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happiness is.... :)))
My friend asked me one time while we were eating in an expensive cafe here in the Philippines, "Why are you so stingy when it comes in spending your money? You are in a middle class family so you can afford all the things you wanna buy." I just smiled and thought "Why am I not buying all the stuffs I want when I really have too much?"

Observing my friends' lifestyle, I could say that they have and could have all the latest gadgets that most people crave for. They always eat in different luxurious restaurants that only some can afford. They often have new shoes and dresses that you can drop your eyes because of their price. Also, they talk about the different kinds of food that they have already tasted, having their unique and hard-to-pronounce names, which in turn, I cannot really relate myself. Being so proud about their luxuries, I am beginning to feel like an out-of-place, naive creature who doesn't know anything, but only the things I have and treasure.

Returning home from the cafe, I asked my mother why do I feel like I am not a normal human. Why do I not crave on something I do not have and own? Why do I have this zero emotion when it comes to "magic" gadgets? Why do I stick to my simple, favorite dish and don't have an interest on "exotic" food? Why do I dress like this?

She just answered me with this short statement, "Because we raised you as a contented and grateful child."


With this answer, I just realized what kind of a 20 year old lady I am.

Yeah. It's true.

I have enough or too much money to spend with.


I'm happy to wear shirts, sneakers, and jeans.

I appreciate the dish my mother cooks at home for it is the most expensive food I've ever tasted.

I want to eat in an ordinary fast food chain with true and simple living people.

I am fond of my cute little phone.

My friends are different from me.

Their views and likes differ from mine.

But in spite of this, I've never changed myself to be anyone else.

Transforming yourself to be accepted won't make you happy.

Actually, I want to extend my deepest and genuine gratitude to my parents for raising me like this...


I'm happy to be myself.

And I'm happy because I am contented with the things I have.

Material things won't make us fulfilled.

Love will. :)

And what makes a person contented?

It is when you thank God for what you have and for molding you as a good person.

When you crave, you won't see the beautiful things the world has offered you.

Yeah, I know, I am far different with my friends.

But being different does make me happy.

Living a simple life is worth it.

Just be you; and you'll find serenity and gladness inside your heart. :)

I'm not rich because I have money to spend with; but I am rich because I am contented.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1998881-DEFINE-HAPPINESS