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Lyrical creation
I value cold mornings. The sound of geese flying south for the winter, and changing seasons. I value simple things like the first frost and seeing my breath.

It isn’t so much the autumn that I appreciate, although I love sweater weather. I equally enjoy the other seasons of the year.

But seasons change. And in life we grow, we stumble and we move on.

I value that we cannot hold on to what brings us warmth, peace, happiness. I value that I am a work in progress.

Our little nook in the world is so simple. I value the robins as I do the eagles as I do my home. Our home.

We can only slow down if we wish to catch our breath. A life lived with only a little can mean a whole lot, if it is lived with eyes wide open.

I value the universe, which birthed the god of man. And his descendents, my brothers, my sisters. Each of us is the incarnation of dreams. I value kinship and love.

Cold mornings are not without dark skies. Changing seasons cannot change without goodbyes.

I value all that I have been given as it is so that I can pass it on. I value all that I have lost because thus I will never forget moments like these. And it is these that I value.

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