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Falling in Love
I try to think how I feel,
about which im pretty sure is real
I pinch myself and close my eyes
Your face appears, with sticky out ears!,
A smile so wide, from nowhere to hide,
My grins so deep from waking up to going to sleep

To say its good is understating,
“I Like A Lot!” ,
sound feelings I have,
Like a silly boy crush, are overwhelming!

From bedding down…….beside you
Or in my head, you fill it up……….remind you
All warm and fuzzy, doing summersaults in my tummy

To Goosebumps down my side, musnt rush it or hide
From the wild….and intoxicating, so Moorish, this……., Im feeling now,
is it real? Oh! Is it Real!!
Happy I am, this must be the deal…..
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