escape. with sensors scanning every pathway that would lead to the room.  the man named jason kunar walked towards me with his hands together like a mad scientist saying “what in the name of god do you have to say. how could you sneak past all that hell out there?”

I sigh in anger and sadness to the task that I must complete. the one that entrusted me of a task of friendship and bound by blood and trust that we both would share any objective we have. no matter what the risk would be so i sigh as jason stares blankly towards me with the sound of banging on the door.

jason twists his head and says loudly “Damn it they saw you we don’t have much time. so if you would please, tell me why and how on quanto would you return!? i have too much to do, and now too little time to do it. so  tell me what you know.” he was hysterical as if a void of nothingness washed over what was a friend of mine. he's scared, I can't blame him, either way i walk towards the couch that his father died in. letting out a degridated whistle that we agreed would signal to each other if we had contact with another being.

his eyes widened to that of an apple near popping out like sweet grapes out of their skin “what's going on arkayas” he always said that when he was more scared for a person he states them by their last name.

“i have a task that i'm afraid to say. but it has to be done i met a man called pestilence not a man, i mean  a demon all i have to say is armageddon is on the way at new years and i dont know why but lucifer gave him word for a challenge to sacrifice four to revive well it was jennifer my wife and...”

he stops me “i get it ‘sigh’ i had a feeling a demon was your way in. i had wished to live a long and have a prosperous life, as my father said i should have had, before he died those words were probably nothing but a plea for help. but this will be my exception a good deed can't go unnoticed right? and if hell is going to break loose i much rather die by a friend rather than hounds.  i noticed shit going down ages ago. work is a useless hassle. i know i told you this a thousand times but  i  really believed i could have had a athletic career but i realized that ship has sailed. but as some say yet the cocky die young. i'm already again nearing the end of the bridge of oblivion. the patrons are no help by any means. i’m guessing i was just waiting for a person i trust. i'm sure as all heck the demons  demand a painful suffering before death so here…”

he closes his eyes pointing towards a cabinet that is labeled the cultivators blade. his fathers beating stick. that was tinkered with placing spikes. making it  more of a spike bat with a brass knuckle handle. i sigh grasping the grip wrapping the spikes around my hand swinging the club a few times.to see if it works. it seems as though it was meant to be me using it. the grip fits perfectly with a tag like strip on it i started to read the text on the tag  it reads “happy new year adam from jason”

i shudder for a bit but i can't sympathize with a victim “thank you jason. i won't forget this comrade. friends to the end.”

“friends to the end.” he replies

“stay calm, i know you’ve been suffering a life of pain and agony. and yet we all have one way or another, are you sure you want to go through with this. it  doesn't hurt to decline.”

“just do it for fucks sake. PAIN!!! i don't know the meaning of the word pain i've worked in a dead end job for ten years getting stabbed and burned too many times to count. do you think i give a damn of life. my wife also left me for some bastard that drives a fancy killing machine on wheels no doubt shes became dinner for him and god knows who else.” he said as tears fall down his face i pause, was he planning this from the start. I thought to myself approaching the couch that he sat prepared biting down on a stick with jagged nails piercing through his lips and gums. as his mouth shivers in pain. still he hung on as a protruding nail was spotted pierced through the lower chin. dripping saliva and blood alike. i stand within weapons reach i whisper to myself

“goodbye old friend i hope you make it past the tunnel of hopes. you a man of meaning  always wanting to be one step ahead of other guy but here you are bowing down toward judgments cold wrath rest in peace AHHHH.”

i couldn't tell how long its been since i saw him and yet i regretted what the circumstances were. he was a sad man that is now  nothing but mashed up carcass with the brain intact. so my beloved could receive it though it would just be for intellect i know none of his memories would remain she will. he won’t. with a scorn of flies flew in the ventilation area and started to circle around a spot just a foot away from the body “its pestilence i finished the first task an intelligent narcissistic over burdened with a craphole of a job passing, with only centimeters from foreclosed.  on spending nights staring at a mirror and a razor passing by the thought of damnation over life, and yet i was the sealer of his fate.

the fog surrounding pestilence swarmed around the brain of the dead friend. he says with pity “i was really expecting him to end his own life, a long time ago.yet the fates decreed you to be the sealer of his fate. that’s the the only reason why i show pity but i see you left out the brain to be an addition to jennifer arkaos. so be it.” and with that he grasped the decapitated brain and tilted his head back swallowing the now added on portion i jolt in shock as the creature that called pestilence. retracting in pain.

as a portion of his body started to change more specifically alteration of the sexes. that all ill say about that to keep this from being an X rated short story. i back up to the moldy water damaged  wall and wipe my eyes and say “what in the name of all hell who are you!”

the female creature snarled and said in a more calm tone “its me, jennifer, jennifer arkayas i made the deal with him. lucifer to bring back my body you must kill three at least three. in this one three must die so we may live for eternity. i trusted your word and i accepted to suffer the damage of no soul. alas also you and i both lose ours and to top it off your next target is a kid your niece  Alyssa Arkana.

i interrupt by yelling “hold on jennifer i had just killed a close friend that i haven't seen for a while and then what was pestilence now is the spirit of you inside of a melded carcass awaiting atonement to become whole…” before i could continue to rant with madness. i was grasped in a hug by the one who was considered in a cliche phrase that sickens me, to say but my ball and chain,love of my life. trust was like a fleeting blossom.

sadness crept up again as the decayed flesh with  a portion of humanity bestowed back i realize she was the one that sold her soul before she died this is a chance to get a portion of it back with a sacrifice of people close to the challenged being.

im guessing it may get more challenging as the three souls  begin to twine. their souls into one as tears ran down her face of envy and all the torment of everyday death. bringing suffering placed in one being. hell has challenged me, and i dont shine away from a fight placing my free hand by the darkened films of her eyes wiping away some tears. she looks me in the eyes and then i knew it was her “ok jeniffer ill do it

she nods the same nod of when she emptied a sleeping  pill bottle  and pills of the with a passage to the hells below in hand nearing the edge. with a hope of an end of the sadness with an end of suffering then finding a silver lining from the soft words i said. when  the soft sound clattering of fallen beads of everlasting sleep and a voice of death faded for a while, at least. at those times but this is now. and now shes a spirit looking for a body

i must find and vanquish my own niece in addition with that her parents will be a problem to so more than likely they're going to be killed as well i tell her to tell lucifer i've got his number and will defeat him at his own game.

she lets go not before a kiss. and says “i'll await the next one.”

with that she waves her hand goodbye, and dissolves into the fabric of space, and then nothing. i let out a sigh of relief, lucifer may have a trick up his sleeve. but i will prevail to beat the man of dark arts in his game. for whatever this is not a domination of earth with the damned walking through the cracking hallways of hell going to their predetermined section of the depths they will have to wait till later to conquer Quanto so it begins.

i exit the first door  i came in stopped  and realized “shit the blood, i forgot his blood is on my hands. and the turrets were designed to kill anyone who hurt him. i must have a death wish going through the corridor that has the most sentry gun bots locked and loaded when i started to go through the jagged dual doors.

i heard several clicking sounds, followed by fizzing then the sound stopped abruptly. when i stopped and thought to myself. “i shouldn’t breath, otherwise if i do i get a chest full of jagged spikes.” and yet i have no choice but to continue i lift the club i butchered jason with. and still im leaving his mashed red tomato carcass, with blood still dripping of the nails like the club was alive and bleeding itself. gripped tightly and raced as fast as my feeble, weakened, stick legs could take me.

as a barrage of shining silver devils started to fill the walls, with piercing razor sharp spikes. with smoke fogging my vision with only deafening loud sounds to know that its not over. within a small period of time i decided to continue to go to wherever theres more area and prey to anything out there that i dont hit a dead end. “come on where the hell is the goddamn exit christ it wasn’t this hard to enter” thats when i saw a crack of light and realized it was flames “yes a way out bringing my shoulder to the front thinking

i'm a charger dashing t eviscerate a gunner. i charged toward the dented door breaching  and then ran for my life as the droids continued to fire piercers. thats when it hit me “AHHHH CRAP how could this happen.” i got shot in the back blood shot out of the section of the position the spike charge was lodged in.  i turned around nearly missing a one hit shot the the head and yet caught the edge of my ear. i laughed as i thought  “oh good at least now i can put a loop ring there or a holographic earring of a stripper added on.”

seconds later “damn another shot.” only this time the spike pierced through my ankle.  i was limping as fast as i could towards the nearest form of defensive barrier, of cover from the defence equipment. made by the father of the now destroyed baseman of a friend. out of no where a flash of light blue fog formed up to show a portal, of the next place person B and seems person D. the site seem of camping in the forest of fire. around the blazed in sulphuric flames billowing with a scent of chard animals of the forest i placed my limp hand to see if it was what i thought it was.

when my arm connected to the fire painting, it seemed to pull me in to the damn entrance like a vacuum of life scorching resonance of death. a hand reached out attempting to grab my arm. with the same force that jennifer wrapped her arms around my torso flinged the arm into the flame broiled soil from the rubble. i falling, i was freefall to a near decrepit point of death.

i reach the ground knocking my head on a dead horse carcass and was in a daze about to pass out. this realm or location of the game preserver, it is all but plesante. with fire billowing to the skies the last thing i saw before sleeping was the three targets of a two segments the family and the gratification stages. i heard a female say “oh heavens to betsy, let us hope he hasn’t been damaged too badly oh christ in heaven please.”

and then i blacked out

(two hours later)

when i open my eyes, i felt of fluid and meaty chunks swimming up my esophagus.  i lean toward the edge of what felt like a bed but was infested with termites letting out the remaining lunch if anything was left. it sure was red and organic more like organ tissue than food. “ahh damn it my head feels as if it going to explode.” my eyes were fogged and sensing a person was in here considering the cervical vodka scent was eroding around my position.  i questionably mumble  “who's there, ahh damn my head” thats when i heard glass clattering and a women’s concerned voice was heard through,  a muffled filtered portion of my brain. “your awake how do you feel” but instead of hearing those calm words what i did hear was right after that voice then changed to a male voice that seems more like a man that realized that his wife had an affair. charging with a shotgun and a look to kill.

“what and how the fucken hell did you get here. this was supposed to be a safe place and now look at you laying on my daughters bed. your goddamn lucky my wife wanted to bring you along even if we are brothers i  will never trust you. you sick twisted fuck.” he was interrupted but to late for the swearing in front of the five year old

“john arkayas what have i told you of swearing in front of the kid got gods sakes he's right on the other side of the bed”

yeah yeah you harlot joana. ill take it in consideration that the world has gone to shit and all you can think of is saving it. with all this jesus mumbo jumbo. get you fucken head out of your ass and see the bright of day...” as always my brother never gives up an argument until he wins and rubs it all in the faces of the poor people in the room. along with his only true friend the  resting cradled in his right hand bitter infected piss flavored taste of pucker vodka. as all that was going on i turned my head to the other side of the worn mattress i spotted the target that i'm going to regret killing her. i realize yes i am a greedy bastard that i'm actually contemplating and accepting a task, that  not many other people would ever do. but as i lay on the rickety bed the idea is even more easier to agree that it would be better of death then surviving in this world. i turn to the kid that stares with a blank expression she even lost empathy for anyone.

i lift myself to a seated position hands sealing my eyes im going to regret what i'm about to do. and abruptly turn my attention toward john.  “John shut up you always decide to have a fit and an argument with anyone you feel like. i a way to make a point that you're the best. but in reality you're nothing but a common welp or a sixteen year old girl flashing every inch of her body demanding attention. you know what you should get your head out from between your legs and face life for what it really is.”

he replies by saying “why you dumbfounded ass licking fuck your wife is better off dead than with you! you cowardly fuck!” i grabbed the nearest sharp piece of equipment which turns out to be the jagged spike that now lays near the kid that was before lodged in my torso. knowing he was about to deliver a knockout punch launched a spike in the hand inches away from connecting with my temple. twisting the jagged spike in the hand with a crackling sound. good got to the bone. i thought to myself as  he screamed a bit and  stumbling to his feet. started  retreated to the privacy of the primary bedroom as blood trickled a path of rage. slamming the door with a rage fit for a demon “NO ONE talks about my wife like that” i speak out loud

i turn my attention towards the mother.  who is now on her knees praying for a change and saying stuff like “i know i wanted a challenge but this wasn't at all what i meant please oh heavenly father retrieve me from this hell of a death pit of the planet Quantos please”

lady hello could you perhaps help me with something by telling me what happened to my brother to turn him like this” i said

she stopped praying turning her head toward me switching between me and alisa mumbling something getting to her feet walking toward the kitchen counter taking out a sueded blade gripping the blade with both hands one over the other

“what are you doing!, are you crazy?!!!” i asked and regretted the ideas that were  circling around my mind  and yet only one idea was circled the most and yes it was the one i thought as she whispered the hail mary full of grace slop after a minute of incantations and that jesus fanaticism she began tightening the grip and within moments launched the knife towards the top of her skull entering through the base of the chin and exited a portion out of the top of the skull with a piece of brain stuck on the blade and  gushing out like a pinata of nightmares. the limp corpse tilted  towards the floor with a small thud and a crashing sound there rested yet another fanatic wanting an escape to something greater i turn my head to  the child that only responded with a sigh. no remorse nor empathy not even a sliver of sadness shown through those hazel eyes  only staring blankly at the stranger laying on her mattress who is I

in a soft voice the girl says “why are you here Adam. we made a deal at least you and daddy, had never wanted  to see eachother again. you both take promises seriously and yet here you are. my mom just killed herself out of nowhere, dads in his man cave and you're in my bed. WHY?”

i sigh with a taste of blood in my mouth from minutes ago i say to the delusional and sociopathic kid “heres the thing the deal had one exception and the women there is not your mother your real mother died the same way as my wife had. we made a deal never to see each other but with one exception. but if we communicate with the damned versions of our lovers that would be what intervenes and i was the lucky one to see jennifer again and he realizes this would make his fate drastically altered because the challenge my wife set before me was a test of will and the next one to die is him and yo…”

with a jolt of fear the sociopath of a daughter turned into a crying little baby. i start looking to my right hand the bat was still wrapped around my wrist my brother even realized what was going on. the now a sad sap of a kid

i explain to her  “for what its worth. kid i feel sad for you, but this is something i must  do. thats why he went in his study, so he wouldn't have to see you go down like this. he’s one that would back out of a fight if the contestants are close to him. not an argument but a fight he may verbally assault but never hit thats the way he always was. plus that what makes him and i diffrent if i'm challenged to a task i don’t back down for nothing. im sorry but this must be done. he was  always able to live without continues connection with people. i have only one person that i desire connection with. that person is jennifer arkayas my love that is now dead but has a chance of revival but as i said this must be done, sorry alisa. “

“daddy help me please where are you” she screams as the three foot five blonde girl with several scars revealed on her  back through a torn black dress as though of a whip. i thing again god the second wife was insane.  the child ran towards a corner of sludge and tobacco smoke with the blood of the lamb

the only response my brother showed is starting record player playing  a morbid version of hush little baby.

as i grew up with my challenger of a brother he was one of those kids who would challenge even his parents to an argument, just to win at everything. if he lost he would go berserk but this time his fate has been sealed. were three final additions to the kingdom of the soulless heathens spreading of  saints and bs in those means, 

i lift myself to my feet with a jagged pain in my back. must be the area the spike that has pierced through my weakened bones. i lean on a counter that was  smeared in blood that was once the blood of a false christian prophet but now lay on the floor draining of blood that contaminates the rug of the real prophet. well her fate was irreversible.  “but now death will come through fruition.”

i stumble forgetting that i got shot in the ankle “hahaha well this is an odd  circumstance. ‘cough’ ‘cough’ i'm supposed to finish your life with only adrenaline fueling me. well this is all the devil can throw at me, pathetic. well no matter, youll be another addition to the dead, carcinogenic filth that fills these floors. ‘cough’ ‘cough’ hmm blood i have to do this while coughing out bloody chunks of decaying lung.ok, hmmm now alisa please be a good girl and walk…. to your dear, uncle... adam ok.”

strangely she does without protest. granted  shes probably was in shock to what just happened to her  stepmother that now too effect i  stagger as i lift the  spiked reinforced metal bat up to my shoulders to gain leverage. with a small hope to finish her young short lived life quickly. a translucent drop escapes my eye as it runs down the blood drenched side from what my ear is now dramatically damaged and infected pus draining from the opening.  i realize the true nature of what i've become, a monster.  any man without emotions is not a man at all. only an animal but my feelings revolved around jennifer. as i gripped the handle as tightly as my near dead body can muster i whisper to myself “i'm sorry alisa RIP”

lifting my arm in the air shaking in pain. she stopped moving just within arms reach she was accepting the fate of all those who died for a person with a ridiculous bribe with fate. as i bring down my arm with a force i didn't even know i had. when i heard a crackling sound followed by a splat i then realized that the child of my brothers was finished. as well as my sanity “forgive me john but your next” lifting my arm with any strength i had the kid was still attached to several spikes i had no choice. i had to get her off.

placing the limp body of a daughter i never had to the floor. i then rested my foot to where i thought the toughest bone structure this meager girls body had. but was sorely mistaken as my foot passed through the ribcage. with a sound of that you hear when you process grapes into wine in the  close to the beginning  of well stomping on all the full grapes anyway  you get the jist “hmgh ‘puke’ crap i don't have time for this” lifting the bat as though prodding a door open with a crowbar but this is a bat not a crowbar so with a stressed thrusting forward motion the head of the girl has been severed with no other alternative and little strength to register.

  i drag the now bodyless head on the floor. as i limp through the blood pooled kitchen close to the suicidal figure still with more blood exiting the mouth and chin. i let out  “cough cough shit more blood” but that wasn't the end of the coughing spells as the sickeningly continuous sombel blood spores escape my parched throat. my vision  begins to fog up. saying to  myself “ forgive me  jennifer ‘cough’ ‘cough’ and please await me wherever you are ill be there shortly” falling to my hands and knees pulling out loose organ tissue and pus of degraded blood. its even painful just to breath. as i crawl in agony near to the bedroom my sad brother is. the world was closing in, with the bitter taste of pain and regret, i near the cracked door. resting my back to the wall preparing for the worst. what i could see is a trail of blood leading to what seemed as of a chair leaning up against the wall this is where i must die. fate has depicted this.

that was when i heard a bang

(segment three: congrats you won)

i jolted my blood spattered arm to my ear dazed with the same feeling of stress of when i witnessed my wife resting in human made red bathwater i achingly got back up to my feet side against the spraypainted black wall with stains of blood, and whiskey. i let go of the bat near the entrance door to where my brother was  i entered to witness a shattered vase but that wasn't what caught my eye.

what did catch my eye was the massive blood soaked wall with  separated chunks of brain that could be pieced together to form a new with a slit wrist near a hand laying near the floor still grasping a semi automatic shotgun  still dripping blood through both head  wrist and where i punctured his arm i jolt a moment and say out loud“he’s dead ‘cough’ but now what. I'm still coughing up mucus and bloody chunks of my lungs what do I…”

before i could finish the problem would circulate. he has ended his life while i believed i had to.  nothing more but a hope to end the last remaining families. life and appease the one spark of life I ever had without it my soul of embers is nothing but doused to rubble and ash i failed again how can this be grasping my ribs after a piercing pain shot through knocking me to my back.

of what i could see was a man in red with a shotgun pointed dead center between my eyes. in a muffled sounding stern voice “what in saint joseph happened our leader is dead and all i see is a near dead man do you have anything to say for yourself this gun can only kill by a headshot. so i damn well know your alive. so come on spit it out what  do you know.”

i respond by only saying “‘cough’ ‘cough’ thank you for this jennifer it was fun while it lasted.  i be there soon... ‘cough’ ‘cough’ and to ‘cough’ answer your question. hmhmhm  it was just part of the game.”

as tears of content and satisfaction escaped my blurring numb eyes blood seeping through my gaping chest. at last once in my life since my wife died i feel calm you are my only holder of life and my ender of death so shall it be my turn next  to go

“why you two timing son of a whore thats it.”

i shut my eyes and with a  simultaneously dual  metallic click. a cartridge of  two ballistic rounds shot through my head. splitting it to a crevice of muck and chunky tomato soup. i picture my life in the past before all this death before all this despair backing up to when i was with my wife. she was the one. a calm hearted, meaning searching, party girl with a side of arguments, and passive aggression. but i guess thats what brought us together you know that saying opposites attract, and all that.

with all this dread and sadness on the inside of her she hides it with calm contemplation  of conversations and interesting lust and gratitude. indeed this cliche remark that i didn't think was real until now.  that girl was my soul mate. you only come across that once in a lifetime all that it depends if you capture it or just let it slip from under you. as you helplessly pass the day tinkering on your electronics as if you were married to them or something

“I’ll be there soon jennifer” closing what ever little chunk my eye socket had left. humming with a gurgling sound of attempting to hum twinkle twinkle little star. but that was not the end. not of what they had planned for  me. the fates have decreed a madness has ensued.

but as i lay limp with a gashed open head all i can think of is how can i not be dead with all of my blood draining through the emptiness of what was where my brain was circumventing and draining of all the fluids that was once the sender of order that i took for granted too much. although they  had to die in order to reborn in order to suffer the punishment of being a human with a curse. but again moving on

“ hhhoooowww a--mm i not ddeeaadd” i murmured as the red necked cultist with a confederate hat and nazi sign tattoo across his scarred cheek stood in shock as my body starts a regeneration synthesis binding back the shattered skull right back to its normal status. with severed  brain tissue getting molded through the shrinking pores of gapping parts of my head as blood sufficiently regroups back to the circulatory system

“how are you still alive” all that i could make out was fear in the mans voice as a clanging sound of the so called holy shotgun followed by a slamming of the entrance door to the house. thats when a even more blinding flash of tormenting red arose granting a madman of i an end. it was jennifer standing with a man, wait no not a man a demon with a ram for head and hooves for feet fur ridden creature thats holding a satchel of papers seeing jen happy brought a tear to my eye. what does she know that i can't even think of. what was she thinking with a  stern blank face of malice concealing a happier side. she was always taught to be a tough girl, to not show emotions for in these times emotions are last on the list to accept.

i turn towards the demon he grunted and in a snarling sound the hunched over creature shrieks the sentence  “congrats you won you're the first to succeeding  even i  the prince of darkness so you have my sincerest gratification but as what the reward is you both know the price she bargained for and so hitsuogenchen!”

before i could say anything the ripper of being has suctioned  the last thing keeping me sane at least thats what i got out of it. the little blue sphere that resides as a being of human. has been retrieved floating out of both our bodies we both will have no soul and yet after all these trials the ideas of having a soul would not even matter i attempted to lift myself to my strangely increasingly strengthened feet as the pain has fading away

all resonance has left me. being  a human lost its meaning to me. as i clenched a severed limb of my brother that i unknowingly sliced off his corpse myself. clenching tighter and tighter until a snapping sound was heard. the arm has split into two. the malevolent being known a lucifer then backed away into the portal that he placed to congratulate me at my achievement of misfortune of murdering the three sections of life

jason, alisa, and john but his wife was a simple addon to the cake of dread that resignated within the cold blank eyes that are now mine to bring forth jennifer

“for what it's worth Adam, i didn't think you had it in you. i thought your life and hers would reside in hell for all eternity with not a glimmer of a chance of escape but you surprised me adam for that shes yours”

as he turns to the pit of hell i say “hey and lucifer”

he turns with a angered expression on his face “what now adam i have a legacy to uphold speak fast or regret saying my name again”

i let out a grin and say with a laugh “see you later mister dark”

he lets out a laugh of madness and cheerfully says “i'll be waiting for you Arkayas.” and  with that  the demon known as the keeper of book of sins leaps into the gaping hole is still spewing up some flames the suffering souls. as the hole shrinks, i turn towards jennifer, just as beautiful as i could  remember with a now smiling face.

while tilting her head covering her shoulder with long jet black hair. featuring a collage of pale skin granted having no soul. our skin pigments changed to that of a newly dead corps. wearing a torn up red dress  that she wore the night that she has ended her life in a rage before i returned to a damaged home following a path of destruction to see a site i never would forget but i have now. as tears of joy and and happiness flooded my face i lurched to my knees and coughed up whatever flesh thats not reattached to where it was predesignated to function.

i lift my head up to see jennifer kneeling down reaching her hands to my shoulder with tears exiting her pale white eyes she cries while she grabbed my torso for a hug as she sniffles.

says in a quiet muffled sound due to crying “ thank you adam i owe you my life but that has increased to a bonding of love that only an eternity can resolve i love you. can we leave this burning forest it reminds me so much of the place i resided for years and even felt for more.

i smile with a calm expression revealing a smile that was well meant instead  of what i did before i respond by saying

“lets go then, where would you like to go”

its up to you adam you suffered so much in a short time.”

ok how bout this… umm im sorry for saying this but how about being an overlord in hell!  that was side two that he mentioned of no escape that is until we invade earth and or Quanto what do you say its ok to say no” when i saw a puzzled look on her face of intrigue i then realized what we were going to do but she responds by taking out a red blood covered seed

she then said in a agreeing tone “this seed was given to me from him that he told me if you wanted to live in hell an be a rank down from him he was willing to welcome you with an open iron maiden is this what you really want, hmm im glad you chose this. but i'm still shocked you would… please tell me why you want to go down there?” she stopped tilting her head wanting an answer

i replied by saying because i saw my brother john friend jason and others that are living there for an eternity and i owe them a sincere thank you and form a team with them as generals thats why so how be it you and prince and princess of hell  having a slice of the cake”

i accept she calmly chanted with a sigh of happiness she then placed the seed down to the floor when all of a sudden an iron maiden risen from the ground that fits two people side by side

jennifer stepped in one side this was a trust test and i passed walking to the other side grasping jennifer's hand meeting eachother dead in the eye with a nod we press a button that spiked out hands in place but that didn't matter all we did was stare at each other intently

“with no soul the spikes kind of tickle” i say chuckling a bit

she responds by saying “just you wait when the doors close” frowning with worry thinking that was going to change my mind.

i look forward and so does jen both grasping eachothers hand taking in a gulp  i whisper “lets do it” pressing the other side button locking out other hand plus nailing our feet in place blood draining out like a faucet with a weak force that you sometimes see in the school drinking fountain the doors begin to close with no way out i say see you on the other side jennifer

see you there also adam.” as we meet each other in the pale white eyes again letting out a smile the doors start with the abdominal section i let out a moan of pain as the flaming hot spikes cut through my stomach emptying the contents to the ground then came the lungs with a gasp the lungs popped into a flattened pancake then the ender of being was a single large nail piercing through the adams apple and gashing through the neck severing all transmitters to the main of life system.

when i opened my eye i was astonished to see……

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