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Lilly's Papa, Marsden, Holds Her Blissful Melody In His Heart For The Golden Years.
Her Purest Tune
A Saraband Sonnet

By Kenword 

Lilly's eyes playfully dance
Her joyous voice filled with song
Soft melody a misty trance.

Just a child determined in years
Lyrical charms of hope and belief
The heart should not bear grown-up fears
Or spend one more dark night in grief.

Papa dances to her purest tune
And Puts off heaven's urgent call
His moves draw life, not death's costume.

New memories dress for aging
No more risk in time worth facing
In the grasp of his Lilly's smile
He twirls towards life's final mile.

*Rainbowl**Mushroomr* Note: A Saradan Sonnet Marsden, The Wizard of Trien, wrote for his adopted daughter on the eve of his ninetieth birthday.*Mushroomr* *Rainbowr*

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