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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Fantasy · #1997684
The end of a journey for two men, as they learn about their beginnings.
Leo fell down into the great pit. He soared through the seemingly infinite cavern. He carried no concern, and no fear for his fate.
This pit held no sway over him. Whatever was waiting, whatever he had to fight through would be run through. He had something he needed to reclaim,
and nothing in this burning world would stop him.

Cloud landed in a place that held no warmth for him. This world was his hell, but he was urged forward. An invisible hand guiding him. He knew he
had to keep moving, even if he didn't know why. In the back of his mind his sixth sense moved restlessly, it offered no comfort, and no insight.
The only thing it promised was answers, but how far he would have to go to get them he didn't know. Cloud stepped up to the great golden gates,
and tried to push them open.

Leo stared down into the darkness of the pit, he could feel the bottom rushing up towards him. It wanted to catch him before he landed, trap him
in this world. Leo wasn't going to have that, he was going to teach this world to fear him, right from the first step. Holding out his hand his blade
appeared out of thin air.The blue metal shining in the darkness, as a black smoke curled around it. the edge of the large blade matched the bleakness
of his surroundings. This blade which in all respects should have torn itself apart at the seams felt light, and comforting in his hands. This blade
wasn't just made to kill those that evil and good alone couldn't kill. It was meant to show, that nothing was truly light or dark, that every blade had
both sides to it. That in order to kill there was no right and wrong, no black and white. To kill proved that the shade of grey was the brightest, and
darkest colour out there. Grasping the handle firmly he pointed his old companion towards the ground and closed his eyes.

Cloud pushed on the gates, but they refused to budge. They didn't move or sway in the slightest. It was as if the gate itself ignored his existence.
Cloud glared up at the gates, pushing harder than he did before.. "you would refute me access to my own home? You would deny your own?" Again the gate
did not budge. He took a few steps back. "Heaven itself denies me. If only I could go back to that castle, I think now I could be considered a resident."
With a smirk Cloud moved towards the gate again. He gently placed a hand against it and closed his eyes. "Let me in, after all this time, I have come home."
After moments of silence the gates shudder and slowly split open. Cloud opened his eyes, and stepped inside. "Thank you, I promise I won't return."

With a great heave Leo drew his sword from the ground, causing it to shudder. "It's time to end this nightmare." Leo hefted the sword up onto his shoulder
and began towards the ever burning landscape. In time his sin would have granted him free passage to this world, but Leo had always been impatient,
and he couldn't let this world have any grasp on him. If anything slowed him down, he would fail.... and maybe, he should have.

Cloud looked around the floating city. He saw the residents of heaven in the distance. It reminded him of images of the suburbs in America's 50's.
Every house identical, nothing to mark them apart, and that cold sameness that stopped anyone from being different. Each house held a different person's heaven.
You could leave it if you wanted to, visit the heavens of anyone you cared for, but no one ever did. No one ever left their houses, no one ever visited loved ones.
They were already in the person's heaven. Even if it wasn't the real them the dead cared not. Cloud was always saddened by this. to him, all those
house were just prisons, ones the occupants were happy to be in, but prisons they never, ever left. It took everything real from them, and gave them
what they thought they wanted. Part of Cloud wondered what was truly worse, being tortured for the wrongs you committed, or having everything taken for doing what's
'right'. He took a few steps forward, the world shifted around him. If you knew where you were going heaven took you there. It was the only way to get
around in this infinite place. It was also a way to stop anyone from finding the home of the angels. Cloud stopped in front of one of the houses.
In another place, and another world it had been his. But it had been broken. the ceiling torn apart, the rooms black with dirt. it was the only house
that was different, now it was the same as any other. Cloud sighed, and took a few more steps forward. When he stopped he stood before a giant tower.
one that seemed to have no end, as it stretched higher and higher, like it wanted to climb to some place better than heaven itself. Cloud however,
thought that the tower was like that to say that it was better than heaven. that everything in that tower was the greatest of things, and the true
pinnacle of light. In his memories however, nothing had ever been darker. Pushing the door open Cloud looked to his shoulder, to see if that grey ball was
still by his side.

Leo continued going forward. the landscape was never solid, never silent. It kept making new form, constantly trying to trap Leo within it's depths.
He ignored everything around him, and followed the pull the dragged him forward. He ignored the screams of those being punished for the crimes the committed.
He ignored the demons enjoyment in the punishments, and he ignored just how calm he was in this world. The pull became stronger, the urge to continue more
overpowering. He closed his eyes as he walked. picturing the sapphire necklace, and following it's call. until soon, he found himself at the devil's palace.
The tower castle of burning black, the home of everything that was supposedly wrong with the world, and the cage his prize was locked in. his grip tightened and
he kicked the door open.
Together they stepped through their doors. One can not enter Heaven, or hell unexpected however. A leap, a strike, and a dodge. They rolled out of the
of their attackers. The sword and the axe leaving a mark where the two had been but moments ago. The attack was not random, they knew exactly who
Cloud and Leo were, and they wanted them gone. One way or the other. Neither had a place in these worlds, and the residents were determined to get rid of them.

Cloud held out his hand, and squish quickly slid into it, turning into a sharp, and strong sword. "So that's my welcome? I did hope it would have been a
bit longer before you tried to kill me, but I understand. I also understand, that you are in my way." Cloud felt a twinge of sadness as he readied his sword.
"I will only ask once, please. Can you let me pass, mother?" Avaline stood before him, sword in hand, and wings white as snow, instead of the black they had been
on earth. when on angel or a demon dies on earth, or any resident of their perspective realms they do not die per-say, but they lose their mortal bodies.
The souls are then sent back to either heaven or hell. Depending on why they were on earth, will decide their fate. For Avaline she had to be re-educated,
and un-tainted. She readied her sword, no sign of remembering him in her eyes, or a shred of emotion other then disgust. at him. Cloud dropped his disguise,
and let his wings unfold. If anything hindered him, he would die, and there was no afterlife for those killed there. "Goodbye mother." In a flash
the two shot towards each other, intent on ending this with one blow. Blood dripped from the stained white wing. At the last moment her blade had shifted.
She hit his wing, he hit her heart. Cloud took a step back, and pulled out the sword. the rest of his welcome wagon had arrived, and he just lost
any time he had to mourn. "I warn you now. I have no mercy for those who would raise a sword against me now." Cloud pointed the now crimson blade at them.

Leo Glared at his would-be assailant. "If that is the best you've got,you're not going to live long." Leo pointed the giant rectangular sword at the
demon. The imp hissed at him. "You think I'm alone?" hands came up out of the floor as more and more imps pulled themselves out of the ground. They
all pointed their weapons at Leo. Leo put his sword back on his shoulder. "Whether you come to my blade, or I bring it to you, all of you will die here."
He lifted the sword back up, and vanished. Before the imps even realized he had disappeared, mostly were falling to the ground, clutching lifelessly to various wounds.
When the last imp dropped Leo reappeared in the middle, not a single scratch on him. Again the hands appeared, and more imps came. this time they didn't stop coming.
More and more imps climbing out of the ground. Leo lowered his sword before vanishing again.

Cloud held up the sword, dodging, blocking, and parrying the various strikes that flew at him. He count down soldier after soldier. He slew angel after angel.
The room began to fill with bloodied feathers. Each swing knocking more and more into the air. The started to give up on honor, and stopped coming at him one on one.
they began to attack him in groups, but like the first real battle with Squish, they couldn't hit him. it turned into a shield to protect him, and a sword to slay for him.
One by one the angels fell, until finally they gave up, and backed away from Cloud. They finally realized what it was Cloud was carrying. An angel carrying a mace, and missing
a wing came down the stairs. "We searched far and wide for Michael's sword. Who would have thought it was with you of all people." Gabriel reached
the bottom of the stairs before stopping. "We have killed you many times lost one. No matter what relic you may have, you will simply die again."
Cloud stared at Gabriel, he could only imagine how many times they died. There was a reason heaven was infinite, even though there is a chance one day life will stop.
There is only one heaven. It exists outside of time, it is why people never saw actual angels, or never had real miracles happened. They were busy taking care
of fallen ones like Cloud, or times where Hell had risen. The fact that they were still here proved their strength, not a single person in any timeline
could take out heaven, not a single person one this fight. Yet here he was, holding a lost sword to Heaven's strongest. "I guess we have to kill you one last time,
thank you for returning Michael's sword to us. With it we can go back to cleansing the worlds of every last demon, and half-breed. Including your sister."

Leo swung in mighty arcs, carving countless imps with each pass. He killed all that came near him, slaughtered all in his way, but they just kept coming.
the swaying ocean of red imps, constantly surging towards him. He knew he would be fighting forever if he didn't end this soon. He spun his blade, giving
him a few moments of breathing room. "There is only one reason why this blade stays together, and why there is only one of it. The man who made me what I am,
didn't learn how by practicing on humans. No, he tried to create Mngwa using weapons, and swords. This blade was the only one he succeeded in. Using the
cursed metal to house the demon's soul, and the blessed coating to contain it. He tried his hardest to hide it, even to his grave. I didn't care, when he was gone
I stole the sword. It gave me power, and who knows what else it did to me, but it has stayed by my side. I can only hope there is an afterlife for you. So
all of you can experience true hell, as the price for my sword." He slammed it straight into the ground, and grabbed the handle as tight as he could. "Say goodbye
to the one of a kind, holy-cursed blade." He smirked. "The Lion's Roar." With that he slammed his heel into the middle of the sword, snapping it in half. The
energy contained inside, burst out with a mighty roar, and consumed everything around it. A void darkness covering everything, leaving nothing left in it's wake.
When light finally broke through Leo grabbed the broken hilt of the sword, and made it disappear. Leaving the empty room, he started to walk up the stairs.

Cloud brought the sword to his eye-level. "Shall we fight one last time Gabriel?" The man grinned. "It would be your honor." In a single movement
Gabriel shot forward and knocked the sword out of Cloud's hand. In that same moment he brought the mace down towards Cloud's head. Cloud raised his arms
at the last second to block. He just managed to block it, but not without a sickening crack. He fell back holding his broken arm. The pain to great for him to think.
Gabriel walked up to him, and raised the mace again. Cloud closed his eyes as he heard the mace fall towards him. Instead of the thud he expected, the only
thing he felt was that tug in the back of his head, it was stronger than ever. This time, he let it take control. The mace came down towards Cloud's head.
His eyes were closed, and he showed no sign of fighting back. Right when the mace should have hit him however, it only hit thin air. Cloud rolled out of the way,
grabbed the sword and brought it around in a quick spin. When Cloud opened his eyes, Gabriel was on the ground, dead. Squish turned back into the ball before sliding
down his arm, and turning into a cast. It held the bone in place while he walked. He headed towards the stairs. Without Gabriel's protection the world could take him where he
wanted to go. Cloud soon came to two large brass doors, with gold trimming the edges. a huge lock in the shape of the sun was in the middle of the doors,
with chains spider webbing their way out from it. Cloud took Squish off of his arm, and tossed it at the lock. Squish turned into a key, and slid straight into the lock.
The lock gone, Cloud left Squish there, and stepped into God's chamber.

Leo slammed open the door, and walked right up to the throne. He stopped, and stared right at Slade. "Where is she?" It was a simply question, but one
Leo knew wouldn't be answered. Slade stared at him. "So those are the first words you say to me. You come all the way here, break into my house.
kill my people, and knock down my front door, and yet you ask me about some wench?" Slade stood up, and took a few steps toward Leo. "Tell you what,
You've heard of my 'deals' So here's one for you. Beat me in a one on one fight, and I will tell you what happened to her." You could practically hear
Slade's grin from the words he said. Leo came this far, and Slade was handing him the thing he wanted second most. "Fine, let's go." He immediately slammed his fist
into Slade's mask. Slade spun back, and came to a stop. "Now, now for the good guy, wasn't that a bit of a cheap shot?" Slade dashed towards Leo, and
kicked him in the chest, sending him flying backwards. Leo slammed one hand to the ground, and grapsed at it to stop him self. He charged towards Slade.
They traded blow after blow with each other. Both must have had such extreme hatred for the other. It no longer was a contest of skill, but a last man standing.
they just kept hitting each other, punching, and getting hit. Not caring how many times they were hit, only caring about hitting the other again.
The kept swinging, kept trading blow after blow, punch after punch until finally Leo grabbed the back of Slade's head. He brought him straight to the ground.
Leo filled his arm with more hatred he knew he had. He put his entire being into this one swing, as he slammed Slade's head into the ground. Leo took
a few steps back and stared at Slade. Slade slowly got up, and walked over to his throne, he slumped down in the throne, and turned to Leo. The
mask had a large crack down the middle of it, and with a snap the mask split, and fell off. He would have looked like a normal person, and maybe
have even been handsome, if most of his face hadn't been burned with what looked like a palm print, as if a flaming hand had grabbed his face.
Slade coughed up some blood, before looking at Leo. "Y-you win, I'll tell you what happened to the girl. Though your going to regret it." Slade
pulled out a small sapphire necklace. Leo stared at it before everything went dark.

Cloud stepped into the room, and looked around the surprisingly bleak room. the only thing there was a gold throne. Cloud took a step towards it
before he stopped. There was a huge pain in his head, and before he knew it, a pain in his chest soon followed. He looked down to see a spear sticking
out of his chest and pining him to the spot. The grey colour gave away what it was. Cloud tried to move but it was in vain. He struggled, but nothing came of it.
He stared at the throne before his head started hurting, and he blacked out.

"I don't know if I can take this. No matter what I try the people still suffer, Hell still tries to rise up. In this cage I can't change a thing."
He stared at the list of the new born and their respective parents. There was one child listed however who had no parents, Cloud Storm. The son of
two Archangels who died in the last assault from Hell. According to the report the child had been scarred, and left as a husk. It currently had no soul.
"This could be my way out, a chance to actually help the people." The man demanded to his attendants that they retrieve the child, and bring the boy to him.
When the child was brought to him, he could see that the child had lost anything considered a soul. It's didn't move, if it wasn't breathing you
wouldn't have known it was alive. Putting his hand to the infant he transferred a small portion of his soul to the child. "When you grow older, you will have a destiny beyond that you could imagine."
With that he sent the boy away. There were things he would need to do in order for him to escape. That boy would need a life, one that would allow him out of Heaven.
For that a lot would need to be changed. The man felt saddened by what he had to do. If the boy ever had his own life, It would not be real.
Since he touched the child he could still affect him. The child would need parents, and a reason out of heaven. Taking his power, the man did what he had not done for a very long time.
He created life, and an angel he called Avaline. The boy still needed a father, and a reason out of heaven. The two would have to intertwine.
He looked at the list of known demons. He stopped at one called Slade. A fallen angel turned into a demon. He had no standing, but he was strong.
He could protect the boy if the angels came for him. The man closed his eyes. for now this would have to do, in a few years he would be able to take control of the child.
There were a few more things he had to do before he could let the child go. Now that he had given it life he did not want to talk it away. Even if he only watched from the child's eyes it would be enough.

After a few years had passed the Outcast from Heaven was sent on a mission, no one knew why the boy had been chosen, but they knew better than to ask.
Later the boy would try to remember what had happened when he first arrived, only to have it filled with a large gap he couldn't even faintly remember.
When the boy arrived on Earth control of his life was taken away. The man went off to find Slade. Slade had been spending his time in Detroit, conning any fool who passed him.
The man followed Slade for a long time, until he found a moment when Slade was alone, and exposed. Grabbing the man's face, he began to re-write the demons very existence.
He gave the demon more ambition, more power, and more sins. He created acts that had never been caused, and a child that had never been born.
When it later turned out the demon had, had a daughter the man went and killed the girl. This act was the only thing the boy had remembered.
He had thought he had been told to kill her, and had no choice. The man spent much more time in the boys body, making sure everything was set for the child's life.
When the time finally came he summoned Cloud to his room. He put his hand to the boys head. "Your mother is dead, your father Slade, a demon who has become the king of hell
killed her. As you are his son, there is no place for you here. As long as he lives, you are exiled." With a blinding light, the man was gone.
The boy did not know where he went, nor did he ever find out, but that from that point on the boy always had a sixth sense, protecting him.
He didn't remember leaving Heaven after that. As the man walked out of the chamber someone came to stop him. "Sir you know you can't leave, we need you."
The man looked at the loyal angel. "Michael You are my favorite son, step out of the way, before I move you." Michael stood in his spot.
"Sir, if you leave and something happens to you, everything is lost. everyone is lost!." He drew his sword out. "I apologize for my impudence."
Michael was slain in an instant. The man picked up the sword, and headed for the exit. As he stepped through the gate, he gave control back to the boy.
In the following confusion the boy dropped the sword, losing it for a long time, as it found it's way into the hands of an ancient elven king.
The boy lived in exile for a long time after that, until he stumbled upon a castle in the woods.
© Copyright 2014 Usagibomber (veraxsus at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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