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Raindrops were tearing my roof,
My senses became totally aloof.
Strangers brought me to their world,
And cut the reality's cord.

I met a simple girl,
Who made a boy life's twirl.
He was an exceptional kind of pearl,
Within that girl's heart, he made a curl.

A man surrounded by lasses I saw,
But scarred by the might of her claw.
To her, his weakness he could show,
And their promises became their only law.

A troubled hearted woman suddenly said "Hi!"
And died after a long nick of time.
Her lover's breath faded and saw the light,
Their love's still heard as soft as sound of chyme.

I bumped to a steeled, unpassionate man,
Who was being changed by the love of a plain woman.
Fences so hard to destroy, yet they shone like a sun,
Second by second, they became eternal one.

I cried, I laughed, I wished,
That my story could flow as these;
That I could feel the warm, soft breeze,
And pain I feel the least.



I was punched by his love,
He cut the string that I'm asking from Above.
For a while, I stared and sobbed,
And embraced him tightly and ran to afar.

His eyes fixed on me, purely...faithfully,
I wandered, but I'm back to  reality.
Fantasies so deceiving, so deadly,
A never-ending fictional stories.

His smile and voice make me shiver,
And he's not one of those fictional characters.
He's my life, my strength, my air,
And that proves that my life, to me, is fair.

The wind's so chilly and cold,
But we're still running to the pot of gold.
Day by day, our love and faith we mold,
And OURS is the best love story ever told.
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