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First prologue
“Wake up!  Wake up!” Mother said, urgently.

         “What’s wrong?” I asked while groaning.  “Is it another grill?” My city has to have drills so that we can be prepared if we are attacked.

         “No! It’s the real thing, so I need you to pack your bag, and get dressed!”  Mother demanded.

         With that I threw on my uniform for traveling. Then I threw my other uniforms in my pack and added some food and water. Finally I added my blanket, pillow, diary, art supplies, puppy, camera, laptop, and lyric book. I still can’t believe we’re being attacked. I take a few moments to remember my training. Then we ran to the Escapade, the electric train that is an extremely helpful get away vehicle when it comes to attacks. We hop in and huddle together, sitting on our bags. I take my puppy out of my bag and hold him close.

         OK, so what’s happening?

         Let me start from the very beginning.

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