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Chapter one: Broken Hearts, Quick Decisions.
          Maya rushed towards the end of the hallway, eager to reach the living room. She hadn't seen him in forever and the very thought brought her heart into a fluttering frenzy, her long curly hair bouncing in her wake. She made sure to check her pockets once she slowed down, wanting to make sure she hadn't lost the gift she was going to give to him. It was time she told him how she honestly felt and maybe, just maybe he would feel the same way. Turning the corner, she saw the two men sitting on the couch, waiting for her.
"Hey, long time no see eh?" She said, smiling warmly, trying to calm her nerves. Nick smiled and nodded back, twirling his car keys around his index finger. Sebastian, however, smiled sheepishly, not wanting to meet her gaze. Maya thought it may be that his nerves were as jittery as hers was, so she paid no attention and proceeded to walk over and sit between them.
"Almost ready to go guys?" Nick said, standing up and re-adjusting his shirt. Being a man that for his young age of 20 stood at 6 feet and 7 inches, it was often that he would outgrow his clothing. Maya nodded and stood up, feeling a little silly after just sitting down. Sebastian stood up as well, Maya catching a slight sigh escaping as he exhaled. Something was on his mind.
"Let's get going before the movie starts. We don't want to miss the previous. They're my favorite." Sebastian's sarcasm was a little heavy in that statement. He normally had that witty, sarcastic and snappy sense of humor, but this time it had a different kind of edge to it.

Maya couldn't help but feel something wasn't right. Things seemed to feel off, like there was something she wasn't getting. She played it off, smiling and laughing on the ride up there, and then commenting quietly to the movie since she had seen the first one. For a moment it felt like everything as normal, Sebastian leaning over and taking sips from her cup as well as popcorn from the bag she was holding. For that moment, she felt that it was all going to work out, having to control herself from gazing at him like he was off in the stars.
Sebastian yawned as they pulled up into the drive to Maya's apartment, Maya finishing off her cigarette and stamping it into the ground once she had alighted onto the concrete. He quickly closed the car door, Nick watching as he sat in the car. Maya put her hand in her back pocket and grasped the present gently in her fingers as she looked into Sebastian's blue eyes.
'I didn't know how to tell you this, since I know we haven't spoken in a while," he said, trailing off for a moment causing her heart to race. She bit her lip and began to pull her hang out to show him until he continued. "I've found someone I'm emotionally attached to and feel its something I want to pursue." Maya's heart plummeted, her mind going into complete shock. She hadn't anticipated this, seeing as she had been so in love with him and thought they were just really busy. the gift felt heavy in her hands, as if she was holding onto a lead ball.
"T-That's wonderful!" She said, the words just running out of her mouth as her mind scrambled to catch itself. this couldn't be happening. Sebastian gave her a concerned look, which stressed Maya even more as she grappled to maintain her composure.
"Are you alright Boots?" He asked, extending a hand but she shied away.
"I'm fine Sebastian. Here, I thought you'd like it." Maya grimaced as she handed him the small box in his hand. He opened it up to reveal a silver wolf pendent, one of his favorite animals. He was about to respond when she ran off, heading up towards her apartment almost tripping on the steps a few times. His heart felt heavy in his hands as he suddenly felt the weight of his decision. Nick didn't give off any expression, stating that he had no involvement between Maya and Sebastian's relationship. Sebastian hoped that she understood. Maya always had a knack for bouncing back, and she would find the right guy one day. He just knew it.
With that they both headed home, unaware of Maya's anguished sobs into her pillow.

Two months later Maya looked up at what had used to be her apartment. Most of the furniture she owned had been donated out to local charities or thrift stores, along with clothes she rarely wore and other assorted items. All she had packed into her beaten up red Taurus, was a few suitcases full of clothes, toiletries, and any other personal items, a few boxes with books and important knicknacks, and enough rations to last her to the end of the trip. She took in a deep breath, sliding into the car and steeling herself to relax as she drove over to the leasing office to return her keys. Since she had waited until the end of the lease, her pocket didn't feel the sharp sting of money being lost.
She couldn't stand to be here anymore, too many memories of times she wished she could have held onto. Too many friends that have both helped and hindered, too many relationships that have burnt themselves out and just made bumping into them a nightmare. Oklahoma had been a decent place for her to be in, but Maya had to go. The sooner she was out of here, the better. Without looking back, she hit the highway and headed North, turning up the radio and absentmindedly petting her stuffed bear strapped into the passenger seat. It was time for a new beginning.


Sherifwood wasn't the largest of cities, but for a small town it was easy to get lost in. Maya had such a hard keeping track of where some streets went that she may have circled around the same 7-11 probably 4 times. Having just moved here from Oklahoma had really put a strain on making sure the trip went smoothly, that she was having trouble adjusting. With a sigh, she pulled into the gas station once more and decided it would probably be a good idea to get a soda and ask for where the library stood.
"You're not familiar with this area are you babe?" The cashier asked from behind the counter. She blushed and shook her head.
"I just moved up here, so I'm still having trouble adjusting." She replied, picking up a magazine for a mount about some tragic celebrity love story. He smiled.
"Where'd you move from that brought you all the way up to this tiny place?"
"I moved here from Oklahoma. Needed the sight of tall trees, grass, and snow more than dust, shrubs and well more dust." She said, letting out a light nervous laugh. She wasn't used to this kind of attention and typically avoided it. The man hopped over the counter and leaned up against it.
"Any place you looking for specifically?" He asked. Maya smiled and nodded, her dyed multicolored hair (its colors looking more like a flame fading from red at her crown to blonde at the tips) dancing with every movement.
"I'm looking for the Library. All my books are in boxes and it would be nice to have something to read while I get settled."
He nodded and ran his finger across his chin as if in thought.
"If I remember correctly, you're going to want to go towards the center of town and hang a left. It will be right next to City Hall about two streets down."
Maya smiled and thanked him, making a mental note of his instructions before heading out. As she turned her car on and began backing out, she caught the cashier flash her a smile. Maybe this was a good idea after all.
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