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Two friends are reunited where they first met agree to form a more intimate bond.
Nine Years Later

Jenn and Matt sat across from each other in a hotel restaurant, enjoying their first meal together after nine years of separation. They returned to the guide dog school where they first met, to be paired with new dogs. They eyed each other hopefully over the table, wondering who would make the first move. They spent the last nine years pining for each other, and it seemed fate provided them a second chance. After the meal and an hour-long lecture about the rules, the students were dismissed to settle in.

Matt and Jenn headed back to their rooms; she acted as a sighted guide for him. She put him on her left to avoid running him into anything. When Matt finished unpacking, he slid his hand along the wall until he found the adjoining door leading to Jenn’s room. He opened it and tapped out a rhythm on the door to her side, leaving off the last two beats, in the hope that she would answer. His heart fist pumped the air at the light response from the other side. He listened eagerly as the deadbolt on her side clicked over and the door opened.

“Hey there!” He smiled, “done unpacking?”

“Yes,” she answered, “I was just going to settle in to watch something on TV.”

“Want to settle in over here and we can watch something together?”

“I don’t know.” Jenn rubbed her arms nervously. “We’re not supposed to be in each other’s rooms.”

“Oh, come on,” he coaxed, “we’re both consenting adults and we don’t have dogs yet.”

Jenn looked back over her shoulder at her empty room. She was waiting for either her phone to ring, or someone to knock on her door and spoil the moment. When nothing happened, she stepped through the adjoining doors, into his room.

Matt scooped her into his arms and tumbled onto the bed, Jenn giggling beneath him. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers. As her lips parted in a gasp of surprise, his tongue slipped in, searching for hers. He tangled his fingers in her short hair and deepened the kiss. She moaned softly, pulling her mouth away.

“We shouldn’t,” she protested, “we could get in trouble.”

“Only if we’re caught,” he assured her. “Please, honey, I’ve been looking forward to this since I found out we’d be in class together. It was a stroke of luck that we ended up having adjoining rooms.”

“I know,” Jenn agreed, “but …”

He silenced her with another kiss. She pulled him close as he kissed and caressed her. His hands caressed her heavy breasts, massaging her nipples through her cotton top. He pulled his mouth away to speak, moving so that he was on top of her.

“I want you so much.”

“And I want you,” she agreed. “So, yes, let’s enjoy this.”

He smiled as he gripped the hem of her top, pulling it up and over her head. He suckled each nipple until it stiffened. She groped at his t-shirt, pulling it out of his blue jeans. He sat up and removed it for her.

She sat up, running her hands over his chest and stomach, through a dusting of dark hair. Her tongue teased his nipples until they stiffened. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He rolled onto his back and she pulled the blue jeans down, exposing a cotton tent of boxers. She removed the boxers to expose a pulsing rod of erect flesh. Wrapping her tiny hand around it, she caressed the length and slid her hot, wet mouth onto his tip. Matt let out a groan as she rubbed and sucked on him. His sounds of pleasure encouraged her to move a bit faster, taking more of him in. He reached down and gently gripped her shoulders, adding his own thrusting to her movement. He thrust one last time, releasing into her mouth. She took what he gave and climbed back up his body.

As they kissed, he worked her shorts and panties off of her. He rolled her onto her back and buried his face between her legs, using his mouth and fingers to bring her to an orgasm. She buried her face in the pillow to muffle her sounds of ecstasy.

When she stilled, he crawled back over her, sliding root deep into her. He rolled over again, positioning her on top. He reached down to feel her as she slowly slid up and down his hard cock. He felt her hips buck and her breasts bounce as she increased her speed. His hardness speared up into her softness as she rode him. He felt her back arch and heard her trying to keep her mouth clamped around her cries of pleasure. He sat up, wrapped his arms around her, and took her mouth, allowing their sounds to mingle with their tongues.

After fulfilling their mutual needs, they lay in his bed, enjoying each other’s company. She lay beside him, her head on his chest and her breasts pressed to his side. He lay on his back, his arm around her, trailing his fingers over her soft skin.

Word Count: 861
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