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The start of a novel I (tried) started a few months ago
"But we have it quite good here!" he said with a smirk, trying to make me look like a socialist mug who is never satisfied and always wants more. Always a powerful way to turn the table. To make the man fighting for justice and equality look like he cannot be happy with a simple life.
"Yes" I snapped back at him. My hatred for this puny right wing dog had grown for each second of the interview. "I am sure that you have it quite well here! I am sure that 99% of us here have it "quite good" here. However, I am not talking about us. I am not talking about you. In your massive manors, expensive cars or bottomless pools. I am speaking of the world that you refuse to speak of. The world you degrade to being terrorists, fundamentalists and/or heathens. What you will not understand is that you put them there. You made them who they are. Every time we go to war in their countries, we "liberate" some until they see that they have just become slaves like the rest of us. Every time we make a racist scandal, we make more enemies. We create the fundamentalists. They hate us because we ask for their hate. If we tried to help them, they would not hate us. They would not attack us. Every action is a reaction and their reaction would be love. That is how we work. It is not because of the church that we have this trait. We were born like this. Even animals can defy their instinct of survival, so why can't we?"
For a few days there, I actually thought that that moment could change something. But less than a week later it was back to reporting on the most insignificant of people. The people who have no hand in the future. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton etc. The worst thing is that I think that they actually think that they are significant. How arrogant can you get?
After the debate, my political career grew a bit. Nevertheless, I was, quite simply stamped, as being the annoying lefty who always made a fuzz when it was really just embarrassing for everyone. Well I am sorry if I am embarrassing you but people are dying because of your lack of will to act. You have so much power that you do not even feel it anymore. What you could do in 10 mins can save a family. With a flick of your finger, a decimal of what you own or simply being nice to someone else, can change the life of the people around you and indeed the entire world.
A few years after the debate we had a new election. During the campaign the old debate was brought up and the clip where I emptied my anger unto my opponent, was shown. It was ridiculed. They called me a hypocrite. Talking about my nice clothes, my travelling around the world (asking why I couldn't live a simpler life like I asked the others) etc. In the end of course, they had to ask me. They were hoping for another show. One last great laugh at the politician who actually thought he could change the world. I wasn't going to let them down.
"I am sure you have some questions ready for me, but I have to be frank and tell you that I am not here to play your game. I will not stand on ceremony and let you laugh. During the last 2 years of my political career I have learned 2 things. 1st is that fact is nothing but statistic, it is the motive that speaks the truth. The 2nd thing I have learned is that, you ARE able to defy the instinct of survival. The problem is that you WONT defy the instinct of survival. You have become so fed with greed, lust and cynical emotions. You feed on others misery and pain. You do not even see the world anymore. You hardly hear of it. You see it in movies and you say that it is just a movie. It is NOT real. Well I tell you that is exactly what happens at every election. A politician will try to show what he thinks will make you vote for him. He will present you with a story. Just like a movie. And it is real. It becomes real when you start hoping for that dream, even pretending that you are living that dream, that movie, that life. But let us stop pretending, let us stop dreaming and let us start realizing the world that we can make, the world that we all know In our hearts is possible. The world where we all fit in, where we all live to the fullest extent of our lives capacity.
There was a silence. Some people looked embarrassed, some people shook their heads and then there were some people who looked at me as if studying me like I was a different creature. "So with this notion, I will take my leave. I bid you farewell and that your slumber does not last forever." I left the studio. Went home, after a while a few journalists came parked outside my house. I packed my bags, only the things that had meaning to me. I called my lawyer and told him to sell my house and everything in it. Sneaking out the back, through the yard of the apartment complex where I lived, I avoided the journalists. I got a cab and went straight to the airport. On the radio, I could hear myself speak. At first, I felt nothing but a little pride. Then as my rage began to diminish, I heard myself more clearly. I still considered myself well spoken but I was simply speaking to people who did not understand me and they never would. I realized then that all I had been doing in my life was culminating to this point. My political career, my endless cries for help to the 3rd world and my incapability of finding a girl to love. It had always been in the back of my mind that I had to leave. Why stay in the dream world when I spoke against it, every chance that I got? No this was good; it was time for radical change in my life. To fulfill my destiny. But where should I go?

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