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Selty in the spirit world finds her soulmate

982 words


Remembering the beach ball that bounced along the deserted shoreline and thinking about the last memories of her earth life. The one regret she had was not finding her soulmate and having true love in her life. What is love? That question has been asked over and over again, throughout the generations and is still being asked to this day. Some believe love is when you do something for another person. Others believe in a more pure form of the emotion, which comes from the depths of your soul; this is done out of pure will regardless if the other person loves back, regardless of anything the person does, regardless of whether the person is in the same dimension. Selty, has been in the sixth dimension of the spirit world for some time. Through lessons learned about love from the soul is called Divine Love, for the first time, she is learning the truth about soul mates.

Angela looks at Selty with a joyful face, "Today, I will teach you about soul mates. Do you know anything about this subject?"

Selty tilts her heart shaped head to the left and ponders the question for a moment. Feeling confident, she answers, "Yes I have heard of this. I believe it is when two people are so much in sync with each other, it is like they complete each other."

Angela says, "That is a popular belief. Unfortunately, it is not the truth. God, who created us, also gave us a special gift. After making each soul, God split the soul in half, in three different possibilities; male and female, female and female, and male and male. When our soul decided to go to earth, one half of the soul goes first in one body. The other half of the soul goes at a different time. When we are in harmony with Divine Love and we desire a soul mate; the soul mate part of our soul expands and we begin to have a longing for our other half."

Selty looks at Angela with a confused look and says, "Have you experienced this?"

"Yes, I have. When you reach the twenty-sixth dimension you can merge together as one soul. It is the most amazing experience I have ever felt," Angel says with a dreamy look in her eyes. Coming out of her reverie Angela asks, "Do you want to know who your soul mate is?"

Selty's dark brown eyes lit up with joy and she says excitedly, "Yes, I do."

Angela says, "Come. I will show you."

Selty and Angela left the sixth dimension and went down to the earthly plane. They stood by a tree which looked different than the trees she was used to. It had dull rugged looking bark and plain green leaves. The trees from the sixth dimension have a white glow of purity around each one with changing colour leaves similar to a hologram. Angel says, "Now pay attention, your soul mate is coming."

With her right hand she fusses with her hair nervously waiting for her soul mate. She sees him walking up the street and is perplexed by what she sees. A medium build man, with black hair and blue eyes is strolling down the sidewalk. He also has a bit of a pouch from not enough exercise. Selty turns to face Angela and asks, "How do you know this man is my soul mate?"

"Look into his soul. Does he feel familiar?"

Selty looks and replies, "Yes."

"He should, because he is literally your other half. Now watch what he does."

Selty watches her soulmate enter a plain red and brown house and they follow him inside. He walks into his study and takes down a green notebook and writes, I have been studying the true meaning behind the term soulmate while I am in my sleep state. The meaning on earth is not the truth and my entire life I have always been searching for the truth. When I discover some knowledge, I experiment and see for myself. This has been a long time coming. Today I have felt a familiar unseen presence which I cannot explain. Words cannot convey my emotions on this subject. The man puts down his pen and Selty picks up the pen and writes, I am your soulmate. The man looks around the room and sees no one.

Selty looks at Angela and says, "How is this even possible? How come he is there and I am here? This is so weird."

"Yes it will seem weird as you say. This is a new experience for you. When you were on earth the way you lived your life did not include your soulmate. As a result you missed each other. This happened because both of you chose this. You can still communicate with him if he allows you to do so. Watch."

Angela picks up the pen and writes on the paper. Would you like to meet your soulmate? She would like to meet you. The man replies. Yes I would.

"Selty are you ready? I will help you to reveal yourself to him."


"Concentrate all your love to surround yourself and your soulmate. Yes just like that."

The man could not believe the most beautiful glowing light right next to him. He says, "Hello. What is this?"

"Hi. My name is Selty. I believe your name is Jeremy..."

"I have dreamed of you for a long, long time. I have believed you are my soulmate. This is amazing." Jeremy approaches Selty and reaches out with his right hand towards her. He touches her face and says, "You are real. What is this?"

"Yes I am real as you are real. I have left the earth plane and live in the spirit world..."

Jeremy reaches out to Selty's disappearing form and says, "I do not know your name."

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