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A fantasy story for the Off The Walls Contest.
It was about midnight and the whole world was in deep slumber in the lush island of Haiti. Maria constantly kept on breast-feeding her newly born son Charles, about two months old. Her husband, Nelson kept on pacing, and fidgeting in the room. He was over-exhausted from the whole day’s work and, wanted to sleep but, the crabby cries of his baby vexed him. Both of their muscles ached, grogginess filled their eyes and; eventually they fell asleep.

Dawn arrived painting the canvas of the sky with hints of rosy pink and dim olive. The couple awoke with bleary eyes and twitched. A sudden fear lynched their hearts. Their baby was not by their side. They groped in all four rooms of their house: with colors peeling off the walls, rough floors ,and a patchy roof-top, but in vain. Their boy was kidnapped. Nelson immediately reported the incident to the police. Panic spread in the neighborhood.

Later in the evening, a group of officers in police uniform came to inspect , but all their attempts fizzled out. The baby was nowhere to be found.

With tears straining her cheeks, Maria sobbed, and Nelson tried to console her by patting on her back, saying, “ Don’t worry, honey. Jesus will make it right.” Though Nelson offered these fake words of solace , he was totally crushed and feeling doleful.

A loud knock on their door startled them. It was around twelve o’clock.
“ Who is this so late?” Nelson muttered to himself and opened the door. He saw a beautiful woman of fair complexion, ruddy cheeks and a tall, petite figure , standing before him.
“ I am Elsa. I have come from Poland with my group for visiting Haiti. I lost my way in the dark glade of Chain de la Selle mountain range and have come here to take refuge. Would you please allow me?”

Astounded and confused, Nelson provided her shelter in their house. She was allocated a separate room. Elsa had brought with her a large trolley bag . After placing down her baggage ,she changed into a night dress and after a while, fell asleep.
The next morning, the couple were having their breakfast: toasted breads with butter spread on it and ,a bowl of cornmeal. They called Elsa. Elsa came in and listened to their painful story about the kidnap of their only new-born son.

“ I am sorry to hear this. I know how agonizing this is to you as parents.” Elsa added in a glum voice.
“ You must be feeling hungry? Why don’t you partake some of the food with us?”

Elsa smiled. Nelson handed her a small bowl and two butter-toasts. All on a sudden, her face contorted, while she grabbed the food ,and she convulsed violently.

The couple got bewildered ,and their blood froze at this abrupt, grisly event. Elsa took the form of an ugly troll and within a few seconds, vanished.

Nelson and Maria exchanged glances and stood standstill. This news spread like a wildfire, and a frenzy of terror unleashed and clenched guileless hearts with its mighty jaws.

Tom , the forest ranger, was lighting a lamp with oil to keep away the inky darkness and to make his body warm. A sudden knock on his shabby tavern jolted him, and he saw a cadaverous man thumping into his mangy house. Bewildered , Tom was about to say something when the living corpse gagged him with a severe force and, brutally shackled his legs with chains. Tom started to groan and moan, but his sounds were not loud enough to reach his neighbors.

Brad was tilling in his garden and weeding out with a sharp blade. He noticed the beautiful flora and fauna that adorned his garden. The four-leaved clover with its red , globular flower-heads was definitely worth the diadem of his garden.

“ May I have a look at your garden?” A feminine voice asked. Brad was astonished by the sudden intrusion and, looked behind to meet a tall , radiant ,woman: of statuesque beauty. She gracefully walked in the garden and touched the shrubs, flowers, and fruits, with utmost gentleness. She was barely an inch from the clover when her face grimaced, her body quaked ,and she transformed into an elf. “ What is this? Who are you?” Brad glowered. The elf disappeared within a fraction of a second.

It was blithering dark in the Chain de la Selle and the trees were silhouetted against a gray-black sky. A lovely lady with her child plodded along . She covered herself with a hood ,and her child was wrapped with a layered cloth, with only its face peeping out. A pallid man appeared before her.” So you have kidnapped the child Elsa and zombified me?"
“ How dare you talk to me like this? Keep away from me, else I will destroy you."
“ Destroy me? Ha-ha! I am the undead, the zombie man.” He guffawed.

From out of the blue, Elsa conjured up a muthi and pelted it at the man. The man started having respiratory problems and started vomiting. He puked blood and succumbed to death.

Hearing the hue and cry, villagers from the neighborhood thronged and chanted prayers" Holy Lord, save our innocent souls from this dreadful disaster. Amen!” The church bells jangled, and unable to bear that odious sound resonating in her ears, the fairy dropped to the ground and embraced death after a while.

The villagers danced, drummed, sang, bustled with joy, and retrieved Charles from the dangerous zombie and the voracious fairy. Nelson and Maria were relieved to see their life-blood coming back. Happiness throbbed in their veins as they got their apple –of –the –eye back. The ghoulish attack of the zombie and the fairy was reported to the police and filled the entire community with wild wonderment. Tom was freed from his pinions, and an aura of mirth shone its brilliant resplendence throughout the whole village and rekindled them with the promise of a new hope of a new tomorrow.

1095 words
Prompt: How about a meeting of a zombie with a fairy?

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