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Indy's menu.
Indy Pendence spared no expense
for all the gals and guys.
On the fourth day he found a way
to buy them all French fries.

He eyed the lot but then he thought
perhaps he was mistaken.
For it occurred some did prefer
Canadian bacon.

(He realized not all the guys
  or gals for that matter,
  would cotton fries--surprise, surprise...
  so he served something fatter.)

Then Indy saw an open maw
which was an overt clue.
From coast to coast he made French toast
and Belgian waffles, too.

Hot dogs were grilled as all were thrilled--
Frankfurters by the score.
Indy with pride felt joy inside
when children hollered, “More!”

Then something sweet was served with meat;
a Danish pastry treat.
Indy Pendence said this sentence:
“The menu is complete.”

24 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
July 5, 2014

--French fries
--Canadian bacon
--Belgian waffles
--Danish pastry
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