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by Evren
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A song based of Yiruma's 'River Flows in You'. Can be seen as romance or family/friendship
To the tune of Yiruma's 'River Flows in You' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhN7SG-H-3k&list=PL9yLzYYyRx61etdvnIFgtv-_fLEN72... I have always found this song absolutely gorgeous...and not for the first time, lyrics popped into my head for this majestic song. Unlike all the times before, I decided to write them down as the song progressed. Note: Usually commas mark a small break. PLEASE REVIEW!

Vocals start at 0:17 in video.

Like the distant whispers of a long-ago passed age
My heart, will long, after you, for all time
Like the distant winds of a far-away fantasy land
I will go, all the way, to say, I love thee

Little drop of water, falling in the river
sing a little lullaby of life and love and loss
Little drop of water, falling in the river
sings a little lullaby of life and love and loss
Ever flowing swiftly, ever coursing strongly
love that is my own and for only you alone
Please my darling river, course forever eternal
keep the currents tough and brave and rough and strong and...

Like the ancient stories of a knight and a princess
I will charge, after you, even if, my dear,  I must die

Little drop of water, falling in the river
sing a little lullaby of life and love and loss
Tiny clouds above me, don't disturb my conscience
this song is for the people that I love and learn from

I will go the distance that I need to go to learn
How to live, how to love, how to trust, how to burn
I will follow you if that is what you need me for
I will stay, by your side, even in, the darkest nights

Like little drops of water, we all fall together
Arms intwined in trust and love and fear and hope
Falling from the heavy, clouds above us
I fear not the lightning striking all around our hearts
Little drops of water, in the mighty river
we will all join in something bigger than ourselves
I don't know what yet, I'm still on my journey
Can someone come and take my hand and walk with me?

Please remember me, when the autumn leaves all fall
I will watch as you walk, your head held proud
Even if the river of life may rip me from your side
I will care, from the air, and I'll say-

Little drop of water, falling in the river
sing a little lullaby of life and love and loss
I promise you dear sister or perhaps my  brother
there is a light that will come down on you above
Little drops of water, falling in the river
dance to the melody of life that's forming now
Listen to your heart now, do you know what it's saying
You only see the sun when the darkness fades away

Like a small pebble thrown into a tiny lake
You will, cause a, chain of, reactions
Little drop of water-

Hi! I hope you liked it! Please rate/review- I need to know if this made any sense or what you thought of it. :D Thank you!
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