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by bas
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A dog's last memories
Timothy rested his head on the landing at the base of the stairs, his tired eyes glancing up the long series of stairs leading up to the first floor, from where his master had his fatal fall, or was it a push no one knew ?

"Timothy, its play time" 

Memories of his master calling him with love brought tears to his eyes. A drop of water dripping from the leaking roof fell on his head, bringing him back to present.

Timothy looked around,leaking and covered with moss, the house abandoned and forgotten just like him. The house filled with love and laughter when his master was alive, had turned into a war zone after him. Fights and arguments between masters two sons came to end only the day when a man in a suit came and handed them a briefcase.

The borothers and their families left, not bothering to even glance back at either the house or Timothy,who stood there watching the tail light of the cars fade away.

Timothy could feel his master's call again. Letting his eyes close Timothy allowed himself to drift into sleep, happy that he  would wake up with his master in the other world.
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