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chapter one of ??? story of a man sent to hell that is considered a game of life and death

chapter 1

my name is, or was Carson Dale, before i died. When I  was alive I was a, around the clock merc for hire. My jobs ranged from: hacking up zombies who risen from the dead. to a quick buck, In the way of speaking to a dead relative of a hopeful schmuck. wanting closure to whoever they wronged in the past. its best left at that. before I ended up in the cavern of darkness. I was sent on a mission to find, something for a personal  reason. No pay, just a message that told me, To meet someone that was to give me a ransom.

`when i reached the rendezvous point. I was welcomed with a simultaneous clicking sound. Of that a flicker of a dim light shrouded the shadowed storage compactor. Filled with worn out military equipment from the past zombie, and vampire wars. We didn't realize it would be a slaughter. but all of a sudden, an alliance pact between the zombie overlord, and Nosferatu was made. Deciding humans were the threat. So then came an uprising of the demons who lived in peace. side by side within the three colonies.

but now what's left of humans. is but patches of damaged structures considered bases or safe havens. But no ones completely safe, just safer.  With only a handful of willing souls, to venture out in search for a hard earned dollar. me and a handful were those courageous members of an independent merc business. The ransom was the closest comrade i had ever met. Though female, she was a well rounded tactical fighter, and a strong one at that.

as I rummage through the junk hoping to find a clue. I hear footsteps from a single persona. I place my hand to my side attempting to grasp my blessed dual sided blades that i call lifes crooked edge it was missing i stay still only using my ears to tell me when to dart to the exit that when i heard a clang of two blades. then i knew who was behind me. in a voice i remember of that my comrade. in a soft and calm sociopathic female voice “its been a while Carson mind if we talk i know why you're here. A ransom was it… you can turn around now i wont bite well not quite yet that depends on you.”

i go over in my head those few sentences as i turn then realizing why she ran, all those years ago the first thing i noticed and always the first thing i look at. the neck, i notice two dots of scars  just centimeters apart looking up to the face afraid for a single attire that i've sworn to kill anyone with it. i then sigh in  sadness, noticing two curved black teeth dripping blood of what i think was a fresh meal. she responds by nodding approaching slowly i can't think what to do i stand like a statue of glass that with one more kink it would shatter into pieces.

she stops just within sleeperhold reach keeping her arms crossed her blood soaked see through top i back up to the wall noticing she was holding two syringes filled with what are called decaying spores that would make the host nothing but dust in the wind i question what she was planning “why are you holding those for i won’t accept this fate even if i have to drill both those between your eyes” a smile is revealed from her pale faced. lathered with blood still sticking out the twin devils of feasts

“I wouldn't have thought differently, of you. and yet, i know you want to feel the same pain that the target when we both kill our payments. yet this presents a choice. i was the one to send the letter right underneath the door of your safehouse. with that take this for a reminder and a choice.” extending her arm i then realize and shout in rage

“what the hell did you do!!! that injection?! wheres the other syringe you tempress of hell SHOW ME!!”

she drops another syringe empty kicking it towards me with a weak force falling to her knees she started coughing up chunks. the second stage of a four stage process has began going to a knee i grab the empty vial with a needle in the end i could tell before even grabbing it what it was the second one. this is crazy. as she inches near the third stage roughly described as vomiting out the organs i hear a heaving sound. “there it is” i said in my head as a grotesque scream escaped her mouth followed by nonstop blood pouring out with chunks and more chunks of red and black decayed meat.

i approach the near finished vampire she responds with a hug second later i feel a sharp prick in my neck with cold fluid entering. she injected me with the same thing she did herself. there were no choices no second chances with a mumble she says “i'll see you soon carson” then came the final stage. she begins spasming jolting as if electricity was being pumped in her 10,000 volts per second all i did is hold her as tight as i could to calm her as her skin turns coal black with veins shutting off. frying the circulatory system with her last breath she utters a phrase i forgot a long time ago i'll meet you on the other side

her arms went limp flopping to the floor like a dead man collapses after a shot to the head. i have no choice what she said this is a choice there's not as the decaying spores circle through my system devouring every portion searching for an entrance to the main power grid the brain the first stage delusional as the spores enter the brain nesting like waiting to fly the decaying factor will happen soon. but i’m ready just as i must

i start hallucinating of that a drug addict going through the cycle  of rehab scratching an itch on my arm that won't let go i get snapped out of it when pain surges through my system i'm nearing the second stage i move my eyes to see my arm what now is a canvas  of a design painted with deep red cuts splattering out tiny bits of the spores but not enough but too much red copper scented liquid  i lurch retreating to my knees i sense a pain will grow.

the second stage has began. screaming in agonizing pain. i was praying for an end, as pain delved up from my abdomen working its way up exiting through a pain stricken cough “how long ‘puke’ does it have to be ahhhh damn it i skipped a stage that means...” to late i was a second away from the final stage my muscles start to tighten and loosen back and forth i was  nearing the end. jolting in seismic pain so much that i can't talk as the dead and nearly disintegrated body of ana sanaka but ill call her amazonia lay

here i start thinking in my head “where will we end up?  i know. we were criminals but worked for the decent humans. to save them as much as possible.” the spasms ended. i lay there with no strength not even to move my hand staring in the sky as the light fades from me i see the spores surfacing final stage five no pain just death they burrow their way in my eyes and yet i couldn't feel as they descended upon my brain foaming it as mush then nothing at all. that was the time i died

i was in hell on earth. but ill soon realize what hell really is. as i wondered since the first kill that right before the finishing blow. the target was praying to a useless high power but the only power is the one you control, madness. it’s a gift best with a side of intreageuge. i fantasized the day a timeline based solely on my family legacy before well the dead rising and gnawing on their past loved ones and thought to myself the fate of when i may witness their calm faces again.

Hey wake up… Carson were here” i clench my eyes as pain subsided but within a minute a pot of scalding hot water i screech in pain and roll to what feels like a wall “crap who the heck did that. answer me!!” placing my arm hand to my side finding the blade that was dropped on earth not questioning it i unsheathe both blades swinging blindly with rage desperate to hit something but instead of hitting something my arm was grasped and pinned to my back as a voice i could barely hear says “Drop it”

i reply to the muffled sound by asking “may i sheath it back”

then in a closer vicinity nearing ear to ear in a voice i could recognize as ana “i can its not fighting time least not yet and not for this segment so sit and relax for a bit.” the only response i reveal is a blind eye widened near bleeding from the water.

restraining to my knees as pain slowly declines to a twitching movement with a calm hand sliding down burned cheeks i open my droplet red bloodshot eyes still burning with pain my sight was blurred with a fizzing sight of that seeing through a soda pop draining of their suds in a minute the object i could see or at least minimally described as two curved blades for teeth with lines forming a smile i hear in a even less clearer tone “are you awake?”

my eyes start stabilizing noticing more of the women known… “what the hell who are you and where the hell am i…” the female creature sucker punched me quiet with decaying flesh matter releasing some resonance of flesh then in a hacking grunting sound the creature i'm guessing this crazy monster is talking but only moans retreat its slashed throat hardening  blood and murky pus shoot out like a nerf bullet i look around the place after noticing there's a chain attached to the zombie deadline

the room seemed molded, dark with only a single dimly lit lantern to signify that something of a small drained nightlight with a small flicker i realize i'm in a cellar a gangling corpse with a few gashes to the torso the entrails spilling out to the floor with a sloshing sound the intestines dangling from the stomach like a loose cord attached  to a torn heating pad “damn that thing won't quit who or what the hell was it before ahh the  stench ‘puke’” i vomited with whatever remaining black gunk residue still contained in the pores of my esophagus i laughed to myself as the creature continued to moan in anger “i have to get out of here” when suddenly a overhead light appeared revealing a stage with a megaphone a voice was heard

“ladies and gents demons of all kinds i give you a new entry to the devils death dome and for the first time it seems to be a feeble human tough luck for him this is going to be a daunting eternity lets all show sympathy for this mistake of an entry”

i then heard laughter. of thousands of beings and yet none seen all i can see is a small room with only a table and a light with a chain on both of us shaking my leg to the wall i let out a shout “hey who's saying that reveal yourself holding my hand to my nose trying to save myself from the suffocating stench of i guess another unlucky soul to be dragged to wherever we are

again the same voice was heard “ the countdown is about to commence unchain the combatants on the countdown of ten” i heard conversations of enthused i'm questionably wondering if this is hell “five…four”

i don't have much time all i know is i have two choice. choice be dined on making this a short show. choice two fight for survival om never known for backing down from a fight but ill give this fighter the first attack figuring as though grappling is the first thing hearing the same voice to signify the beginning “two... one…. slaughter time” a clicking sound was heard noticing the shackles were unlocked but i agreed to stay put lifting my hands up as if being detained having a smirk of enjoyment as the gouged creature stumbles and trips continuously moaning loudly as if saying ‘i'm going to end this’

within arms reach the hobbling deadite grabbed and jerked with anger towards her broken mouth i say to the sad mutant “ this is definitely not what i call a good first impression dropping my other arm and within moments unsheathed the blade i thought this thing placed but i guess i was daydreaming

lifting and  planting the blade through the side ear to ear with a crunching sound i then laugh in ahh hearing silence after all there was was screams for my death but nothing but silence continued blood oozing through the carcinogenic cindicut a drop of the the arm that grabbed the empty  arm with a limp then drop to the floor my blade still attached i bowed my head in appeasement i twist the blade loos hearing gurgling sound of whatever the brain was residing in. in a second i retrieve the blood drenched blade swipe both sides on my jacket cleaning the blade of chunks and near dried blood. then sheathing to my side turning  slowly to see if there's any way out when suddenly a spark and cheering

“we have a winner and an unbelievable outcome let us all celebrate the champion and some commander that desires him at their squadron speak up” i hear cheers followed by quiet contemplation is my fate going to be decided by creatures i think to myself

within a minute i hear a shout “i shall be grateful to welcome this sad sap in our crew only because i won't have to pay one of my prized squad mate per her request” with a chuckle of grunting sadistically.

hoho we have a great deal lets see if it lasts or will he die infinitely i hope to see more of this madman have a good day and rest your damned lives for tomorrow is another day for the devils death dome

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