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Chapter 3. Frustrated Acusations, Distant Memories
Maya realized when the tides had changed a little into the relationship. He had seemed so different when she met him at the library, all smart and sensitive. He acted like he could understand her reluctance to open up after such a big move and he wanted to help her get used to the city. Unlike the other citizens, he had stood out with an aura of confidence. However, since then Maya had come to understand that it was only a trap and that all that glitters isn't gold.
She stormed into the apartment, not looking back at Jared while she headed towards the bedroom. It was bad enough that people talked about her, but it made it worse when he decided to make a scene every time he saw her around another male, regadless of if they were only friends. He would yell, scream, cuss, throw things, like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Maya cowered in fear and shock the first time it happened, having him hit her across the face out of the blue after a seemingly harmless arguement. Now she had been working on finding a way to defend herself and return the favor, but couldn't afford classes for martial arts and Jared would probably find that as another excuse to accuse her of getting hot and heavy with other men. 'Yeah, hot and heavy because I'm getting my ass beat willingly.' she thought, making immediate haste to close the bathroom door and lock it to start the shower. It helped her cool down and focus so she could better handle Jared and his moods.
A soft pawing at the door told her that he was trying to be sweet. This was common. He would throw a huge hissy and stomp his feet in public, playing the victim until they were out of the view of the public. Once in their own domain, he would act sweet and caring, wanting to be close to hold her. He was so bipolar that Mother Nature would probably give up her job if it wasn't for the fact that he would probably drive her insane too.
"Let me in baby. I'm sorry for embarassing you out there." he cooed. She could hear the notes of hope in his voice.
"Like the last few times you have behaved just like this?" Maya shot back, undressing and testing the water temperature. He made a soft chuckle through the wooden door.
"I can't help it. You're the most important thing in my life baby and I don't like other men wanting what is mine." She could tell he was trying to be genuine but she knew better. She had the upper hand and he didn't even realize it.
"So who is Miranda?" She asked, stepping into the shower and leaving the glass shutter slightly adjar to allow sound. Outside the room was silent. A slight smile curled upon the corners of her lips like a cat catching a mouse and deciding to play with it before eating it. A muffled choke and a slight breath from outside the door told her she was winning this arguement without a hitch.
"She's uh... just a friend."
" Just a friend? I'm pretty sure friends don't send you naked pictures over skype while your girlfriend is trying to study for her Psychology exam." Another cough and then a frustrated slam of his fist into the wall. Thank god he wasn't in the same room as her right now.
"I swear there is nothing going on, she is just insisting that she wants me and won't take no for an answer."
"Oh I defintiely believe she won't take no for an answer," Maya remarked, rinsing the shampoo from her hair. "Last night was such an AMAZING experience! Lets do it again sometime!" Maya mimicked a high pitched, air head blonde persona while repeating the message she had recieved. Another slam of his fists. For some reason this brought more of a smile to her knowing that she had finally caught him in his own lies. It hurt though, more than it made her feel good. She had loved him with all her heart, sworn he was the one to everyone who told her that she was delirious. Well...they were right from the start.
"Baby please... I'm trying"
"I never said you weren't"
"But you don't sound like you believe me."
"That's because I don't. If you were honest and really were trying, you would show it. You wouldn't be getting pissy and mad at me for hanging my friends who I never bring home or ever stay at their places because I'm in a commited relationship where as you take any chance you get to bring another woman home. Not only is that totally unfair, its tiring to want to have to deal with all of it."
"I know.. I'm a sleaze..."
"I'm not going to pitty you on this one. You had it coming the whole time."
"You don't sound like you're leaving."
"That's because I haven't decided on what I want to do. Its none of your business whether I leave or not."
"As your boyfriend I think i have every right to know what goes on in that little head of yours."
Maya stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself, getting dressed and then stood in front of the door. She didn't know if she really wanted to, but she did not want to deal with being in a small room for a long period of time. Better to take the lesser of two evils right? With a heavy sigh, she unlocks the door and opens it. She looked around the hallway, Jared nowhere in sight. Maybe he had gone to the bedroom? A sound in the kitchen said otherwise.
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