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Join the journey of Rafael and Christensen as they find love in the most odd way possible.
My brother must be feeling very daring today as he came into my room, yelling "Bro! Wake up there is someone here with a mission for you!" and walking out. I sigh and get out of bed trying to figure out what in the heavens is a "Bro"? After I shower and get dressed in my usual attire of dark jeans and a black t shirt, I go down stairs to see Angela. "Hello Angela" I say "What is it that you need? She looked at me and smirked and said "Boy, do I have a mission for you!"

      Rafael's POV:
                  I am in Hell. Literaly. Like fire and death and flames and everything! Now you see I'm just here because I was bored. I was walking around in New York City and stumbled across the entrance to Hell, so I thought why not? So apparently when a not dead human goes to Hell and angel is supposed to come save them. Now I'm hoping some sexy ass angel with some abs and an ass comes down here and is like hey sexy whats your name?? Anywhore, I have been waiting for 30 minutes now and all of a sudden I hear and angelic (A/N: Angelic=Angel hahaha get it its a pun and puns are puny!! ok bye) voice from behind me say "Hello, are you Rafael?" I turn around and it seems my dreams have become true, standing before for me is an angel about 7ft tall with huge black wings, longish dirty blonde hair, and grey eyes, and damn gurl was he built as hell! Anywhooo I think I was making him uncomfortable because I was staring at him and possibly his junk, which was huge!!! I realized I never answered his question!
        Christensen's POV:
                    Great. Just what I would like to do. Go to Hell. Why, you may ask? Because some human was "bored" and decided to take a tour of Hell. As I approached Hell inside I saw a man about age 25 with dark skin and knew this was who I was looking for. As I got closer I noticed how attractive he was. Wait...I AM NOT GAY!  He had dark brown hair long in the front and short in the back. He also had dark brown eyes that look like melted chocolate. What in heaven am I saying I sound like a pubescent girl! I walked over to him and said "Hello, are you Rafael?" He turned around and stared at me. A few minutes elapsed and he was still as you humans call it "eye-fucking" me. I figured it was him and grabbed his arm, when I did little shocks went up my arm. I am not gay! I like females! Ug, Maybe! As I pulled him out he was yelling about "You took longer than 30 minutes the pizza is free!" The whole journey out he was talking about "Free Pizza!" and his "Rights as a citizen of the United States!" Whatever that means. I sighed I do not know where to take him, I mean I am also supposed to watch over him for a while. I let go of him and suddenly I feel empty again. I turn to him and say "I am Christensen, an angel of the Lord and your new guardian angel." He looked at me confused for a second until I think it dawned on him, I was not leaving anytime soon.

      Rafael's POV:
  This man is sexy! And with a name like Christensen, oh god some on get me some water because that boy is hot! And even better he is not leaving me anytime soon! I get to see that sexy piece of ass everyday! I realize that he probably has no idea where to go, I give him a wide grin and say "lets go to my place!"
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