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such words can cause even death to anyone.
False words are not only evil in themselves,
but they infect the soul with evil.

Words. Words. Words.

My words' a knife that bid my kindness goodbye.
My words' so free that they can hurt anyone and ruin anything.
My words can crack a mirror, even an unbreakable steel.
Breath's faded; things are destroyed. But my words are standing still.

Know what? There's one thing I want to do with my life: To take away my devilish mouth so I won't be able to utter such words bitterly. At this very moment, I speak. Few seconds later, I feel the guilt. Why do my words reflect evil? Am I a devil too? Do I really speak them impulsively or do they really come from my "heart"? Do I speak lies or do I only speak the truth? My words are so sarcastic that they can even cause death. They are so mean that they can cause loneliness. I want to die and live again. I want to live differently. I want to make people happy. But what's happening this hour of my life is far different from my desire. Why do I survive living with words like those? I want gentle, tender words embracing me. Hurting them makes my heart ache too. Killing them, I feel that my life is taken away from me little by little. Imagine how fatal am I? I have murdered and tortured innocents by my words.

And I thought they really are my friends.

But they betrayed me.

I am trapped.

Until they got my heart and cut into pieces.; they chopped all parts of my body and thrown into the dirtiest river.

I am so strong that I was still alive.

Oh my!

I'm losing all my senses now.

Before I close my eyes forever,
there's one person I hurt by my words so badly...so rudely.

I am so sorry.

Now, I'll pay for this.




Everything turns gray....

and then black.

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