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a short story of my Siamese cat cookie
When I first got cookie she was just a little baby I still remember that tiny face . She was so cute her big round eyes her big ears I thought she was the cutest thing I had ever seen. When I first brought her home it was like having a child I had to cat proof everything if anyone has a Siamese kitten they would tell you Siamese are very smart and they have to get into everything.

As she started growing she proved to be quite the adventurer jumping on to the fridge climbing onto everything and running in between my legs to get out the front door. She started this thing when I took showers she would come running into the bathroom yelling and screaming until I got out..Then it turned into as soon as I would take showers she would jump onto the shower curtain and fight with the curtain until it pushed itself open and jumped into the bathtub..It was as if she didn't want to be alone she started to become very obsessive of me I couldn't leave and if I did I could her screaming as I would walk down the hallway of my apartment building.I thought she would grow out of it but she didn't. up to this day she still is very obsessive I have since moved in with my mom.Cookie loves my mom but sometimes gets very aggressive towards her. I know she can be quite a handful sometimes but I still love her she's my little baby. I think she has changed my life I never have had a child but owning a cat is a lot like having a child so in a way I have this little furry child. she has brought so much joy to my life no matter how crazy she is I will always love her
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