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a new idea for adam note arkayas installment three
  (don’t take this as a upright single story this is a small collage of story

segment 7 augmented reality

When I was a  health inspector I was a mess same as always but this seemed even more arbitrarily towards a person I get the idea of rhythm but this was an opening I couldn’t refuse lets back up a bit to when I first saw her

It was like any life sucking day as a health inspector you know the jist I come in scan around every crevice of the food establishment praying for a rodent or bug infestation those would be rare what I do find though unsanitary pieces of filth all around areas sometimes the janitors lazily sweep to a corner and the manager too cocky to care think they would get a warning before I arrive.

I don’t work that way I come around like a surprise drug test that would fire you on the spot if a sliver amount of whatever illegal substance they have out there enters you. Yep, this is the good life rhythmic but good

As the day draws to a close I was on my way to a gold mine in the form of blackmail for an honest buck of course. The food is garbage the floor is filled with god knows what but that’s not the attraction as is all this type of place the attraction are the bulimic purgers, diet pill abusers implant induced back pain which requires indescribable amount of pain pills yep the slum of the city of carnon named after the first brothel in this armpit of a town those who seek thrills go elsewhere but those who just want a person named brown sugar yum yum or frosted queen etc rubbing over their drink and smoke scented body moving on gave the author a mental image that’s gonna swim for a while

Most of the time I go towards the manager for payment because he sure a hell knows its not good to have a place like this running at this condition the poles are the only thing from having this hole in the ground cave in. as I went toward the doors of the managers office clipboard in hand waiting for my next payments all of a sudden I spot her god what the hell am I saying shes not a dancer moreover a kind form of anything she reveals herself a darkling searching for a place to go the manager steps out of his fat cat room wearing a black buttoned down tux alligator boots and several nonsensical attires with the scent of a man bathed in manure “crap he knew I was coming”

“well howdy do slick bastard  I see you looking at my new girl ill give her to you as payment if you go on your howdy dudly foopen mary way and not come back though she creeps the hell out of me plus gets me no money so I’ll give you a discount two years not a peep from you, ya hear.”

I look at her top down

“sweet catch why does she creep you out while all the stories say you like the strange she doesn't seem strange either way.”

“you’ll find out any way do we have a deal or are you trying my patients!.”

I look at the bargain chip I know what will happen if I say no the pretty tanned face will be a new addition to the sea of mystery on the floor on the other hand what's so devilish about her that scares even this slum city of circus enthusiasts. Maybe its because shes more than human in some way

“WELL!, what is it going to be hmm?”

He holds his famous bandage covered hand out the bandage is a cover for a hidden poisonous needle

“deal, but can I shake the other hand.”

Hahahahaha,you learn quick fine no hand shake take her and get the hell out bundy gein daumer get these saps out no injuries please we go way back ok.”

As the lumbering trio of resurrected murderers approach us I grab my pays arm she strangely followed without hesitation I didn’t realize she was in bare skin with only a thong covering her I respond by taking of my old camo flak jacket asked her to try it on I didn’t want to force her she complied without making a sound.she stared me in the eye as the overused beaten sleeves started covering the silky arms and buttoning over (sorry for this) gotta be fake bust

“do you need anything miss”

No answer just a stare with a blank smile I attempted to fight up a conversation using languages that are slim to nil in my mind nothing sign language included “are you ok can you speak.” I take out the clipboard and pen this is a weird study that worked I wrote my name on the top corner a couple lines down I write “your name”?____ handed the sheet to her I point to her, then taped the clipboard. It worked turns out she understood too much she wrote a timeline from twenty years ago to now she live through hell had a brush with death twice, abusive childhood the list goes on through the abuse with her whole family  that strangely was crazy cthulhu fanatics. As I read the small memoir catalog I get this aching feeling that shes not from this world

“who are you? I know you understand me can you talk go like this for yes(tilt head up and down) this for no(shake head side to side)do you understand me” a smile forms in the fullness of blood red glossed lips and a forward motion. Yes a nod

“do you speak at all, because this wont help conversations if we have to write to eachother.”

She moves her lips to make a sound

“Iiii’mmm aaassooka d-d-do you tr-trust me?” I nod questioning her self integrity.

Where are we going? She asked tilting her head. Her dark ocean blue hair covers her shoulder

“you can come if you want but i'm going back to my shithole of a home in this god forsaken place.”

I wanna come to!” she yelled to put it gently she ordered my eyes widened I haven’t expected this crazy skinny bitch order me around “look, ahh this has been fun but I work alone  no one wants to deal with a health inspector not to mention a demon one anyway the reason I got you for payment was so I don’t find you in a ditch with multiple holes in your head and torso so thank me later right now I would like to drink a brewski curl up in bed and sleep”

When I started to walk away I heard a cracking sound, as though it was a wip I turn around the barely dressed girl wrapping the five tethered rope bundle “hu, hu, hu, im going  with you and that’s that i'm  quick with my family's cursed five whip tail if you decline i'll have no choice but to force you to comply.”

Im shocked!, what will happen if I win huh you look strong except for one characteristic you're too young to have experience in a fight.”

“lets begin,! Im tired of talk draw your weapon and fight me.i know were more connected than stated.”

I let out a sigh and thought to myself what happened to get me to this point I clenched my fists  ready to unsheathe my two trusty telekinetically linked cursed  blades I call blades of judgment but I would sacrifice a portion of my sanity

Well wanna reconcile this or should we fight she shouted while the obscure crowd circles around us. Beady eyes puncture hole in my mind should I fight should I run I don’t want to lose my job for something this degrading  I saved this girls life from the three murderers isn’t that enough now either I allow her to be my roomy or beat the crap out of her leaving her on the side of the road. I clenched my hand. If I utter those two words, then I have no choice. But I chose the easy way out. Unclenching my hands “lets talk ok, I don’t want to make it a big deal,besides you're my last payment from that bugeyed has been, so how be it.”

She flashed me that same smile when I first saw her damn shes beautiful a nine at least but hell, she got drawn faster to me than anyone in this circus sideshow of a city

“well are you going to come with me or not”

“hmm ok himako i'm ready.” She says recalling her signature weapon. Stepping towards me still in caution mode her steps slowing, every foot closer to a stop just within reaching distance gazing at her was like staring into the eyes of aphrodite “lets go”

I grabbed her arm the same way as when we first met. She complied by grasping even twice as hard I unsheathed one of my demonic swords gripping the handle keeping my wrist turned to somewhat ninety degrees ready to break through the crowd by cutting a path through the sad SOBs

They noticed the demented face I force out to scare them. Strangely, it worked the street varmints cleared out like roaches startled by light though this location surprises me with attacks occasionally I lead the girl asoka to a vehicle

I know how to hotwire cars. Can I try?”

I look at her with an intrigued expression. “if you insist, go ahead and try.” I watch as she tinkered with the outdated vehicle  we entered  not as easy as it seems is it” I let a chuckle when she got the right shock I jolted she snickered and asks “do you want to drive or should I? your enraged, that’s not good on the road.”

I say “hmm its your choice, you started the engine anyway”

She jumps proudly but strangely sits in the passenger seat she then unbuttoned  the jacket. I attempt to keep my eyes on the road but when a hand reaches for my hand still holding the wheel released then pull towards the jacket then in between full globes I jerk my hand back angrily

What are you doing you crazy bitch im not a client i'm the one who saved your ass from a facefull of bullets. I  can't imagine what they would do later after post mortem on the papers they'd say it was an act of god for your death. She covers her chest as she butions the jacket again

Thanks for being a hero I sigh with the small idea of if I left her to get shot to oblivion her life and her fate would make no big difference to me now that I think of it bout damn something about her stood out to me in the shitheap she began to work in Carnon strip club from a brothel to a tity bar I say to her

“don’t mention it literally don’t my choice allowed you to live probably forcing me to protect your sorry glitter covered ass well this whole thing has been fun and all but i'm where I want to be if you want to come in to sleep for the night it doesn’t matter to me but I better not see you in the morning I have to go to the south district for the weekly fighting club get some extra cash flow understand”

she nods and gets out of the beat down vehicle meeting my eyes she lips something I didn’t understand. Is this chick my new roommate after the last one died of reasons I don’t even know but moving on to this putrid stench rat infested molded up piece of shit of a home that is my home hmm

I shut the door to the junker walked towards the cracked open dented and scratched to oblivion with walls of dark dried red blood this is but a small bit of madness drawn to my home those who protest to fight me will have a place on the wall of forgotten souls so enough about the small stuff as I enter the warsaw that’s what I call my home im greeted with the same girl that I saved then I realized she wishes to thank me now. Woah that’s the first  she digs her claws or nails in me and throughout the night we praise with moans and groans of ecstasy (enough said (no comment from the peanut gallery, good) well toon in next time

To be continued

As the screams of the pests outside in this world you can't let your guard down or your eyes will be plucked out like a juicy grape from the vine and well you get the picture sadists cannibals devouring the plump raw meat from a left over carcass from one dibshit that let their guard down yes I live in hell and the one beside me is a temptress or demon of lust

as the oven hot climate roasts us in summer and freezes us in the winter yep even in hell there’s a weather change the big man decided that of the turn of the century because we got to use to the heat so he had to think of a different way of torture and what are they priests rabbis and all those people that sell the word of god don’t get the story right the screams of agony are justs from the rookies or newcomers daily but not every day just like in those cells of something called prison the newcomer of a small crime screams like a bitch in heat but you get used to the pain you live here for eternity might as well make the most of it

hell is a game preserver or at least my district ,kill or be killed or starve you need to eat meat and hell isn’t much of a five star dinner where I died at so flesh will have to do all the needs of being human stays here all I can say cleanliness is low on the totem pole or pray to the devil you don’t drop the rat carcass in these places a rat carcass is the cleanest thing in the land if you have a blood soaked rat as a soap you are depicted as a king of the clan

as I was saying hell is a game preserver those who die must pay a toll to be on the top of the food chain you need a gang to command a truce to uphold and never backstab or challenge the big man on the lower wings my clan focuses mainly of strength and intellect equally but lets get to the point of when I awaken in the scorching oven hot realm on my shack of death

section 7.5 the initiation

As I open my eyes I smell a sweet smell of sobering perfume but was abruptly shocked from a jolting pain from what seems of a rusted up blade and sure enough the rat was stolen What a crazy bitch I leak out an ounce of trust and she uses it to her advantage to get a free steal haHa HAHAHAH what does she take me for some kind of coward that won't attempt to get even she has another thing coming for taunting me like this” I stand with the aching spattered bloody butchers knife implanted on my torso and walk to the engineering bay where my clan resides at which is full of machinery I was greeted by a burly scared face waving hello as he saws jagged slices in a new coming soul or resident in this hellish kingdom

He says in a old mercenary tone welcome back boss there was a slight problem with a trespasser but we handled it and damn that girl knows how to fight killing several guards but in this place they'll be back in no time we await your orders sir

Understood carry on” I reply as the burly warrior continues to beat the newcomers senseless to introduce them to our realm I walk to the room we like to call the initiation room she is now the new team member but there a small task to complete I have no choice this time I must fight her I clench my fists and muttered the two simple words

Blade arm within a blink of an eye blades pierce out of my shoulder these are my ancestral weapon two seemingly normal swords but take a closer look nanites each cut releases a living venom searching for any vital portion of a simple demon devouring every little piece making the healthy demon angel or human nothing but simply dust the voices are back piss poor figments wanting to devour everything and anything their sight sanity I weakened with every minute I spend with them out arms shaking in pain I force myself to enter I automatically catch the eyes of her still wearing my flak jacket she opens her mouth drawing her taloned whip she knew we had to do this she prepared herself for the fight

The voices increased in rage and demented screams started to focus on irritating the hell out of me daaammmnnn ittttt alllllll sanity was gone all I saw was blood to be spilt clenching my fists in blunt rage I charged all those around me didn’t matter my target was her my sane side focused on the girl knowing it would satisfy the beast within its empty soul the rest was a blur and all I remember was the blood spilt was it hers mine others if it was the others I would lose more trust of my squad

I opened my eyes seeing the five taloned whip dangling a foot above my head coughing in pain the blades retracted to my torso or in other words impaled dissolving in the slices and stab wounds in order to regenerate its strength looking back up at the whip a softened voice said calmly “the voices will cease to exist you will gain total control of your weapon soon you can thank me later but not the way I thanked you and also i'll join your squad we are connected not as allies ill explain later for now rest” with that my eyes limped sealed

In hell I should sure as hell tell you we have no dreams nothing but a fucken blank abyss. To blind the mind even no sound nothing. Its more lonely and tortuous sleeping then it even is in the the place we reside in called hell but it lasts twice as long as a normal rest

I open my eyes again it takes a few seconds to realize i'm laying on my soiled bed in my shack  I jolt up only to realize that  would hurt to stand “uuuuhhhh is anyone in here shit.” I look at my arm astonished to see the blade arms connected there as one of legends infamous warriors himako they used to say about the legends of what he did for his team

I start limping towards the outside door when I was welcomed by five crows screeching same as a hen at dawn followed by a smack on the face by a red painted hand i jolt in pain and yell “hey what the hell was that floor.” In front of was that god damn same chick from before only this time giving that same smile from when we first met I shudder at the thought that we consolidated a love pact “OK OK, what did I do this time”

she only responds with a twitch of the neck signaling something of importance to check out then continued to feast on a fresh kill blood pouring out as she chews on the chunks of Flesh ripped from the sad decrepant corpse of what was and will be again a forgotten child dropped off in a dumpster on prom night (get the joke) I walk quietly knowing if I disturb her again she’ll lash out like a savage dog with an unquenchable hunger for flesh but that’s all of us in this realm I grab the ripped paper which in this world is a torn piece of skin written with the blood of the writer it says well states

May I stay? You choose yes? Or no? results may vary”

As I turn around I leap back falling on my ass she was standing a foot in front of me tilting her head with a blank expression. with molded over blood with meat chunks half eaten between her jaws she's planning to feed me or spit the meat out like a spitball filled with chunky red pieces.

She kneels down getting her face closer to my ear and whispers “may I stay? Its up to you…” with that she sighs and returns to the nearly finished meal with only the brain left we consider the brain a dessert among all the pieces and delicacies

I looked at my arms the blades still intact but the voices are gone damn was this bitch the one who made  them stop I manage to lean to my knees and lock in position still in pain from the knife wound I finally take out the knife but it was a bad mistake gushing cups of undigested meat and blood emptied out spewing onto the floor coughing up black liquid hacked of my severed torso out all she does is watch as a single agonizing scream escapes my mouth

sadness crept in something I haven't felt in ages she then stands summoning the tethered whip crying is a mockery in hell if any tear even extrudes from the eyes its punishable by death of course resurrection would always come after that what eternity is you live at the age you died for eternity yet you can die but not forever

I prepare for the final slash closing my eyes the tears stopped instantaneously nothing  not a crack of a whip not the  screams of agony, sadistic laughter of the damned not a sound was heard as I took in a gulp I say but not here “you may stay.” Within a minute I feel my adams apple fling out like a walnut fired out of a slingshot to the right I open my eyes for the final second seeing her reveal a smile which is a sin here also but not death just soul binding contract and I realize the initiation is over she’s with us now a new member (ill introduce the members when I get there ok)

(section 8)

The crew

Here I am again the one thousandth time. The simple blank abyss of recovery sad thing is I get to used to the calm aspects this reality was instated ages ago as a torture device which enabled distilled madness genes connectors straight into the soul after the body dies the soul goes to hell that idea was god damn nonsense

even a baby can figure out that’s going to be a bad idea well it was but I didn’t realize until I ended my real groggy tormented physical life when I entered hells chambers that when the side effects came in nausea hacking blood cells  piece by piece as if molding into a demon was second nature for the serum to protect its own creation its creator rejected all allegations so no one could speak a word at least at death the demon can rise

moving on

i open my eyes as usual i check my vital signs to see if i'm even kicking hell has a trick to make you think you've been resurrected but actually your just a floating head that has to search for your decapitated body thats more of as joke then a torment as bad as the joke is its really freaky to be a levitating head with a shadow body it does feel like your own but without one characteristic no pulse

see in hell your soul is your body. consider your human body an anatomical clone and the soul wants to see what its like in a real world so thats its vacation time. kind of figures doesn’t it, leave one hell to enter another. that what forms skin pigments for (and don't take this into offence) when your body is charged in hell the devil just acts as a activation to the vacation home thats where race comes in on earth if you think of it in this story and whatever the rules apply in the vacation realm pain will insure for anyone.

but in those terms you live a real life a life cycle from birth to adolescence to adult to middle age i don't need to say the other few or go back i'm sure you know what i'm getting at  but when you die you just end up back in your body placed from the middle ages but the name changes to that what your vacation or your earthling name was. so i feel sorry for someone named after a icon that was known for cowardice reasons  they would taunt you just as they would on earth or vacation spot but anyway

i found my pulse and sighed with relief and thought out loud “good this isnt a joke” i then stood up with a welcoming sound of screams and laughter of the residence and neighbors when i reached the living which the main attraction of all the homes of the torture chamber which always has a new face.

i even got to meet ahh what the devil was her name hannah cyrus something along those means damn she had a track record a mile and a half long i'm surprised that i the vacation life i at that time had ended before this chicks so i decided to go with the old fashioned guillotine only this guillotine was fashioned by the manager of this place himself.

the trial is start low and go up the the midsection slicing by the foot then the knee then inches from the pelvic line so the next is the arm starting with the hand and so forth cut into thirds let the victim scream the pain away before actually ending the job with the humane purpose the vacation place did yep the head ending a newly brought inmate  and welcoming the person back to their real home

this time i was welcomed by the fucken chick from before standing in front of some kind of contraption. i stayed still and think in my head with smirk “is this a joke is she new...” but i paused thinking when i saw a human cage with cuffs of spikes and realized the big man has bestowed upon me another birthday gift im damn well lucky i gained a female teammate. 

otherwise i would suffer from a random encounter that is either a good bad or a damn right fowl not all residents are humans there are also other worlds in the universe. any way after a day and night of well dungeon style rough sex i thought to myself  damn she has some moves. but of course ending the session had a price for a gift like this.

a  dual suicide was demanded and  i was damn well satisfied of what transpired tonight  that i was damn well accepting the final step.  we started walking towards the cabinet of arsonal the bigman decided for us  we can't use our normal weapons so these were the best to use taking out a old japanese cutting tool that was used for samurai idea of  ritualistic suicide.

if you don't know the trial was called seppuku we stood next to each other still breathing heavily. still smiling at eachother i thought to myself good she enjoyed the night also im damn surprised. we then flipped the blade downwards we said to each other :see you later”

then at the same time and within a few seconds we dove the blade into our abdomen severing an opening and with a simultaneous sideways tug we increased the opening as blood and intestines  has fleeted from out torso like a smashed open fish bowl with ells and water mainly and a few jellyfish we fell to our knees and that was that satisfying day of celebration it was of course my middle age birthday in 300 somthing BC i had too many to keep track of and yet this day is the only one celebrated then we closed our eyes to enter the blank abyss

in the next few days lifes gone by our crew went their separate ways with an exception of five two men two women and a little girl plus me the leader three of the five i can't tell who they are they state their names in a cliche military tone as was my orders on several lives back the one women i can't remember thinks i'm under a spell referencing her name as jennifer and continuing to say she brought me here on my own terms stating also that i killed two of the five people with an exception of one ending its own life even with my continues arguments to get lost she intends to follow saying she agreed to be with me for an eternity

i get that lucifer totals with the minds of the residents and accepting she was telling the truth and agreed for her to stay asking her to attempt to jog my past memory which is only residing in a reptilian brain of mine she agreed to try but she was afraid of what it would do to my mind i nodded several times every time she sees me she grasps my torso as if we were a fucken couple but i play in this babes game probably able to get in her pants quicker that way (just remember an idea of the devil changing the perspective of his residents)

the third addition is another that accepts to stay with me for eternity saying we were best friends in a past live long long ago i again ask him to show how he was linked to me in some way he says “hell why not. i dont have much to show that i dont regret. because you knew so much in that, life and perhaps it will help jog a memory of the pale jet black haired girl in a torn red dress. but me saying the name won't matter either.” he says to give him a while to find an item that won't fully give an answer but will lead to a big hint

the fourth squadmate seems to have a large grudge against me that is not afraid for cussing me out to my face im guessing this one had qualms with me he says he was my brother he called himself john arkayas and he seem to be ballsy so i guess he has no reason to lie considering he continuously refers to me as twisted fucken brother  enough said all i remembered him as would have been a man without feelings same as me but it seems in an earlier life i had a soft side to people as said from the girl named jenniffer and a man named jacob

the final ally isn't really a help considering she only stares at me with a scared expression mumbling shit about a savior  of souls and some invisible bitch she called mother some saint praying upwards but always gets a boot to the head from me if i hear a word of anything of this fucken mother crap those words meane little to me as we are in hell we  can't pray to the flaming sky ill give her credit for keeping even a shred of hope but other then that all in all she only is as useful as a sack of shit.

thats the gang in a nutshell some loyal sapps well i'm grateful for what i get and recently every time i pass jennifer in the hallways of our section of the sector i get a strange small voice saying jennifer my beloved but ends after i say hello to the fridge of brewskies then the voice subsides but i'm starting to feel a connection a small but growing burning sensation where my heart is it even seems as though asoka heard of jennifer from her father and even starts a conversation as my bloodshot eyes stare in the distance to the destruction and the death through the security cameras they want me to remember them before we leave the door to the fighting ring

one night as i sleep i was awoken by that strange second chick that wears the red dress that she torn even more than it already was I lift my head grinding my teeth in rage and interest alike i say i s half asleep tone “and what do you want jen can i call you that if a past life only called you jennifer that would be a tongue twister so what do you want” i guess i bruised a nerve for after i was done she locked the door and swallowed the key and the doors indestructible i jolt awake with a feeling of madness entering the central receptors  of feelings  i scream in rage and say “what the hell is the deal with you you better puke that key back up your throat or ill rip it out

she responds by saying its your choice adam for i remember you as adam this its the the kink that broke the ice to open up the spirit buried deep beneath your soulless shell fight me if you so desire.

then silence for a second as i summon the blades of judgment but her only response is a darting speed to the bathroom and diving into the bath whats the hell is wrong with her  i thought as i go berserk in the room slowly approaching the bath chambers tearing the place asunder  hearting a banging sound on the door of the others attempting to enter to see whats happening im guessing as i broken through the rusted brown hinges flinging the door to the toilet all she did was sit with a blank expression

within a few seconds i impale the blades of judgment through her torso blood draining out to form a bathtub full of blood with her last moments she grabbed me by the neck bringing me to her ear and whispering “its only a shell adam yooouuu caannn fiiiiight iiiii---tt i'll see you later my love

with that the chick named jennifer has faded to the blank abyss

(section 8.7) what resides underneath the soulless shell

  what in the hell. what was this bitch on damn well i have to get the key somehow even if shes dead that was when i heard that damn voice again only this time it was behind me i jolt of fear and anger lifting my fists ready to kill whoever it was i looked around and saw nothing only the massive destruction that i formed

and within  a minute of silence i turned around to retrieve the key but wait a minute my arms shaking oh shit i then grasp the possesed arm that  is attempting to grasp my neck “what the fuck is going on i thought to myself as the arm increases its strength i started to hear a voice during the struggle with myself

“get out of my body you demon” it was the voice only screaming the words get out of my body let me free” i grasped the arm pushing with everything my body can send and yet it seems as though whatever or whoever the voice was coming from strength was lessening from me and granted to the segment within my body  now a hand away from grasping my face it wasnt trying to kill  me it was trying to take control back i then realize i'm not the sole possessor of this body the adrenaline induced body was his the voice in my head i'm an invader still not accepting the idea of leaving i say “you fuck you don't deserve this body its mine now you  piece of cowardly shit go back to where you belong”

“let me back aHHHHHHHH” agonizingly loud scream was increasing the same that when the voices that irritated me but he even grew stronger as he was an inch away from the head impossible this was the death hand it was lighting up ready to scorch my bodies life my host would take back what was his a spike pierced through the hand and yet it wasn't a spike it was the blade of death one of the two blades

“ahhhhhhh. son of a god damn bitch” the life was fading i could feel as my body was exterminating me. like i'm some parasitic invader. no i won't let this happen this is my property now.

after several minutes i was drained of what little control i had my last defence was my thumb trying to climb up the torn shirt i was wearing  this was my body, my keep, my thumb started suffering a severe numbness falling to the ground after i knew it i was back to where i started within the bag of tricks of his hienes lucifer he replied but shoving me down to the seventh circle of hell for traitors

“well congrats again adam i'm still impressed i guess im going to have to  try something even harder but you get a break for now at least consider it a token of admiration but before that how bout a visit from akosas pimp and his three bodyguards hahahahahah well on we go.
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