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I have a lucky rabbit foot
  Or Din suckled placidly on a cigar and for a few seconds gazed without answering
  the agitated homicide detective. "Are you sure this is Lui ? Who ate his face?"
  Din queried as he flicked the ashes of his cigar. "Yeah. And he's under your truck!
  Why is that Or Din?" detective Timberland was not a patient man. Or rubbed the
  back of his neck. "I guess he crawled under there."

  "He's a drug pusher. Your neighbor said you warned him not to show his face
  on your street. Does that sound suspicious?" The detective pulled out his handcuffs.
  "Hey-hey.. Take it easy. I'm a law abiding citizen. I swear I don't know why this
  creeps dead under my truck. Maybe it's a mob thing?" Or Din's answer was less than
  what the detective wanted. He handcuffed him. The detective locked the house up.
  He observed Or Din's key chain had a circle with an upside triangle.
  "Are you a gay?" he asked waving the key chain at him.  "Just a ban. I got it
  at a concert.. I forget the name." Or Din shrugged and sat in the back
  of the squad car.

  Erin liked her jog . It was a beautiful day. The wind rustled the leaves threw the
  cemetery .. Erin felt a heavy premonition upon her. She stopped to check her
  cell phone. There were no messages. She looked up at a carved oak ~
  a circle with an upside down triangle. The carved oak was the end of her journey.
  A trumpet sounded and a flash of light enveloped her. Erin could feel herself
  float above the cemetery. .. "Is this the rapture?" Erin asked the man carrying her.
  He gently placed her on a floating air ship. His wings were like a jet pack.

  He removed them and walked over to other people working on the ship.
  "Ah, it's cold. Does anyone have a sweater?" Erin asked. The man approached
  with a blue sweat shirt and handed it to her.  It had an emblem ~ a circle with an upside
  down triangle. .. "You are a bride of the Son's of God," he said and led her to her

  Kirsten Dunst had been dancing all night. She relished her bubble bath.
  The singer was drunk and had vomited on stage. But, they finished their set.
  It was a long night. Sleep would be only minutes away. A flash of light lit up the window.
  Everything blew apart. Kirsten ducked under the water as her whirlpool went air born.
  There was a moment of weightlessness as she flew into the parking lot in her tub.
  The tub spun to a stop against a Toyota pickup. Kirsten stumbled from her tub and
  beheld a massive blaze where her condo was.

  "Lady! Put on my coat." an elderly man said. He was wearing a blue Adidas jacket.
  Kirsten trembled as she walked to her Honda. She kept a spare key in a magnetic box
  under the bumper...  sirens were approaching . She quickly, locked the
  car and drove away. There was a pair of jeans and a white concert t-shirt on the back seat.
  The emblem on the t-shirt was a circle with an upside down triangle. She would be sleeping
  with Stephanie tonight. The singer that had puked on stage.

  Reflections: Who can know their destiny?
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