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A Fictitious story based on some actual events of a Witches Life
Quantum Entanglement And The 5th Dimension

As he looked over his mathematical equations for one final time our brave young man wondered why was he the chosen one to assure the destruction of the human race? A simple mathematical formula as recognizable as E=MC2 made the atomic bomb seem like a small firecracker compared to the destructive power of his equation, but it didn't have to end like this he thought to himself. If only humankind would have used the information he shared with them for the goodness of our species we could have used that information to revolutionize travel, communications and acquire technology beyond the scope of anything possibly imagined! In the wrong hands though, this technology could give God like powers to the one who would misuse it and allow them to construct a device to destroy the Entire Universe by solving a simple aspect of the Quantum Entanglement Equation that everyone had overlooked until now!

Although this story is written in Science Fiction form I can assure you it is based on actual events that are unfolding as I am writing to you. I only have a limited amount of time to share my story with you about a man that had to make the right choice in life or all of humanity will be doomed. I can't stress enough the dangers we are all in so please listen carefully to this story because your life is in as much danger as his and if we don't make the right choices in life, all is lost indeed!

Our story centers around a Quantum Equation involving 2 entangled particles of matter that plagued Albert Einstein and frustrated him so much that he called the Quantum Event "Spooky Magic!" He absolutely hated Quantum Entanglement because he could not provide a mathematical explanation how entangled particles are able to instantly interact with one another regardless of the distance that separated them. In quantum mechanics, theoretical physicists, as well as mathematicians have been working on this puzzle since its inception with no luck, but if someone were to solve this riddle, life as we know it would never be the same.

As fate would have it, the young man found the answer to the equation that was so obvious; he was astonished no one had stumbled on the answer until now. The particles of entangled matter are not connected to each other by our own dimension, but are entangled to each other by the 5th dimension which leads to the point of singularity! This startling revelation is not important right now, because as you will see, this story will become so bizarre with each page turned that even I don't believe it myself and yet I am the one that lived through the nightmare of what actually happened! All I have left of my sanity is the story I am about to tell you so be warned. It involves Science, Religion, Philosophy, Witchcraft, God, The Devil, The Occult, and the eternal struggles of humanity in having to choose The Creation or Destruction of the Universe we live in, which is a choice that is never pretty and never fun.

I could leave out some aspects of the story to make it more believable, but if you really want to know the full truth, I can't leave anything out and must tell you the whole messed up story from Alpha to Omega, from the beginning to the end. I pray for your sanity if you choose to keep reading, you have been warned, God bless us all, Amen!

Chapter 1“Background Information”

Our story starts on September 6, of 1986 that centers around a young American cyclist by the alias name of Pierre to protect his identity. This young 21 year old cyclist was training to race in the Tour De France by participating in charity rides and racing events all over the United States. In one charity ride he managed to meet a domestique Tour De France Rider by the name of Felip that had connections to get Pierre a sponsorship to ride with his team as a domestique as well. This was a once in a life time opportunity for our young cyclist and although he would never be in the same league or caliber of a Greg Lemond, Jan Ulrich, or Marco Pantani, he could hold his own in a race and was liked and respected by his cycling community he raced with.

On Saturday September 6, 1986 at precisely 10:00am on Highway Marker 60 on the North bound traffic side of Highway I-37, young Pierre was killed in a Charity cycling event he was participating in to benefit the Simona Gonzalez kidney fund charity ride. His death would have been the end of the story at that precise moment but an incredible thing happened that would set the motion of our destruction, he came back to life!

His near death experience was one of the most amazing recollections I ever heard from survivors recounting their brush with death and his memory of the event was strangely bizarre. As he was racing with the lead chase group of the Peloton he decided to risk a solo break to bridge the gap to the lead breakaway group of 6 riders on mile 30 of their 150 mile tour. Things were going well for Pierre, but then he had a flat and the forces of nature began to turn against him. The sag vehicles supporting him were too far back to immediately help him and he lost a lot of time exchanging his rear wheel with his replacement wheel and quickly went from 7th place to 300th.Looking back on that faithful day Pierre couldn't help but wonder if his misfortunes were the result of some random coincidence or some sort of fate in the cosmos that dictated he was supposed to die on that specific date?

When Pierre got back on the road he was over 15 minutes from the lead group facing the road on his own with no help from the peloton. After much effort He was starting to make some progress with the urging of his coaches following close behind in the sag vehicle and managed to slowly cut their lead down to 12 minutes, but then a strong wind shift occurred putting him in a fierce head wind battle that made him struggle with every pedal stroked. Everyone was struggling with the fierce winds that day, but if you are in a peloton you can at least take turns with your fellow cyclist and shield yourself from some of the brutal winds by being directly behind or slightly to an angle of your fellow riders depending on the angle of the wind attacking you, but not for Pierre, he was all alone and had to face the wind on his own.

After an hour of battling against the winds and 20 miles later the coaches decided that Pierre was not closing enough of a gap to be competitive and pulled him from the race at mile marker 60 on Highway 37. He was very disappointed and reluctant to give up the race, but didn't show his disappointment to the coaches since they were the ones who could help him with the sponsorship of the sport he loves. As his crew was loading his bike on a trailer being towed by the sag vehicle, a strange sensation began to slowly take effect on young Pierre and after trying to make sense of it all he realized what was wrong. He was slowly dying and there was nothing anyone could do about it!

It's sad to see so many people taking life for granted and relying on such petty things to make them happy; when family, love, the smile on a friends face is so priceless and missed once a person reaches the end of their life. For Pierre though, he was an angry young man that had a lot of baggage to contend with so when he realized his death was near, he was actually relieved and eagerly awaited for the kiss of death to comfort him and take him away from the cruel world he was about to leave behind. Pierre's lack of concern for his own demise is a crucial factor in understanding the complexity of this person and more importantly, the debate on whether or not his death experience in the other Realm was a real event or from the imagination of an individual who didn't want to die so he hallucinated the whole experience.

As Pierre laid on the hard asphalt shoulder road by mile marker 60 he began to feel each part of his body shut down as he stared up into the sky and prayed to God to end his life quickly so he could leave the world behind and cease to exist. As soon as his prayer was finished he died peacefully on the ground beneath him and that is when the bizarre occurred.

I never understood his frame of mind at the time of his death? Although he considered himself a devout Christian (among other things) he fully expected to cease to exist and longed for that eternal sleep he would never wake up from! His way of thinking was so contradictory to the self preservation law that is so deeply embedded in our instincts it's actually bizarre and unnatural! Every single life form on our Earth is programmed to fear death and the unknown consequences it brings to us, but for Pierre, he embraced it with open arms!

Aw the sweet nothingness of death, it felt wonderful for him to cease to exist, but after a few moments of pure bliss, Pierre was starting to see the Irony of what he was experiencing and he became curious and perplexed! When you are dead you should logically lose the ability to think and yet he was able to have thoughts. Instead of losing consciousness though he was obtaining an incredible super consciousness and awareness of the energy that was around him. His explanation for his death at that moment was the same feeling he sensed from the dearly departed ones that visited him from the grave.

Those super conscious entities that were once human now dead, had enormous energy, strength and youthful innocence that he was starting to experience as he progressed further into his own death.You see, In addition to being a Christian, young Pierre was also a full practicing Witch that was very Familiar with the Spirits that were around him and even though he convinced himself these entities were a figment of his imagination, he was experiencing the same level of energy he felt they had in his own death! Remember now, I did warn you how bizarre this true story really is!

As young Pierre was trying to get his bearings in the death state he was in he noticed a very strange phenomenon was happening to him and found himself in a strange Quantum Paradox Quandary. He was here, there, everywhere and nowhere simultaneously in an area that does not exist and yet it does! He also began to exist simultaneously in many different forms! He was a single entity that became entangled with an object that transported him across the Universe and beyond. He experienced Duality where he was 2 separate entities co-existing in different Realms of existence: One near Earth and the other in a Realm he had no idea of its origins. Then he became a set of binary energy codes scattered across the entire Universe being projected in a 2 dimensional form and simultaneously became a single entity again. Once he became a single entity for the final time he knew he somehow passed to the other Realm, the great chasm, that had no return back to Earth and it amazed him. That's when he felt the presence of 12 entities that slowly approached him and circled his presence.

Although he was completely defenseless and couldn’t see in the realm he was in he wasn’t concerned about the entities that surrounded him. He felt safe and somehow knew he would be able to see those magnificent gentle loving creatures that were around him once he adjusted to the realm he was in. He also couldn't communicate with the entities, but judging by their concern and unconditional Love they had for him, it felt like he came home to an instant family of unconditional Love, Kindness and Gentleness. It really touched his heart and it humbled him to be in the presence of such Perfection of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust! As his new family was gently placing their reassuring touching hands on him he sensed they were concerned he was going to freak out by all the overwhelming things that happened to him during his transition from Life to Death. He tried his best to communicate to them that he was perfectly fine with all the oddities and tried to express his sincere gratitude for the kindness they were showing him. He hoped his message got across that he wasn't a normal human being in any sense of the word and that he had no fear to face any unknowns, in his life or his death.Suddenly without warning the entities abruptly withdrew around 10 feet from his presence and although it caught young Pierre off guard he was trying to figure out what happened? It was so strange he couldn't see but knew the entities were bowing down to a great royal figure approaching their presence and their bowing gesture was out of complete Joy, Love, Respect and Adoration of this incredible king that was approaching them.

He was happy for his new family to be able to catch a glimpse of THE INCREDIBLE ONE passing by their presence but was astounded that The ONE was heading directly to him. Why would someone of such incredible importance waste their time on such a humble insignificant person? He came within 1 inch of Pierre and smiled at him with concern and gentleness of the news he was about to tell him though his mind. "Oh my child, you are not supposed to be here, it isn't your time, I must take you back to your body and ask that you have faith in me, live your life the best way you can under the circumstances given to you, and love the ones you come into contact with the same way my family here loves you, unconditionally."

Pierre was speechless, humbled, overwhelmed of the greatness before him and had so much joy and regret that he was unable to thank THE ONE for taking the time to see him. He was never able to move in that Realm, but felt the GREAT ONE gently pick up his energy and transport him back through the Realm of no return no entrance. The journey back was so much more peaceful and organized as he traveled through the cosmos, then felt the Earth approaching, the atmosphere, the clouds, the road and finally where his body rested on that cold hard ground.

He still couldn't see but he did start to pick up on 3 frantic feminine voices that were around him and their messages were getting clearer until he finally understood what they were saying "I can't get a pulse from him! He has no pulse! He is not registering a pulse! Oh wait a minute he has a pulse now, he has a pulse."

The rest of the story was ironically comical according to Pierre. When he opened his eyes, he noticed there were 3 nurses frantically working on him and weakly smiled at them as he attempted to sit up. The rest of the memory was a blur to him since he was drifting into and out of consciousness, but he did remember that the people around him were taking less notice of him as the minutes passed by until they eventually threw him on the outside trailer with the bikes along with some other cyclist that withdrew from the race as well. The other cyclist were annoyed at him for “sleeping” and taking so much space on that cramped trailer not knowing how close to death he truly was. Yes he left the cruel world behind and returned right back to it, but cruel as it was it didn't matter to Pierre, because for the first time in his life, he witnessed what True Love was supposed to be like!

Chapter 2 “The Meeting”

When I first met Pierre he quietly came into my congregation during an open invitation flyer we sent out to our community in the hopes of attracting new people to our humble church and to give them a chance to become reacquainted with God in a Christian Family atmosphere in the congregation I preached at.

As I was preaching to the congregation, I was drawn to a strange lone man that was sitting near the back row of the pews that caught my attention as I was preaching a sermon about our glorious God. I tried to focus my mind on the importance of providing an uplifting and inspirational sermon to the congregation but something about that man was totally off and it looked like he didn't belong anywhere in this world.

He had a slender athletic build and seemed to be healthy and vibrant. Although he was alone he didn't look lonely and there was a sense of peace around his demeanor with hidden passion and pain? I didn't know what to make of this individual? He seemed to be observing his surroundings, keeping his distance, yet was kind to the people that came into contact with him. He had a habit of religiously wearing all black clothing whenever he attended our church and always wore short pants regardless of how cold it was outside. When I got to know him a little better I asked him about his choice in clothes and he responded by saying that black was his favorite color, and a reminder of the death that followed him and the lost ones in the other Realm that needed inspiration to travel to the light.

Yes I never seen anyone like him before, everything he did was strange, mysterious and unconventional. He was so out of place in our society, seemed to be a loner, but was also so happy to be around people to help them out as much as he could. There were times I saw him blessing trees, holding his hands high towards the sun while being in a mild trance, swimming across rivers in 30 degree weather, gently freeing the trapped insects that inadvertently wound up in our building and took them outside to safety as if their life meant the world to him. He also loved talking to people and getting their views on life and what it meant to them. It was a certain kind of charm of his to have such a strong connection with the strangers he met and made them feel like they were part of his family. It was almost as if he could read their souls when he had contact with them, so connected, and yet so far away from them. Yes, there was a strange madness to him but there also seemed to be a certain method to his madness which made him fully focused in the things he needed to do and the places he needed to be. I never seen such precision in a person’s life before and how he could be such a walking contradiction in everything he did in his life.

I was planning on talking with him after the services were over, but he unexpectedly came up to me first, to thank me for allowing him to attend our church and that he was interested in coming back, provided he had a meeting with me about some “Concerns” of his. I told him that was fine perhaps he could come back Wednesday night at 6:00pm since a few in our congregation were having some informal bible study classes and I was planning to stay late at the church that night. Well when Wednesday night came at exactly 6pm he arrived right on time, and I must say: It was one of the strangest meetings I ever had with anyone in my entire life.

He seemed confident, and yet troubled in what he was about to say and after I reintroduced myself as Reverend Paul to him he began to tell me his strange story. “I really want to thank you for allowing me to attend your church it really means a lot to me! I believe this is the 20th church I have attended in the past 2 years in our area and hope this is the church I can finish my destiny in. Before I continue on though, I want you to know that there are some extraordinary circumstances involving my life that I seriously doubt you, or anyone else could ever possibly understand, but that is not why I am here for. I just want to be able to have contact with Christians, remember the fellowship your religion had at one time and have a chance to tell my story to someone before I have to go back to the “Underworld” to finish what I was destined for.”

He must have sensed my thoughts because he continued on with a smile on his face “I can assure you that I am a very well balanced person that studied psychology extensively, so there is no need to worry about me, but there are things I am going to reveal to you that is going to test your sanity to the limits if you allow me to tell you this incredible story I have bottled up inside of me. I was about to give up on finding the right Christian preacher to share my story with, but I found out that you have written a little unknown book titled “Religion and the soul of a Christian” and was impressed how patient you were with the characters in your book. That is the kind of patience I need from a person that understands religion, and truly hope I can share my strange story with you so that you can tell the world the grave danger we are in before it is time for me to leave this world.”

His story was strange and he was right, it was one of the few rare times I was caught off guard, since preachers have to see so much from the people we serve: Unstable people, lonely ones, people that are sad, lost, scared, confused, on drugs, or should be on drugs! With all the people we have seen though, it is sometime easy to dismiss the very people we are supposed to help, but there are times I feel it would be better for a person to see a psychiatrist as opposed to a person of cloth for their own health and well being. I was so close to tell him that I wasn’t able to help him out, but I don’t know what came over me? Was it Divine Intervention, his charm, or some type of spell that he placed on me to continue listening to what he needed to share? I’m not sure what it was, but I allowed him to continue on with his story and when he illustrated his mathematical model on how to become a God to destroy the Universe, I couldn’t believe how convincing it was and knew I had to help out this young man in any way I could so help me God!

I’m still overwhelmed with all the revelations he shared with me on our first meeting on that faithful night and he was right, it tested me to the limits! How would you react to having information revealed to you about the end of the Universe and there is nothing you can do about it other than to have faith? In humanity, in God and in one young man that has to make the right decision in life or all is lost? It’s just so overwhelming, but incredible to see and I can’t wait to share it with you, but before I do, I need some time to recover and give you a chance to know our young man a little better, as well as give you his observations on God, the devil, and the purpose of humanity in the whole equation of life and God’s purpose for its creation. Although I don't agree with some of his beliefs, I respect his passion for religion, for his Deity, and for the people he loves as his family. For all that he has done for me and the human race, I at least owe it to him to share what he witnessed to me about his religion and hope it can serve as an inspiration to co-exist peacefully with people of different faiths. That was his last wish he requested before he had to leave so unexpectedly.

Chapter 3 “The Confessions of a Witch”

"To Co-Exist in Peace" A word I seldom thought of until I met Pierre on that fateful meeting we had so long ago. To him religion was never about competition, it was about cooperation between people who wanted to share their likes and differences about the higher Spiritual meanings and purposes of life in a safe family environment. Religious diversity is a great way to see the many faces of God from different points of view that can help you appreciate your Divine worship in ways you would have missed out on if you stayed inside your narrow point of view to avoid conflict with others. It can also help strengthen your faith and not weaken it, by having a chance to Spiritually mature in understanding the similarities and differences other faiths have in comparison to yours. It also humbles you in knowing that your role in the world is not to try to conquer or convert people to your religious dogma, it is to love the ones you have contact with unconditionally, to treat them as part of your family and show them the Love that your Divine has shown you. That is what Pierre lived by in his religious dealings with the people he had contact with and it was impressive to see the amazing inner peace he had when talking to people of all faiths about this incredible gift of life we have for such a short amount of time!

When Pierre first disclosed to me that he was a full practicing Solitary Shamanistic Witch in addition to being a Christian it naturally left me confused and concerned. The reason he was so brutally honest with me about his way of life is because of his past experiences in dealing with persons of Christian faith. In the past he would develop very close relationships with Christians and share his love for Christ with them, but in the end they would eventually find out about his Witchcraft life through social media, the friends he had or perhaps the things they noticed while visiting his home. They felt betrayed that he kept his full identity from them when they first met and some went so far as to believe they were demonized by having friendship with him. Their fear and lack of faith in him was very disappointing for Pierre so from that day on he made a vow to let people know upfront about the very different way he worshiped Christ.

In his mind Witchcraft was a natural extension of his being, just as natural as breathing, living his life to the fullest, and being in constant awe and wonder in Seeing God from the Physical Realm as well as the Spiritual one. As strange as it may sound, when Pierre was in the occult world he developed a stronger bond with God, because in that hidden world, he truly saw the complexity, beauty and Glory that God has and he also understood why God needed to shield this hidden knowledge from his creation because it would only overwhelm and confuse them.

It should be noted that Pierre didn't hide his Witchcraft from his Christian friends because he was ashamed of what he was doing, he just knew they would not understand and instead of focusing their attention on how wonderful God is, they would draw their attention away from God to focus on their unhealthy obsession with Pierre's way of life. This was really quite sad for Pierre since their obsession was self defeating the original purpose in loving God in the first place.

I must admit that I fell into the same trap with my fellow Christian family by trying to debate with Pierre. I couldn't help myself though, since I felt it was my duty to point out the error of his ways. So the great debate began and the more we talked the more I felt I was failing him because I couldn't shake his beliefs or his faith in the way he worshiped God. After our discussion was over though, I began to have doubts about how I handled the whole situation, since he certainly seemed to be at peace with our God and who am I to challenge his love? Yes Pierre’s bond with God maybe strange but it was unbreakable and that is something I can respect!
I won't go into all the details of the debate but I wanted to share with you the 3 main concerns I had with Pierre’s way of worshiping God that really made me think I should re-examine the way I witness to people of faith and non faith in the God I serve! The first question I had was the classic concern of disobeying the Law of Deuteronomy 18:14, which forbid people to practice Sorcery Divination and Witchcraft. The Second question I had for him was to explain why Witchcraft was needed in his life when God could provide everything he needed in his life, and the final question I had for him was to explain to me what power he was hoping to gain from practicing Witchcraft? His answers to my questions really surprised me in the fact it was obvious that he spent many years exploring those same concerns I had in his own religious searches in life.

“Well with all due respect Reverend Paul, I don't live by God's Law, I live by God's Love, for I am only human, and as a human being I am prone to making mistakes but all is not lost, for I worship an awesome God that is slow to anger, quick to forgive, and understanding of the triumphs and failures I will have as a primitive human being in my attempt to learn about the higher meanings and purposes in life. I am a Witch that loves our Earth that God created, I choose to practice The Craft, the special Spiritual gifts, I was blessed with by our Creator, and as long as I have Faith and Love in God, I know I am heading in the right direction in the life I must travel. For the ones that are concerned about the Laws of God, let them become lawyers, and more power to them. For me though my relationship with God is through my Love for him, my faith in him and my willingness to use his blessings without fear, so I can learn to Spiritually grow in his glory. I hope that addresses your 1st concern.”

“In regards to your 2nd concern, I am not afraid to use the Physical and Spiritual talents I been blessed with to understand and interact with my surroundings. Using these talents is as natural as breathing to me and is the very thing that God designed me to be. It would be very hypocritical for me to pretend to be something I am not by giving up the craft I engage in. I was not meant to live a normal Human life from my Creator, he needed me here exactly where I am now and I am fine with it. I understand that Witchcraft is not designed for everyone since there are greater responsibilities and greater temptations in the Spiritual world that accompany our Physical one. In the Spiritual World there are things that would be too overwhelming for the average person to understand or accept. This is something that God knew and wanted to protect us from receiving too much information that would overload us until we were ready to handle it, but there are some in this world that advanced to the next level, beyond the religious dogma, beyond the fear of the occult, the hidden knowledge that God kept from us, until we became Spiritually mature enough to understand his love and plans for us.

I advanced as far as I could in the Physical World God gave us to live in as a gift. It would be disrespectful for me to end my training and learning process about God’s magnificent glory he created in the Spiritual Realm as well. That is why I engage in Witchcraft, which simply means to me: Humble wise dweller of the Earth that uses their Spiritual gifts for the good of others and for themselves. Since I am a Christian, I also use those Spiritual gifts for the glory of God that I serve as well. I would like to make one final note before I finish responding to your 2nd concern and it is mind blowing! There are many lessons to learn in the Earth’s Spiritual Realm, but the major one I learned from and must share with you is that even though the Earth’s Spiritual Realm has been here since the beginning of the Earth’s existence, it is a temporary place that will cease to exist in the future! God does not want us to waste our time in this temporary place. The reason he created this temporary Spiritual Realm was for the ones who needed more time to understand the choice before them after they die and to give them time to transition to Heaven if they so choose with Jesus help. It is also a place where there are entities that will try to convince you that there is no need for God. They will try to point out that after you died and came to this place away from Heaven you still exist, so why would you need God?

The choice you face in this temporary Realm is as simple as this: Are you going to continue to exist near the Earth without God’s help or are you going to risk going to the light and see what is on the other side? The ones that risk going to the light never come back, but that is where Heaven is at and the final leap of faith comes from for the ones that did not accept God from the living world they came from. Do you see the complexities of the Spiritual Realm? Are you prepared to handle the choice before you if you end up in this area that is away from Heaven and away from Earth? This was the final puzzle in life I needed to know in my Spiritual search from the ones that contacted me from the other side. Both entities contacted me from this place: The ones who were once human and the others that never were! By using the Spiritual Gifts of Witchcraft I was blessed with helped me understand the difficult choices we have to face and regardless if my Astral Travel visions are correct or not, I humbly ask you this one favor. If you find yourself in this area after you die, please have faith in God and go to the light to return to the family that wants you back home! I hope the complexities of what I said addressed your second concern Reverend.”

“Your final question is probably the most frustrating one for me to answer Paul. For it is not the power I seek to gain, it is the power that is already inside of me I treasure! I do not understand human’s obsession with Power and how they treat it as a commodity to be exploited for their own subverted authority and amusement! Real power does not come from the might of a person; it comes from the humble realization that everything created is part of the power and part of the family of God. To gain power is to lose sight of the wonderful God that created it. I wasn’t created to become A God to rule over the people to worship me, I was created to love the ones I come into contact with, treat them like family and love them unconditionally, as God loves me unconditionally. That is the power I seek, the Power of Love! There is a saying in the Pagan Community that when a Witch cast a Sacred Circle they do so with perfect Love and perfect Trust. That is the goal I have when I cast my Sacred Circle, I do it out of love and not power!”

Chapter 4 “God, The Devil, And Humanity”

After “The Great Debate” was over I wanted Pierre to explain what was God’s big plan for us? Where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going to after we pass away? I was hoping to overwhelm Pierre with the complexities of God, Religion, and our life in an attempt to have him come back to God through biblical scriptures and the instructions it provides. I remember how overwhelmed I was when I was in seminary school on the road to becoming a priest when this question was posed to me. I hoped it would have the same effect on Pierre as well so he could see the error of his ways, but his response was so chilling, it overwhelmed me instead!

“Oh Reverend, I will gladly tell you my version of what I believe this entire life is all about, but you are not going to like the answer. I have seen so much in my life in regards to my contacts with God, the dearly departed ones and the Realm besides Heaven or Earth. I also had contacts from entities that appeared to have been Angels and others that seemed to have been evil, so with all the information I received from my experiences, I feel comfortable about what I think the big picture of what God has in store for us!”
Before I share my story with you though, I want to warn you that what I am about to say is not pretty and so controversial it can be very upsetting to people with strong religious backgrounds! It is not my intention to antagonize anyone with what I have seen, but I wanted to give the most neutral a story I can and be as truthful as I can about what I have observed in the Spiritual Realm and of God. I also want you to know that I am not a prophet, since I did not receive any instructions from God other than to live the best life I possibly can and to love the ones I come into contact with, but from my casual meetings of this incredible Supreme Being, and the entities I came into contact with, I feel like I caught a glimpse of the behind the scene battles that is taking place and why there is so much pain and misery in our lives, so with the disclaimers in hand, let me share with you what I have seen from our great Divine!
I think one of the greatest surprises I had about life is that there seems to be 3 realms of existence we have the opportunity to reside in based on the choices we make in our life. Without sounding preachy I want to give you a neutral observation of what I have seen in those realms of existence and how it ties in with everything a person would want to know about the 3 pivotal meanings of Life: Where did we come from, what is our purpose for being here and where are we going to once we pass away?

In the 1st realm of existence we have the Physical Earth we all live in. In this plane of existence we are living out our natural life and most are oblivious to Spiritual World that is around us. We have no memory of where we came from, who we really are, or where we are going to once it is our time to cross over to the other side. This realm of existence is a superficial one where most people want to stay in, because it shields them from more existential truths, questions, and problems that arrive in an alternate plane of consciousness. Some people say they want to know the Spiritual Truths that are out there but in reality, those Truths are so complicated, confusing and painful that most people are not ready to handle such profound truths of what our life is really about, so they prefer to stay on the surface of things in our Physical world, keep their lives superficial, so they can avoid the reality of the truths that are out there which can be painful if you are not ready to receive such profound revelations about your life and why you are here!

Heaven is the 2nd realm of existence that people of Christian faith believe is available to us once it is our time to cross over to the other side after we pass away. For people of Pagan Faith it is known by many different names such as Summerland, Nirvana, The Great White Light, etc. In any regards though, this is the place where our Creator resides at, and is the place I refer to as Home, Family, Love, Kindness, Gentleness and infinite smiles! When I traveled to this Sacred place I didn’t get completely inside Heaven’s domain, I was at the foyer entrance of this Paradise, but I did have incredible loving entities that approached me and The Great Royal Figure that briefly spoke to me letting me know that it was not my time to cross over. Since time was irrelevant there, the few minutes to the billions of years I stayed at that Paradise reception foyer area really touched my heart so much that I vowed to base the rest of my life to honor the place of incredible Love that is waiting for me to come home to! I’m looking forward to going back to that Paradise when it is my time to cross over for the final time, but I am not in a hurry to get there. Only because I was shown how precious life is and how important it is to love the ones I come into contact with. I was directed to live my life to the fullest here so that when it was time for me to cross over for the final time to Heaven above, I would not have any regrets I lived my life in vain!

The 3rd realm of existence is the one that caused me the most concern since it conflicted with the Christian Biblical teachings and the entities that occupy that realm seem to contradict what most Christians believe in. It also strangely occupies the exact same space as the Physical Realm of Earth, but is completely separate from it by a veil, and is known by some as the Spiritual Realm of Earth. The only living people that have contact with this realm are the ones that have the Special Spiritual Gifts from our Divine above, the ones who engage in occult activities, and the gravely ill that are about to cross over to this realm, or to the realm of Heaven.

I want to further talk about the 3rd realm of existence in greater detail because that is the area where I saw the behind the scenes meaning of our existence and the opportunity I was offered if I were to stay in that realm indefinitely! There are so many conflicting things there it can be quite overwhelming, but I felt comfortable what I saw there and want to give you some helpful advice if you ever happen to end up in this area after you die.

One of the first observations I made when I first entered this realm is that it seems to be the Underworld that is so popular in Pagan Faiths. The Underworld where someone like Hecate would reside in, or if you prefer, please feel free to substitute any Underworld Goddess or God that comforts you. It is also a place where some of the deceased humans arrive at for countless number of reasons, but the 3 top reasons some people end up here are as follows: (1) For some humans that passed away, they felt that their life was unfairly taken away from them before they were ready to leave, so they chose this Spiritual realm to stay in since it is part of the Physical realm of Earth and can be observed by the deceased that longs to be alive once again. (2) For other deceased humans that arrive here, they did not realized that they passed away into this realm of existence, and still think they are alive in the Physical realm of Earth, so they chose to stay there to convince themselves that they are still alive and try to interact with the living that can’t see them which is really sad to see. (3) The 3rd group of deceased humans that arrive here are the ones that couldn’t bear to leave their loved ones behind, so they chose this Spiritual Realm to reside in since it is the only realm that a deceased person has to watch over their loved ones until it is their time to cross over to the other side.

Regardless of the different reasons why some deceased humans end up in this realm though, there does seem to one unifying factor why all of them end up here: None of them ever established a direct link or relationship with our Divine Creator that wants us to come home to Heaven.

I also want to note that this Underworld Realm of existence is not what the Christian Bible refers to as Hell! The “Elder” Entities that are there made it very clear to me that the Spiritual Realm of Earth that they, and the deceased humans reside in, is not Hell and that Hell does not exist! They also stated that this realm of existence was an alternate place from Heaven where entities who disagree with God’s plan come to reside at.

I understand that the observations I am revealing to the people of Christian Faith would be very upsetting to them, but in defense of the Bible I would like to say one possible explanation why Hell does not currently exist: Is because it is not supposed to exist until final judgment time arrives from God above.

This Spiritual Realm of Earth is just so incredible, so beautiful and yet so sad. The deceased humans that reside there are in perfect health, but some believe that they can still get sick and all the humans are obsessed with only 2 things: Constantly viewing The Living World where they came from and the fear of the intense white light that hovers above them. They were told by the “Elders” that this White light is the judgment of God that would instantly devour them if they attempted to cross over to it and is the second death that no one comes back from and the humans believe them. What the “Elders” said maybe true, but all I know is that if I ever end up in that realm of existence, I am going to place my faith in God and cross over to that light and ask that you have the courage to do so too, because I believe that is the 2nd chance to restore your relationship with our Creator and go back home to Heaven where we truly belong.

Whenever I went to the Spiritual Realm of Earth I never really could see the “Elders” that talked to me but they sure were interested in me and took me under their wing. They saw that I was a rational person with an open mind and a fearless attitude that had such a strong force around me it couldn’t be broken by anyone or anything! They also noticed that I was not afraid to face the truth no matter how painful it might seem and my ever curious mind helped me to Spiritually grow in ways so few can achieve, so they came to me and told me their version of what happened from the beginning of time to far beyond what we can comprehend of the future and it finally helped me understand our purpose in life.

They confirmed to me that there is a Supreme Being that always existed and that there is no other entity in the Cosmos that is even close to what this incredible Being is! Contrary to biblical accounts they really looked up to their Creator and trusted this Entity with respect and admiration it truly deserved, until that faithful day occurred of what constituted the entire purpose and meaning for being created was revealed to them.

These “Elders” or should I say Rouge Arch Angels, told me they were created as helpers so that God could fulfill an incredible master plan to show creation the true meaning of Life/Consciousness and the purpose to exist for eternity along with the Supreme Being that Created them. All different types of Spiritual entities were created to fulfill God’s mission, from simple Cherubs that constantly praised and sang the Glory of his presence; to the Arch Angels that had a special mission to study and help with the incredible wonders God was about to engage in.

It should be noted that all the Spiritual Entities/Angels were created long before the creation of the Heavens and the Earth took place because in addition to helpers, God wanted witnesses to record all the glorious things about to unfold regarding the Master Reason for all creation to exist.

Since time does not exist in the Spiritual World the Rouge Angels are not exactly sure how old they really are, but assume they are over 14 billion years old since they were here long before our Universe was Created.

Can you just imagine how exciting it was to be an Angel at the beginning of time, to see your Creator’s work in full force as the Universe came into existence? There was such an awesome display of power when the Universe was first created to perfection from an enormous amount of organized energy released in perfect symmetry. Everything was so beautiful and amazing to see with the very glory of God constantly performing miracles as the Universe was expanding and yet there was so much more to come, because in due time God was going to reveal to the Angels what the purpose of life was all about. In the meantime though, God wanted the Angels to observe and learn all the Physical and Spiritual Laws that made existence possible.

As the Angels studied the Physical Laws of the Universe and the Spiritual Laws of God, they were impressed how perfectly structured
everything was. By studying the discipline of Logic and rational thinking every creation of the Universe had a reason and a purpose for being there. Over the next hundred million years, they witnessed the cooling of our universe, the formation of Stars, Galaxies and Planets, the complex creations of micro and macro environments that seemed to be governed by very specific rational and logical laws that must be followed for existence to continue and it truly amazed them!
As time progressed though a strange peculiar phenomenon was noticed by the Angels witnessing the creation of the Universe and it astounded them.  Time was not infinite in the universe they were observing and everything in it seemed to have a life and death cycle of finite energy that once used would end it's cycle.

This observation brought great concern to some of the Angels who assumed they were immortal and had no concept of death until they observed the Physical Universe God was revealing to them.  Is it possible for the Angels to expire just as the stars do when they use up all of their energy?  I do not know if God addressed their concerns or not?

There were more troubling things in store for the Rouge Angels as time progressed.  In due time God called upon all of his creation to take special note of a tiny insignificant planet orbiting a very average star in a very average galaxy amongst all the billions of galaxies created within the Universe.  On this tiny insignificant planet God would finally reveal to the Angels the true meaning and purpose of what their existence is all about in the extremely structured Universe he created with one single thing in mind to fulfill that purpose.
Earth was created and a strange phenomenon began to take place as our planet was cooling to a temperature that could support primitive life.  These strange entities had such a short life span as they were created, died and evolved into more complex entities with each cycle and mutations over time.  The most troubling revelation to some of the Angels was that these primitive entitles were starting to look like the images of them and of God Himself!

Why would God spend so much time on such primitive creatures and how can these entitles be tied in with the meaning of their entire existence?  It seemed so contradicting to all the Logic and Laws the Universe was structured in.  It also seemed Blasphemous and Sacrilegious to have such primitive creations mocking the Angels and the Creator's immortal existence; so  much in that some of the
Angels were losing faith In the Creator and his reason for the meaning of existence.

The final breaking point that caused a third of the Angels to rebel against God was when he revealed that to them that the whole reason and purpose in their existence is based on Love above all else in order for the Righteous Laws and Structure of the Universe to work.  For the billions of years that they studied the Universe with all the Laws and structures in place, it is useless without a little dash of Love to make everything all right!  The most upsetting thing to the Rouge Angels was that God spent all his energy and hopes that the primitive Human creatures he made in his image would love him back as much as he loved them or all is lost!
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