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by Nancy
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The story of my life that has twists and turns I find so complicated.
There are different paths in a man's life. I don't know which path I'm trudging on, but I hope it is the path that leads to my happy ending. There is such thing, right; a happy ending? I've seen it in movies. There is an old saying that goes; the world is a stage, and everybody has a role to play in each scene.
I want to choose the right path yet I don't know which direction I should go. As a young girl I was taught that life is full of so many challenges. I did not know that the saying "experience is the best teacher" would hit me with so much dissatisfaction. I have to make things right; it is my duty and obligation to make myself happy. So how do I do that? To tell you the truth, I cannot even answer myself that question. What do I want? I don't know either. All I know is that I deserve a little bit of happiness that I am still so desperately seeking.
I have lived my life knowing what is good and what is bad. I have had the opportunity to see how life can be both fair and unfair in equal measures. It has given me the chance to choose my own destiny. I however believe that fate isn't my way of judging everything or that everybody was born lucky. I want to be right about all this because I know a lot of people are comfortably waiting to criticize whatever I say. I do not scare off that easily and I will not give you even a little bit of satisfaction if you are waiting for my surrender. I am my mother's daughter.
So what is it that makes me communicate in a tone of despair? Many of you are wondering. Don't fret. I will comfortably tell you. It is the story of my life lived both as a soap opera and a scary movie at the same time. I call it "The Pages That Can Never Be Burnt".
I have lived a life that has given me love, joy, pain, anguish, anger and fear; all these for more than twenty years! At times I ask myself if there is a God. I know there is, but I wonder why He lets bad things happen to good people. Why are they always in pain and suffering? Is that their prize for walking through the right path? God would never wish for all these to happen; it is only evil that's instilled in a man's heart that washes away their moral values. Despite this, why can't God prevent all these from happening? He is God, right? No one is above Him but Him.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1996892