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Two roommates engage become intimate after he catches her fantasizing about him to get off
Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill were renting a two bedroom apartment off campus. They were both undergrad students majoring in sociology. They found each other attractive, but neither of them wanted to make a move for fear of things becoming awkward. So, they admired each other from a distance, while indulging in erotic fantasies alone in their bedrooms.

One Saturday afternoon Jill was alone in the apartment trying to work on a paper for one of her sociology courses. Jack was at his three hour Saturday class. Jill sat in her room trying desperately to focus on her paper. That was almost impossible with the couple in the apartment above her engaging in a particularly boisterous fuck. Jill felt herself clench each time the female voice moaned or cried our “Oh yeah just like that!” The other voice which was too deep to be a woman would respond with “You’re so hot and wet!” Jill could feel her own juices pooling in her panties. She caught herself rubbing her sex through her panties. She eventually gave in and hit Control-S on her computer. She stripped off her clothes, and lay on her bed. As she caressed herself she thought of Jack. She imagined his hands, mouth, and his hardened flesh bringing her to multiple orgasms as her moans harmonized with the her upstairs neighbor.

Jack got out of his class early, and came home to a trio of ecstasy. He followed the closest source to Jill’s room. The silly girl had left her door open, he mused. He watched as the small naked blond with huge breast arched her back in ecstasy. He rubbed his stiffened rod through his jeans. His hand froze when he heard what she was moaning.

“Oh Jack I’m gonna cum,” Jill cried. Her body arched, and then went limp on her bed. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath. “I wish that had been real.”

Jack smiled at that. He moved into her room, and the bed dipped as he sat on the edge. Jill’s eye snapped open and stared up at him. Her face burned from embarrassment. How much did he see? She wondered. Her lips curved in a smile.

“Enjoy the show?” She asked.

“Very much,” Jack smiled. “I’m waiting for the encore.”

“Jack,” Jill laughed. “You’re home early.”

“I got out of class early,” he kicked off his sneakers, and made himself comfortable beside her. He reached his hand out, and began to caress one of her massive breasts. He leaned down and flicked her tender nipple with his tongue, smiling when she giggled. “So, can I play too, Jilly Bean?”

He started calling her that when he found her snacking on Jelly Beans. Jill wasn’t too crazy about the nickname, but she had gotten used to it as a term of endearment. She nodded and watched as he stripped off his clothes to join her in nakedness. Her body was so sensitive from the orgasms she had given herself that when he touched her she squirmed and giggled. Jack smiled with delight at the idea of tickling her. He lightly dug into her sides, wiggling his fingertips. Her giggling became squealing laughter, and her squirming became thrashing.

“Jack! Please stop!” She gasped between peals of laughter. He stopped to let her catch her breath. She lay on her back breathing deeply. She rolled onto her side and curled into Jack’s arms. “You love to tickle me.”

“You love it when I do,” Jack asserted. “I admit it’s more fun when you’re naked.”

“You’re so bad,” Jill giggled.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one getting off with my door wide open,” Jack teased. His finger skimmed her side lightly, making her giggle again. “I like that sound as much as your moans of ecstasy.”

“Stop,” Jill laughed trying to bury her face in his chest. Jack rolled her onto her back positioning between her legs. She gasped when his tip grazed her wet folds.

“I’ve wanted this since we moved in together,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she stared up into his brown eyes.

Tangling her fingers in his dark hair, she brought his mouth to hers. Their mouths met, their tongues entwined, and Jack slid inside her with effortless ease. He waited to see if she would object. The couple above them were starting up again.

“What do you say we give them a run for their money?” He inquired smiling down at her.

“I say, no contest,” Jill smiled up at him.

Jack moved in and out of her slowly at first. Jill made sure each moan was loud and drawn out. Her moans harmonized with the woman above them. Jack picked up his tempo as soon as the couple above picked up theirs. They managed to pull of an orgasmic quartet of male and female ecstasy. When they were finished Jack and Jill lay facing each other smiling and exchanging gentle caresses.

“Synchronized Fucking,” Jack mused. “The next Olympic sport?”

“In their case it’s more like Marathon Fucking,” Jill laughed as the couple above went for round four.
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