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I wrote this poem years ago.
Red nose on her face,
Orange hair on her head.
Eyes a deep brown,
"Ha ha ha!" That's all they said.

She dances, she prances,
She juggles colored balls.
She slips on banana peels,
She trips, she falls.

Permanent smile on her face,
Drawn in deep blue.
The feelings she holds inside her,
She wishes, they knew.

They stop, they point,
They laugh and stare.
They shake their heads,
At the clothes she wears.

Out in the crowd,
She sees a friendly face.
His smile is real,
She doesn't feel disgraced.

Dressed in finery,
He seems of royal blood.
Walking towards her,
The lotus in the mud.

He removes the mask,
She proudly wears.
Wipes off the fake smile,
As the crowd still stares.

Tears well in her eyes,
As he kisses her hand.
She giggles when he says,
"You're the fairest in the land."

"Those are just fairytales."
She says, feeling again, blue.
He embraces her and whispers,
"Well, this one has come true."

Still in each other's arms,
They walked through the crowd.
The clown feeling like a princess,
Her prince feeling proud.
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