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Hummingbird squawk.
Once upon a time late spring
three hummingbirds perched wing to wing.
A Rose of Sharon was their spot
because of fine locale, all thought.

‘Twas Manny, Moe and Jack extant
who flittered among tree and plant.
But now in rose of Sharon they
made good the hummingbird array.

Manny started in with hum;
Jack knew where he was coming from
so he hummed like it was a thrill:
but Jack did not--his voice was still.

Instead, Jack thought it apropos
to caw just like a little crow.
Moe and Manny cringed each beak
because of odd hum-birdie speak.

Moe elbowed Jack so he’d desist,
(Moe had to--he could not resist.)
But this did not quell Jack’s odd talk:
instead, his caw became a squawk!

Before long Moe and Manny too
gave up the hum for something new.
So three wee hummers wing to wing
expressed in squawk their new-found sing.

Two starlings and a goose flew by
beneath the blue of mid-June sky.
They heard the bird cacophony
and last were seen far out at sea.

28 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
July 1, 2014

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