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Seeing Almighty in spite of being worthless on earth.
Like a black dot among the colorful unknown,
Like an invisibile woman that can't be shown,
Like a low-densed object that can easily be drowned,
Like a dull creature that cannot be honed.

It's better to be alone than to be with anyone else,
You've brought them to places, but you're the one fell.
They're happily living, but you're only lying on your bed;
Thinking of your fate, that has not yet started.

It's better to be alone and play with your pain,
It's happier to dance and to talk with the rain.
Until you get tired, hopeless, crazy, and drained,
And wander the whole city looking for your brain.

It's nicer to be alone and embrace your fate,
Than to have someone asking how big is your faith.
Maybe somewhere, sometime, there will be an open gate,
Run into it, like a student who only comes late.

It's more fun when your grief is forever a mystery,
Than to tell them how heavy's your misery.
You're the writer in your own world and there's nobody,
Who's pretending to care, but laughing sarcastically.

You're stronger if you'd walk away,
And think of all things along the bay.
You're desirable to see the blue among the gray,
Close your eyes, talk to God, alone, and pray.
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