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Ideas about writing a Scottish Romance.
Some ideas about writing a Scottish Romance. I got on the internet and did some research and this is what I found.

1. The hero is always a Chief and part of a clan. Their family may be honored or dishonored. They may not all live in the Highlands.

2. The Scottish men wear kilts somewhere in the story and maybe some play bagpipes.

3. The heroine usually has red hair. She may be Scottish or maybe she is mixed with English blood. She may be high spirited, stubborn or know how to use a sword. A bad tempered Scottish man doesn't scare her. Chances are, she isn't afraid of Satan himself.

4. The clan may live in a castle or maybe just a big fancy house. The men in the family may have differences and fight but will stay loyal to their family. Even if one of the clan has a wife or woman, they don't like, they will adjust. They are family and will fight against their enemies.

5. A bad guy of a heroine may be her father, brother, uncle or betrothed. Chances are, if the man she is betrothed to is bad, it is a forced marriage and she isn't in love with him. The man she loves isn't a whimp or a pansy but he isn't evil, either.

6. A heroine may not be in love with the hero at first because he insulted her or he kidnapped her due to family reasons because her family is an enemy of his clan. He starts being good to her and they fall in love. she may hate his family but she will accept them and be part of their clan.

7. Men call female lassies a lot.

8.Scottish men will no doubt drink.

9. The Lochness monster being in a story will be a nice touch. Course, Nessie won't hurt anyone.

10. The Scottish and English meet up with each other and a battle happens. If the heroine is part English and if the English men are her family, her lover will go easy on them for her sake.

11. Be sure to include scenery in the story to give it good imagery. Like the mountains, greenery and what makes this the Highlands.

12. The hero will be handsome and rugged and the heroine will be beautiful.

13. The heroine can ride a horse and kill a man if necessary. She may be outspoken. She isn't going to let anyone walk all over her.

14. Using Scottish language helps and be sure to include the dates and locations as you write the story.

15. Add gypsies and pirates to your story. Maybe the heroine has some gypsy blood in her or maybe the hero has some gypsy blood and connection to pirates.

16. A romance includes the man and the woman but the woman is always the main character of the romance. Write from her point of view but don't forget everything else mentioned. Make sure the hero and heroine fall in love. This is their story Have fun writing romance. Release your inner fantasies!

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