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A young boy discovers the brutality of others
I hid in the girls' bathroom. I did not want them to find me. I knew if they did they would hurt me.They have threatened me in every way; by telephone, computer and in school .

The funny thing is, there are only three of them, and two of them are girls.

My name is Bert Hudson and I am being bullied. I always thought bullies were big overgrown boys that hung around with a group of his peers whom he was the superior one. But, I am finding out how horrible girls can be. True, guys knock you around, but girls, they stab you deep in your heart and soul. And they are relentless.

My friend Jill tells me to talk to my parents or the school counselor, but I don't want to look like some weak person who can't take care of himself. I do worry about Jill, because they have started watching her too. She's tough, but these people are the meanest.

I have asked myself over and over, "Why me." What have I done to them to deserve such meanness ?" I remember the first day of school. All three of them walked over to say hi and welcome me to their school. I thought, how nice. When I got home I decided to make each of them a friendship bracelet.

The next day I searched them out to give each their bracelet. Instead of being happy they seemed to be embarrassed about it. Thus began the horrible sayings on my computer and phone.

What did I do? I was only trying to say Thanks in my own way.
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