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a girl who rather choose to be alone that to be a fool.
...a game that you enjoy to play,
i'd rather be singing alone at the bay.
no tears, no pain, no faint everyday,
and every hour seems like May.

...just your diary, full of secrets,
then I am a fool I'm sure you'll bet.
Words unspoken, often have regrets,
and your mouth can't utter them yet.

...an eye that sees every sin,
then it is not a cheerful, colored pink.
in you, two, you're a damn geek,
but never feel when he hurts your cheek.

...a mirror then you can see through me,
the heart, the soul, being so lonely.
I am a real woman, and not a Barbie,
who doesn't know your action and where you should be.

...a spirit that embraces us eternally,
then why is your mind far away from me?
I feel like a disgustingly, old lady,
for concealing your deeds with somebody.

...a synonym for suffering,
then I would sacrifice my whole being.
This love, happiness it always brings,
And lovers gratefully tie on strings.

...only felt by a hungry heart,
then why the throb continues even we're apart?
Mind wonders why I still have the guts,
Even you make my blood emptied and clot.

...true, then I kneel down and pray,
that we wouldn't be stuck like abstract clay.
You're the predator, and I am always the prey,
So not everyday, seems like May...

...like May.

...like May.#
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