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Inquiry about Life
Did you work before?

I did. I worked in the accounting, engineering, and sales department. My last job was in the engineering department.

Why did you stop working?

Because I needed to. Because I wanted to do something else. I wanted to find answers to questions streaming in my mind. Actually, these questions came out because I saw a need. A need which required much attention. It calls for more time and focus. If I continue working and at the same time addressing the need, I will not be successful in both. So, I have to give up my job.

What made me sure I can do something for this need?

Because of my gender. I am a female. Most problems I came across involved the role of a female in nurturing life and what makes it meaningful and beautiful.

What breaks a family?
What keeps a family?
What is a family?
What makes a man womanize?
What makes woman nag?
Why are there children sleeping on the street?
What makes a person greedy?
What makes a person corrupt?
Why do some people lie?
What makes a person happy?
What makes a person unhappy?
What makes a friendship last?
Why did God create us?
Why do we live an undesirable life?
What makes life desirable?
Why is there a God?
Who is God?
Who am I?

These questions made me feel empty-handed. Why can't I answer any of these questions when these are all about the life of a human being? Am I not a human being? What happened to me?

I went to school to know what a computer is. I studied the languages it understands. But, why can't I say anything about what a human being is? If we speak our true language then why is there chaos among us?

And to think I am female. My function is to carry life for nine months and to take care of this life for a lifetime. What shall I do then with this precious life?

I am not equipped to be a mother. Neither to be a wife. Even more, I am not equipped to live humanly.

So I decided to take on this journey. The journey to find again the need which has been subtlety replaced by things we created.

What is this need?

The most important form on earth. A form which makes the earth alive, good, and beautiful: people--persons--us--me.
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