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behind a she-beast lies a kindness within that no one can see.
Lucky is a girl who has a soul of a beast,
And it's not her nature that everyone sees;
Whose husky voice is totally unheard,
But only her heart's soft whisper.

Her music is worse than that of a crow,
And wants her to be killed by a deadly arrow.
She flies so high but it seems so low,
And lost the gift that God has bestowed.

Behind her dark, brave image,
Is a soul light-colored beige;
Who's being trapped in a hard, steeled cage,
And lies within her is an extreme rage.

Peace and tranquility she wants to find,
But she's always alone and left behind.
People embracing her cannot understand,
Why she often bleeds in a magical pond.

If they only knew that past is holding her hand,
And bringing her to the melancholic kingdom is its plan.
If she could only kill it by just a shot of a gun,
She would be now happy and has anywhere to run.

Her emotions, she wants to burst out,
While she's writing this, her tears suddenly come out.
She does not know what this is all about,
Her mind's full of worries, shame, and doubt.

She's a girl whom everybody hates,
She's a lass who doesn't know to appreciate;
She's the one who enters the devil's gate,
She always gets the goodness zero rate.

She's a demon, a freak...a devil!
She's an angel, but she always kills.
She's the best image of a witch,
She's a ghost, hunting a beach

She's the meanest of all,
No dreams, no goals,
No debt of gratitude,
No kindness since prelude.

Now, it's the time to unlock the mystery,
So to her cage, she will be freed.
She's the one whom everyone does not like to be.
For SHE is ME. #.
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