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He didn't mean to frighten the child.
He hadn't meant to scare the child; the mansions dreary hallways weren't notorious for good lighting. He could barely see three feet in front of him, much less a small child. He moved his head in the direction of a corner with the only source of light in the dimly lit hallway. There stood a ghostly pale faced child, tears streaming hard down their cheek, and balling like their were was no tomorrow. He signed, and humorously “face palmed” ; Cursing his damn luck of having to now find the parents to this blasted meat bag. He gracefully stood up, and slowly made his way over to to frightened child; his slow way of approaching the child, had only made things more annoying then it already was. The child; alerted by the movements in the shadows, starring chanting “Please don't eat me, please don't eat me” . The man rolled his eyes,and sighed at the child's antics; being quite done with the little meat bag at the moment. He then teleported directly in front of it; taking in account that the meat bag was female. She begun to opening her eyes again, most likely feeling the shift in her surroundings. She looked straight into his face, and in her dark forest green eyes. He could already see what was going go come next. In his mind said ”no no no, not today little one” with that, He swiftly put a gloved hand around her month; silencing her to whole-heartily; to properly say his next words without further interruption.

Authors Note: This was suppose to be a practice story, that's why it is so short. I might continue it though because of the nice review I have been getting~
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1998702