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Martians are human too..
    "'A scrap of flesh from earth.' I think Robert Blake wrote that in his Black Bible."
    Janet Good's conversation fell flat with congresswoman Whitney. Whitney
    sat in the conference room of the hospital the congresswoman had delivered
    a squid child. "Hmm a Martian mutation in a human host. Fascinating.
    I think we should study your offspring before releasing her to you and the
    general population." Janet's words echoed in the still room.

    "My child is not an experiment." Whitney knew she was powerless before
    an agent of Planned Parenthood. Janet gave a toothy smile, "Your child is
    an illegal alien. You of all people should have been aware of the consequences
    of your actions." Janet looked over her papers and handed the congresswoman
    a writ of possession. The agent stood up slowly and placed her hand on Whitney's
    shoulder ~

                            "Render onto Caesar the things that are Caesar's."

    A strong rain fell on the congresswoman's house. She had always feared lightning.
    "Thomas am I a bad mother?" Whitney looked up at the tall red Martian.
    "You are only a civil servant. I should have worn a condom." Thomas ran his hand
    over the back of her head. "I feel I should sleep in your bed, but how does your
    daughter feel about that?" Her voice had a childish tone. Thomas laughed and guided
    the congresswoman to her bedroom. "You must remember the danger from society.
    We are under observation." the tall Martian spoke with a deep voice as he put her
    under her covers and left for his bedroom down the long panel hallway. Thomas
    entered his room as his daughter was breast feeding her baby. "Did you tell her?"
    Sarah asked. Thomas shook his head, "We will return to Mars this Sunday."
    Tanya tickled her Marian baby, "You should tell her soon." Tanya was Sarah's
    daughter and only a few months old.

    to be continued... 

                                          "... Breeding room? "

  The congresswoman whispered into her cell phone. Her doctor and close friend had
  been the chairman at the Center of Communicable Diseases. He spoke softly about
  the eugenics of the Martians colonies and need for an excellerated reproductive cycle.
  "Martians do not live beyond their thirties. Have you noticed any side effects ?"
  Doctor Paul Shafer had already called the C.C.D. and asked for the an analysis of
  the congresswoman's vomit .. It was radioactive.

                                        "I can feel something moving in my belly."

  Whitney's hand trembled as she lifted her nightgown. There was something moving
  under her skin. A hand slipped out of her crotch. She screamed as the child dropped out
  and slapped about on the floor. This child had two legs and a human head, but six arms.
  It was another female. "I'm calling in a bio out break. Stay put." Dr. Shafer said and hung up.
  Whitney lifted her newborn to her and the child tore open her nightgown suckling.
  "I am a descendant of Judge Brewster Weeks of Salem Massachusetts." she whispered to
  her Martian daughter. "He presided over the Salem Witch trials." she added as her daughter
  held her finger with one of her six hands. "You will be called Kala after the six handed God~
  Kala Brewster Weeks." The police entered her room in hazmat uniforms and quarantined
  the house and everyone inside. Kala was taken for analysis to the C.C.D.
  Thomas and his family were taken to the eugenics center at the Department of Planned
  Parenthood. The congresswoman remained quarantined in her house. Her family name
  and state department rank had spared her an analysis at the C.C.D. She would be
  examined by her doctor ... unless there was a need for a more invasive study.

  to be continued...

                                              "Most warm blooded animals have fur."

  Whitney's doctor remarked and added, "Do you remember the first captured sacquash ?
  It revised all evolutionary theory. We were the aliens." Whitney stared up at the crow
  looking down at her through the sunroof. Doctor Paul was deep inside her as she lay
  on an examination table with her legs in stirrups ..  "Ah. You have five more fetuses .
  I must terminate them." he spoke firmly as he reached for a vacuum devise ...
  "Every life is sacred!" Whitney shouted and was restrained by Planned Parenthood agents.
  The vacuum slurped for several minutes. The remains were quickly bagged and taken away
  in hazmat coolers. "Sterilization is required." Janet Good sat in the congresswoman's
  French chair in the corner of the congresswoman's office. The doctor gave his patient an
  anesthesia and performed a hysterectomy ... 




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