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Chapter 3- pg. 2
         Sebastian sighed as he sat down at his desk, his mind still foggy for the morning. Sipping his coffee and taking a look at the morning's reports, he blinked hard a couple of times to clear his vision. Thoughts danced in his head of a girl that he hadn't seen in forever, and how her bubbly personality had kept him smiling through the tough times. He hadn't known where she had run off to after he had told her that he had found someone new. By the time he had realized that she cared for him it was as if she was only a figment of his imagination. All he had were memories. The current report spoke of a public disturbance that had been called at a local cafe but no one was apprehended. From what witnesses had stated, it seemed that Jared Rogers was up to his typical outbursts and had startled the customers. Apparently, he did this a lot and from what the reports said, it seemed that he had an issue with his girlfriend speaking with one of the waiters. Sebastian sighed. He hated dealing with guys like this.
Since the guy wasn't going as far as hitting the poor girl, he saw no reason to jump the gun. However he would be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid. Sanders walked into the room, his blue and black uniform crisp like it had just come out of the dry cleaners right onto his body for work. He had a terrible habit of doing everything at the very last minute but somehow always managed to pull it off. Sebastian envied him for that but not so much on the procrastination. He enjoyed having time to manage everything just in case something else popped up. You never knew when you'd need a couple of extra minutes to do anything.
"Did you hear about Jared? Started another scene at the cafe off Main and Bridgestone." Sanders said, setting his desk up for the day. Sebastian waved the report in his hand.
"Just finished reading it. Its almost become habitual for him to do that."
"Well some people say he caught his girlfriend with another man." Sanders said, pouring a cup of coffee from the machine between their desks. He took a sip and gave a happy sigh.
"Well I would be too if I caught my girl fraternizing with the wait staff." Sebastian said, throwing the papers back on his desk and running his fingers through his long hair. Sanders chortled.
"That's the thing though. Boots doesn't seem like the girl to cheat on someone, let alone Jared. To be honest, I would place more money on betting that Jared is the one cheating and looking for an excuse to look innocent."
"yeah well maybe he should-" Sebastian stopped as his brain processed the previous statement. "What did you say her name was?" Sanders shrugged.
"Not many people know her actual name since she stays out of trouble. Her friends all call her boots becasue of something with her last name. My nephew attends the local college and says she is in his psychology class."
"What does she look like?" Sebastian asked, his mouth suddenly dry. It was like he had never taken a drink in his life.
"Well from what he tells me she's short with dyed hair that changes probably every couple of months. There's something about her he can't quite figure out but she's very exotic and how she reacts to things and behaves. and there's something about her eyes. Kind of as if-"
"As if they were cut from a gemstone themselves?" Sebastian finished. "Why are you keeping an eye on her?"
"It was because of Jared. This issue has been going on ever since they got together a couple of years ago. Besides, how did you know about her eyes?"
"Sounds like a girl I used to know. How long has she lived here?"
"Look kid, you want to ask her about her life story or me? If she sounds like your long lost friend I'd suggest meeting up with her and finding out for yourself. She's already in a rough spot with this whole thing and a familiar face might help her. You never know."
"I'll keep that in mind. But right now its business. I may take a trip out and about during lunch or something."
"Remember Sebastian: duty first." Sanders said, setting his mug down. "You don't want to get this poor girl hurt. She's been through enough as it is."
'Believe me, you have no idea.' Sebastian kept his thoughts to himself as he continued with his day, working hard on other cases while keeping the thought of Boots at the front of his mind. Could it really be her? And if so, why did she leave? Did she still have the same feelings for him as she did then?
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