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A masters student engages in an elicit phone call with her professor.
“Hello, Dr. Hottie!”

Jill’s phone rang while she was in the middle of drying off after her shower.  She wrapped her hair up in the towel and went into the bedroom to answer it.


“Hello,” Mike’s voice purred through the phone.  He and Jill started their relationship the Saturday after spring semester finals.  "I was just laying here, thinking about you.”

Jill smiled as she lay on the bed “I’ve been thinking about you, too.”

“Glad you hadn’t forgotten," Mike chuckled. "Where are you, right now?”

“In my room, lying on the bed.”

“Alone?” He inquired incredulously.

“Yes, and you?”

“Likewise, wishing you were here, with me,”  he sighed.

“Aww, that’s sweet,” she cooed.  “I wish you were here, too.”

“So, Mary and Amara let you get away with your own room, huh?” He inquired.

“Get away with?” She was puzzled by that choice of words.

“They’re not staying in separate rooms, I can guarantee.”  He assured her.

“And how do you know that?” She countered

“Mmmm, I don’t think it requires a doctorate in psychology to figure that one out.  So anyway, what are you wearing?” He asked in a wicked tone.

“Nothing,” She answered in her most seductive voice, “and what about you, Professor?”

“Nothing at all,” he echoed.  “And, I’m touching myself.”

“Oh?” She laughed softly. “Where?”

“I’m lying under my covers, rubbing myself slowly and gently, imagining your naked body.”

        “Oh, Mike, you’re making me hot, and wet,” Jill breathed.  “I’m reaching down to stroke my fingers over my furry lips,” she murmured sounds of pleasure into the phone.

         “Mmm, imagine they’re my fingers making your kitty purr,” Mike instructed in a low voice.           “I’m rubbing up and down along my shaft for you,” he informed her.

         Jill moaned, appreciating the sensual eroticism.  “My fingers slip between my furry lips in search of my elusive clit,” her soft murmurs became short moans, as she stroked the tip of her clit with two fingertips; sending electric pulses coursing through her body.

        “Please continue …” he prompted,  “and please call me that sweet nickname that you and Sarah came up with.  What was it? Dr. Hottie?”

         “I never…” she protested.

         “Are you sure?” he teased.

         “Ok maybe once,” she admitted.

         “Well, now you’re going to call me that for the rest of this little erotic encounter,” he insisted, laughter evident in his voice.  “Now, my dear, where are you touching yourself?”

         “My clit,” she breathed.  “Dr. Hottie.”

         “Did you bring a toy?”

         “No,” she sighed.  There was a hint of exasperation in her voice.  She couldn’t believe she had forgotten something so essential.

         “That’s too bad,” he chided.  “Now, you won’t be able to simulate my penis inside you.  I guess you’ll just have to see what the other ladies can do to help you out.”

         “I have three fingers in me,” she offered.

         “Yes, but that’s not quite the same,” he sighed.  “Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.”

         “I do have quite a vivid imagination, Dr. Hottie.  I’m imagining you, stroking your cock for me, right now, the way you did last night.”

         “I remember.  I’m stroking a bit faster, imagining that tight, wet pussy of yours.”

         Jill moaned again.  “I’m driving three fingers into my hot, wet pussy; wishing they were your fingers, or your big thick cock,”  She cradled her phone between her head and the pillow, “I’m squeezing my heavy breast.  The nipple has poked out as I squeeze, and I move my hand up to pinch it between my finger and thumb.  Imagining they are your fingers.”

      Mike moaned, appreciatively, “I’ve increased the speed of my hand, and the tightness of my grip.  I’d love to have my hands on those mountainous breasts, and to tease those sweet nipples to attention with my mouth; while driving you to the edge with my steel like rod.”

        Jill let out a groan of desire at those provocative words, and added a few of her own,  “I’d sit on that thick rod, and slide my soaked walls up and down its length until you released inside me,”  she released first, moaning into the phone as she bucked her hips into her hand.  “OH! DR. HOTTIE! YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE MY TIGHT WET PUSSY!”

          Mike followed soon after her moaning began.  “JILLIAN, YOUR PUSSY FEELS LIKE A TIGHT WARM WET FIST MASSAGING MY THICK HARD ROD!” 

          Upon their release, they lay in their separate beds, talking to each other.

         “That was really good,” said Mike.  “I hope you enjoyed it, as well.”

         “I did.  But still, it’s not the same as actually being with you.”

         “Well, there’s always Amara and Mary.”

         “Mike!” Jill exclaimed.

         “Oh, come on,” he encouraged.  “You didn’t seem to mind kissing them last night.”

         “You were there with us.”

         “I told you, I give you permission—no, I am giving you an assignment—to experiment, without me being there. All I ask is that you regale me with the details, when you return.”

         “We’ll see what happens,” said Jill, trying to stifle a yawn.

         “Have a good night’s sleep, baby,” Mike whispered softly.

         “You too,” Jill whispered.
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