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by brom21
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A man who despises life finds his answer in the last place he would go.
The forty five year old man walked grudgingly on the park sidewalk snuffing at all the beauty around him. He was on the way to councilor’s visit in his usual dejected state.

“Humph, all this happy delightful façade; real life is cruel. All the cheerful people in this park are deluded or in denial. What’s to be happy about? Yah just have to turn on the news and the truth of living is clear as crystal; robberies, death, natural disasters, and crime of all sorts! These young children running about so happily chasing around butterflies and laughing for no reason are in for a rude awakening when they get older.”

As the man approached the office plaza, he went between two long buildings until he came to a double glass door that read. Suite104:Ph.D Mike Landry. He entered and walked to the attendant at the round burgundy desk.

“I have an appointment with Dr. Landry at 3pm. My name is Walter Bond.”

“Please sit down. He’ll be with you shortly,” The female attendant said with a smile.

While he waited, he saw a man with gloomy eyes that were directed down to his feet. He made no movement at all but just slumped on his seat.

Finally, someone with sense. Although I would not feel sad about it, he obviously has gotten a real glimpse of life. Walter thought.

Then the doctor called Walter who followed Dr. Landry into a spacious room and sat down on a leather chair across from the Psychiatrist sitting behind a desk.

“So, what’s on your mind?, how are you feeling?”

“Absolutely wonderful, never felt better,” the patient said sarcastically.

“Walter have you ever heard the saying “Life is what you make if it?”

“I believe “What you see is want you get,” said Walter. “And all I see pain and sorrow; life is tragedy.”

The doctor looked down briefly and leaned in on his patient. “When was the last time you went to church? Belief in a higher being is very therapeutic.”

“I’ve never gone. My parents were atheists.”

“I see. I have a suggestion. There is a church two blocks from here, called Calvary chapel. If you give it an honest chance I promise you’ll feel better.”

“Not in a million years!” Walter said with raised voice. He got up and stormed out of the office.

“That two faced phony! Church? Yeah right!” He continued brooding all the way to his apartment and fell on a couch rubbing his eyes. Sleep sounded good but he was too flustered so he got up and took a walk. Walter sighed as he saw the faces of those who passed. Then he saw a familiar woman walking in his direction. He recognized her and grabbed her by the arm.

“Excuse me miss, but is your name Sarah Bryant?”

“It is. I feel like I know you,” said the woman.

“I’m Walter Bond; I went to Nevada State College with you. You tutored me in math. I also asked you on a date but you were always so busy.”

“Wow, how are you!”

“I’m Okay. Hey would you like to have coffee?” asked Walter.

“Oh, not now, I’m on my way to church. Hey would you like to go with me and we can do coffee later?”

Part of Walter got tied up and agitated inside. The other part of him was charmed by Sarah’s demeanor. For the first time in a long while he felt a connection and happiness towards another person.

“Sure I’d love to.”

“Great, it’s called Calvary Chapel. The church is little out of walking range. I’ll get a cab.”

Sarah signaled a cab and they both got in. Within fifteen minutes they were there. Walter felt something inside him burn. It was hard to place. Something he had not felt in a long time. The feeling increased as he entered the building.  Sarah led him to a seat and sat next to him as the rest of the people took their seats as well.

Then the pastor began speaking.

“What I will talk of today is about God’s love amidst what seems like a cruel, evil world.”

Walter was amazed as though the message was just for him. The pastor kept emphasizing about the love of God and how it is the only positive thing in the world to combat its horror. Walter took in every word like he was breathing fresh air for the first time. He couldn’t help but cry a small tear. He realized that in all the chaos, that God’s love is always there and that he when he passes away, he will be in a place of true perfection and happiness. 

He smiled and looked at Sarah who witnessed the change in him from his cold austere face to a radiant glow.

“How about that cup of coffee?”

Walter looked at her glistening eyes and spoke the first words of his transformation. “You don’t know how happy that would make me.” 


word count: 834


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