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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1997296
A steampunk story for a contest.
Alex and Vanessa were working late at night in their vast space laboratory’ Sciene’ . They were the chief executives in their team of system engineers. ‘Sciene’ was the largest laboratory in Britain in the year 1857 and, had recently turned renowned for its unprecedented and remarkable inventions in software development.

“ Enough for today, buddy. Let’s close it now. I am really pooped.” Vanessa said, her muscles ached.
“ So I am.” Alex drawled.

The morning glittered and robust sunrays, splintered the glass vanes in the room , where Vanessa was still asleep. She glanced at the clock and within a short span of fifteen minutes dressed herself, rode on her bike, and headed for her mission.

She opened the lab with a key from her pocket . She entered and plonked on her swivel chair. After a while all her team mates arrived including Alex.

“ Welcome ladies and gentlemen . We have been working on this project for a long time. We intend to build an in-built programme that will create a machine capable of carrying out a series of actions automatically , especially one, programmable by a single computer. It will create ripples of wonderment in the cyber-world. For this to be executed perfectly, we need to invent a cipher and a password to protect it. The code will be cryptic as we all know but, the password in order to decode it should only be shared by us. We will not let the world know about it.
Are you willing?”
“ Yes. “They chorused.

“ I have come up with a brilliant clue that might lead to our desired key. Each one of us will type the number 7117 separately and then we will see what happens.”
They all did so as per the instructions of Vanessa.

“ Eureka!” Vanessa squealed, sheer excitement in her voice.
“ Hey , come over here. Look at this.”

Everyone assembled near her computer and their eyes goggled with amazement. Vanessa had invented the requisite cipher. It took a while for the others to make a proper password. Then they, typed the cipher along with the protected password in each of their computers, and saw the magic agape. They had invented a robot.

Ebullient with joy, Vanessa typed ’smilie’ on her mainframe computer and bright smilies, radiant with their success, flashed across the screen of the others.

Vanessa then typed ‘love’ on her core computer and lovely, red hearts flashed across their screens.

“ Woo-hoo! Cheers to everyone! We have fulfilled our dreams and have been able to achieve it.” The scientists were ecstatic and celebrated their victory.

The exotic invention of a ‘robot’ thundered the whole earth with lightenings of shock, thrill, exuberance and profound happiness. This invention earmarked a new step in the growing ladder of the branch of robotics.

The team of ‘Sciene’ were invited to the royal palace and were offered grand encomium in their honor. A party was arranged at the regal venue and people from all over the world swarmed. Everyone boozed, dined, and couples danced to the jazzy music of the opera.

Vanessa wore a cherry gown flaunting her voluptuous figure. It was thin-strapped , backless, and had a slit on the side revealing her creamy, buttermilk skin. Alex wore a beige suit with a beautiful, brown, tie: that perfectly accentuated his handsome looks.

The couple were dancing in accordance to the rhythm and beats. Vanessa moved sinuously with the arms of Alex , placed on her waist.

Alex then whispered to her,” There’s something to tell that I have been waiting for ages. Should I say?”
“ Why not? Please, don’t hesitate.” Vanessa replied in her melodic voice.
“ I love you dearly, from the innermost core of my heart. But do you?” He fumbled.
“ Oh yes! I love you too, honey.” Vanessa cooed.

Alex kissed her ruby lips with flames of passion burning in his heart . Vanessa planted a deep kiss on his cheeks , smearing them with her red lipstick, as a token of her love. Alex looked at her amorously and smiled at her. She smiled back. Her winsome smile made his heart beat louder and they embarked on a new journey called 'Love'.

Prompt: A prophecy fulfilled
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